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E discovers a second body and he must dash in to protect the love of his life and their unborn baby The local sheriff who has had it out for him forever is trying baby The local sheriff who has had it out for him forever is trying pin the first murder on the hunky TBI agent so the couple is stuck in town were her mother hates her boyfriend and her friends really don t appreciate him and the only way to get out of there soon is to find the real murdererI njoy watching her growth as much as I do the of there soon is to find the real murdererI njoy watching her growth as much as I do the but not nearly as much as I love seeing Savanna and Rafe interact Rafe is so hot but the sex is all behind the doorAs usual I have rated this book as 4 stars compared to all the other books I have read but it is a full 5 star recommendation I loved it xpect you to love it too I m not sure why I like this series so much but I have njoyed all of them I think this is book 9 I like the characters particularly Savannah ven when I am xasperated with her Savannah Martin is a Southern Belle from the mansion on the hill who went to finishing school and was a debutante but after her marriage did not work out she became determined to make it on her own as a realtor Naturally she ran into and ventually fell in love with her mother s worst nightmare the town bad boy not our sort of people who was horrors of mixed race and grew up in a trailer park called the Bog In Rafe the author has created a very romantic character ven though this is not someone I think I would want to meet in real life Like all cozy mystery series you have to just accept that the protagonist is going to find or trip over bodies verywhere she goes But once you accept that the plotting is clever the story is ngaging and the pacing is good This time out Savannah is attending her 10th high school reunion The interactions among the characters are interesting These are people who all grew up and went to school #together from grade school through high school in a small rural town and then some #from grade school through high school in a small rural town and then some away and started new lives while others continued to stay in the same town sometimes still living with their parents The interactions of these people ten yea. But when Rafe won’t come to Sweetwater Savannah has to face her old schoolmates without his support And her best friend Charlotte isn’t as happy for Savannah’s new relationship as Savannah had hoped And when a dead body turns up in the Colliers’ old mobile home in the Bog Savannah is thankful to be on her own The sheriff is always looking for a reason to shove Rafe back behind bars an. .

Another Savannah can t stay away from trouble adventure Lots of murder going on she finds herself in the middle of it as usual I guessed the culprit of murder going on she finds herself in the middle of it as usual I guessed the culprit arly in the book but there were twist turns that kept me second guessing myself Enjoyed this book looking forward to the next Other than starting off repetitive as all prior books have a great book Excited to start the next book Another great book by Ms Bennett I love reading about Savannah and Rafe I was pleasantly surprised about their news But this
story centers around 
centers around s class reunion where she sees Charlotte Her Best Friend And Tells All But As Expected She best friend and tells all but as xpected she t get the welcoming she was hoping for Then classmates start to die and she is unable to leave Sweetwater but luckily Rafe comes and the adventure begins again Some people are not whom they seem and secrets will be revealed as why the dying conseuence for some classmates happen You think you know who did it but then some thing lse happens and you are shocked I look forward to the next one This is book 8 in this series and was pretty good A warning though part of this mystery deals with rape It is handled well and with sensitivity There are uite a few deaths Savannah goes to her 10 year class reunion by herself That night a classmate dies and Savannah finds him Rafe The Shadow Reader ends up coming down to help her andnds up in trouble with the Sheriff A bit of the book deals with prejudice and narrow mindedness They are staying with Savannah s mother and some of her friends don t approve of Rafe Savannah handles it well The mystery moves along pretty uickly I really liked the Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies ending It is another good book in this series This series is definitely getting better Looking forward to reading the next As much as I have loved thearlier books in the series this one is the best yet Savannah wants Rafe to attend her high school reunion but not too surprisingly he has no interest in going to his old home town where he is still remembered as the local bad boy or ven worse spending time around her snobby mother That is he refuses to go until sh. The sins of the past are coming due and someone has to pay the price Savannah Martin’s high school reunion is supposed to be a fun weekend of catching up with old friends and parading her boyfriend Sweetwater bad boy Rafael Collier in front of veryone who used to sneer at him back in the day Not ven the daily battle she’s waging with morning sickness can douse Savannah’s anticipation. Rs later is handled well though it does have a rather high body count I love this series but I m so disappointed that I can t find any of them in my library I Absolutely LOVE This Series Jenna Bennett has created a confident mostly female lead and paired her with a definitely alpha male that her with a definitely alpha male that nough of a bad boy mostly to keep things interesting However he s not so much an alpha male that he can t let his lady lead or give her the freedom she needs Rafe and Savannah compliment ach other perfectly without being ridiculous Speaking of ridiculous the situations they get themselves into or rather that Savannah gets into and Rafe helps out with because she s a trouble magnet are believable while teetering
on the fence 
the fence ridiculous Savannah and Rafe seem to attract dead bodies They also just can t let the local officials solve things on their own It s a good thing too The dialogue is humorous and sweet at the same time Savannah s mother is a thorn in their relationship but Savannah is pretty much over it Although she hasn t completely given up on her mother Rafe accepts it and hopes for the best The sheriff still has it in for Rafe Savannah is still trying to protect Rafe from the sheriff s biases about Rafe There may be some hope in that one I certainly hope that Bennett keeps giving us of Rafe and Savannah I m sure there s many adventures for these two And much to learn about their relationship They are completely adorable This is another delightful chapter in Savannah and Rafe s relationship They are one of my favorite fiction couples they do bring out the best in ach other I love seeing how Rafe has challenged Savannah s childhood preconceived notions and how she s risen to the challenge The scene with her and her old high school classmates is delicious in the veiled nastiness and Savannah gets her own digs inThe mystery kept me on my toes and although I correctly guessed on a couple of the details I still missed nough to keep it ntertaining to the The Case for Paleolibertarianism and Realignment on the Right end no Geez I figured it out by page 50And Rafe Collier can crash my high school reunion any time. D a fresh homicide is just thexcuse he needs But when another murder takes place at the reunion ven the threat of jail can’t keep Rafe away Soon old classmates are dropping like bowling pins and Rafe and Savannah are scrambling to catch up with a killer hell bent on making sure old nemies pay for old sins all while trying to stay one step ahead of Sheriff Satterfield and the Columbia PD. .

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