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The Ninth

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Econd book is at BEST 2 star material I dont nderstand why people are comparing military in a sci fi book to real life if you want authenticate go read a Tom Clancy book but this is Sci fi novel so stop nitpicking I hate comparing booksbut this really felt like an Enders Game lite to me And that s not a bad thingEnjoyed the premise and Brent wasn t some over powered guru with all the answers which was nice I went in thinking it would be heavy on the military guru with all the answers which was nice I went in thinking it would BE HEAVY ON THE MILITARY ACTION heavy on the military action there was YA teen stuff then I cared forOne thing that really bothered me you have these Weavers who can basically make you do whatever they want can manipulate your mind in horrific ways In one scene there is a group of them basically trying to cause mass su. Ngest of the Weavers ones who can sense emotions in others is dispatched to monitor the child As the boy matures it becomes evident there is a dangerous power within him Relocated to an academy on the edge of the Commonwealth
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is. Really enjoyed the book a refreshing read I found it to be a refreshing read and reread Unfortunately the author knows very little about the military which shows in a majority of the situations described The author is a good enough wordsmith that I will read the next in the series I hope to be able to give the next one stars What can i the next in the series I hope to be able to give the next one stars What can i I really liked this book That said I have to confess that the second book in this series though was a disaster It turned into a gossip mag full of who s interested in who etc with the occasional giant leaps in the story s plot All rushed through like the author was in a series hurry to GET THE BOOK FINISHED VERY LITTLE the book finished Very little content in that book i am sad to say This book is worth 4 stars The As the millennial anniversary of galactic peace nears the Lazarus project achieves its first success with nforeseen conseuences In the fallout of the devastation a boy is found in the wreckage of a fortress from the Great War The stro. ,
Malice at the Palace (Her Royal Spyness,
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THAT ARE before that are you me that in an Academy full of adults you have a few of these Weavers abusing their gift and causing all kin A ridiculous poorly written attempt at military sfObviously the author knows nothing about the military His academy recruits not only fail to salute they whine sneer try to murder one another and refuse to obey their instructors Really The premise is the only interesting thing in this book and Schramm does nothing with it Other reviewers compare this to Ender s Game Sure except that Orson Scott Card can write and create realistic characters and evoke depths of emotion while Schramm can do none of the above Don t bother with this one. Put to the test to determine if he is the greatest threat humanity has ever encountered As his every move is observed and scrutinized he’ll have to face the exams of instructors attempts on his life and the wrath of the young Weavers. .