Without a Net (Kindle ePUB) by Jill Blake

Now when I begin a Jill Blake novel I won t do anything else until I complete itIn this story we have our gorgeous hero 36 until I complete itIn this story we have our gorgeous hero 36 old Max He s a red Ferrari driving ER physician adventure and thrill seeking man whore to the tenth power The man had been aroundand around Personally I don t ike man whores but Max was a bit different He had not been with another woman since his skiing accident months agowhich was Full review posted on my Blog Without A Net Cover 4Plot 35Characters 4Overall Rating 35 This is the first book from author Jill Blake which I have read and I wasn t disappointed A mother to an 8 year old Eva became a widow when his husband died due to cancer After her husband s death debts starts to arise due to her husband s decisions and she started to doubt herself when her husband confessed having affairs to her before his death She then meets Max her best friend s brother a daredevil who wasn t the kind of man who would settle down Eva was hired by Max to be the one to handle the promotions regarding his book and they spent time togetherThey were instantly attracted to each other but Eva who had been hurt by her ate husband was scared of having a relationship and she also doubts Max s intention since he wasn t the kind of man to settle down How will Max prove to Eva that his intentions are pure and will they be able to get through their inhibitions and achieve their happily ever afterThe plot was really engaging and I oved how the indie industry was also mentioned in this book which opened up my eyes regarding engaging and I Uncommon Leadership: How to Build Competitive Advantage by Thinking Differently loved how the indie industry was also mentioned in this book which opened up my eyes regarding authors Though Iiked this part in the book at some parts it would take up a ot of page and it irritated me since the focus was moving from the characters to the indie authorsThe story was ight and I was hoping Multichannel Marketing Ecosystems like a revelation from Eva why she wasn t able to trust Max and the ending was very abrupt and I feel that it could be rectified if the authoressened the focus to the industryAll in all this was a good book which was really engaging and surely a book tag you should add to your to be read ist Received digital edition from author in exchange for an honest review This is the Fourth Book That I Have book that I have by author Jill Blake because I truly enjoy her fluid writing style Without A Net is a welcome addition to the contemporary romance genre and I was uickly engaged from the very first chapter This is a slightly gritty romance with than a few splashes of scorching desire The two main characters Eva Landry and Max Palmer are real and easily identifiable with the world we ive in I believe most readers will be able to relate in some way to their experiencesAfter eight years of marriage and Angels Whiskey losing her husband to cancer Eva is a single mom struggling with the revelation that herate husband cheated on her In addition she is strangled in debt because he made some very bad investments with both their money and the money of his clients Luckily Eva s graphic design and marketing skills are still cutting edge so she can begin charging for services she used to just donate She was recently hired to do some promotional work for a new author s bookMax is an emergency room physician that Ritual Alliances of the Putian Plain: Volume Two: A Survey of Village Temples and Ritual Activities loves toive ife on the edge He is in great shape enjoys the outdoors and always seeks out the most dangerous ways to entertain himself He is only happy when he is pushing his imits to the extreme Max finally begins to realize that he needs to calm his Wish You Were Here: An Essential Guide to Your Favorite Music Scenes—from Punk to Indie and Everything in Between life down when he brutally breaks hiseg in a skiing accident Since he cannot work in the hospital for a few months he puts all his energy into book writing Spending time with Eva his new book promoter and his sister s best friend only exemplifies his need to find someone to The Day Christ Was Born love and settle down withMs Blake does a nice job of evolving the relationship between Eva and Max Their chemistry is hot Both have some baggage that they need to work through in order to forge a future together Overall a good read Complimentary copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. Ggest adventure of hisife may be closer than he ever imagined in the form of Eva his baby sister’s best friend The problem Convincing Eva to risk it allwithout a ne. ,

Jill Blake s books are all delicious and eminently readable They are Erotica For The Thinking for the thinking This fun book features a single mom of an 8 year old who became a widow after her husband died of cancer The husband was no angel She is on her own dealing with financial problems as a result of her husband s decisions She has to re enter the working world and has no time for ove Along comes gorgeous MAX Complications ensue Believable and fleshed out characters delicious sex scenes page turner Read it Bring on the next one Ms Blake I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked ReadsThis is a really The Seventh Witch lovely story which successfully captured my emotions making meaugh tear up and sigh Good mix of characters too and good cameo for the son and best buddy I And the Miss Ran Away with the Rake loved that it was partly explaining the process that Indie writers go through giving us some insight into the other side of the world that we so happily immerse ourselves into every day The growing romance was well planned out and the passion fun as well as hot In fact now that I have thought back I ve upped my rating to 5s as it really was very satisfying read I amooking forward to the next one Eva has played it safe her whole Trickle Down Tyranny: Crushing Obama's Dream of the Socialist States of America life Then she meets Max the ultimate hit and run artist Of course Max has never had any interest in settling down with a family not with his fast adventure seekingifestyle But suddenly a broken eg and Eva s smile could make him re think his perspectives Still with everything she had to go through WITH HER LATE HUSBAND S ILLNESS her ate husband s illness and all his debt the The Color of Our Sky last thing Eva needs is another womanizer you know one of those goodooking cocky and too charming to stay mad at for ong perps 86 Oh the ones that just drive you nutsBut fate has a funny way of bringing two people together Max needed a graphic designer for his new book and Eva is the starving artist desperate enough to take anything Beginning with the accidental bump of the shopping carts the reader is immediately thrust into the potential and swiftly budding romance of the two main characters I thought Max had attributes that were a ittle too perfect with his sculpted body surfer s tan and his ineffable ability to make women swoon in the blink of an eye on top of that he has a PhD climbs mountains and can write a best selling novel Is it any wonder that Eva fell for this perfect type especially since she did it once before It s interesting how people have a tendency to repeat the same pattern Of course Max s one flaw was his Hugh Hefner status Frankly a guy who has 100 Obsession ladies on speed dial is notikely to give it all up for one girl Frankly I wouldn t even bother trying But supposedly Eva needs to see that there is something to Max beneath his conceited vapid and Cabaret: A Roman Riddle let s face it sexy exterior I must admit that I was impressed by Max s researched knowledge concerning the book publishing business There s this dialogue scene where he explains the pros and cons of traditional and digital publishing useful for writers Okay so the guy wasn t an idiot either Witty and well written this is a tale of taking risks jumping at opportunities and following your heart Fun and adorable A uick and simpleove story you l enjoy Yep I wrote Without a Net I write what I enjoy reading and what I hope others will enjoy reading tooThis is my fourth contemporary romance and the first of a new trilogy set in Santa Monica California I m a former East coast girl transplanted to southern California and I ove it here While the setting doesn t I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads Without a Net is a sweet ove story Eva has had a hard year Her husband died she found out truths she wasn t even ooking for she found out her husband All Roads Lead Home left her with debt than she knew what to do with Herife was in shambles When she runs into Max iterally in the grocery store she notices how good ooking he is but Max comes with a reputation He ikes to ive The Mephisto Threat (Paul Tallis life on the edge He take. Eva has always played it safeand where has it gotten her Betrayed by her husbandeft alone to raise her young son and struggling to keep head above water the ast thin. S chances He doesn t stay with one woman for Long Even Though He Is Even though he is best friend s brother she can t risk her heart or waste her time AND ENERGY ON A PASSING FLING energy on a passing fling he hires her as a PR for his upcoming novel can she keep professional This was my first read from Ms Blake I enjoyed her style of writing I will be ooking into the other books in this series When Eva s husband Roger dies of brain cancer she suddenly becomes a struggling single mom to their son Ben Mourning the oss of Roger was complicated by the fact that he waited until he was on his deathbed to tell Eva about his numerous affairs To make matters even worse Roger had made some illegal transactions while operating his real estate development company and now Eva is eft to clean up his Just Cause legal mess After all of this who wouldn t be guarded and just aittle bit jadedEnter Max a successful physician and self professed playboy who is determined to ove em and eave em before they get too close That is until he meets Eva While recuperating from a skiing accident Max decides to write and self publish a book Since Eva is desperately attempting to revive her graphic design career Max hires Eva to help him with his book design and marketing That s when the sparks fly Max help him with his book design and marketing That s when the sparks fly Max it s time to settle down and he hopes it can be with Eva Eva tries to convince herself it s simply a physical relationship that couldn t possibly become anything while she struggles to overcome her insecurities and trust issues I enjoyed Jill Blake s style of writing It s easy and flows naturally ike real conversation between friends and family And she sure knows how to write some steamy sex scenes A couple of times I thought Now why don t these people just simply say what s on their minds Have an honest conversation about what they want But of course that wouldn t make for compelling reading We were made to wait for a resolution to both Max s and Eva s relationship baggage while we rooted for a happy ending I iked that Eva was the hold out I found this to be refreshing since it s usually the male character that is having relationship issues I oved oved oved the fact that Jill Blake was able to interject some fantastic marketing advice for indie authors a subject near and dear to my heart It s very apparent that she knows what she s talking aboutI would definitely recommend Without a Net to readers I m ooking forward to reading her follow up books Another winner from Jill Blake 1 The hero Max He starts out as your classic commitment phobic adrenaline junkie bad boy man whore type But he cleans up nicely2 The heroine Eva She s a single mom who has to get back into the workforce after her husband does some bad things and dies 3 Eva s son Ben He s eight and hats off to the author for doing a nice job writing a very believable 8 year old character4 The setting I ove southern California and the way Ms Blake describes Santa Monica I felt ike I was there A few spot on details to paint the scene and you can almost feel the ocean breeze and see the palm trees5 The writing Easy to read flows well6 The plot Even though this takes place in what Jill Blake at some point calls the Land of the uber rich and famous the problems the characters face are real and the way they handle things also rings true to Fiesta Moon life7 The sex Mm mm8 The side characters Especially Eva s younger sister who s funny in an in your face kind of way9 These people work for aiving and you get some great insight into what their jobs are really ike ER doctor graphic artist writer awyer etc10 This is a full complete as in NO CLIFFHANGER ENDINGS novel Yay I hate being The Taste of Night left hanging so thank you Jill Blake for giving Eva and Max their happily ever afterBonus thing Iiked There s to come The author drops hints about Eva s siblings starring in their own future stories see the family tree at the end Full disclosure I received this book free from the author for an honest review I really enjoyed this book and read it this afternoon I G she needs is another philandering male Max has always pursued adventureuntil he's sidelined by an accident While recovering from his injuries he discovers that the bi. .


Without a Net

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