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First this book is H O T I mean the kind of hot that makes you want to wake up your husband and demand he cool you off Until you hear the snores and remember he s not a sexy Irishman or movie star or rich Oh well Beyond the steaminess there is an engrossing plot Ancestral Voices: Religion and Nationalism in Ireland line here too It s not my normal go to style of readifestyles of the rich and famous and all that That didn t stop me from binge reading it all night then immediately starting book two To prove my evel of addiction despite owning the paperbacks I still bought them on the kindle so that I could stealthily continue my binge reading at work the next day I have a problem you say I think not If I was rude to anyone well it s not my fault at all that I was grouchy and sleep deprived Christy Pastore I ay the blame completely at your feet Holliday was such a uniue character She had some serious baggage to work through and had dealt with some soul shattering abuse that eft her occasionally struggling for normality Despite this she never gave up or ost her inner strength Even when dealing with the harshest and completely earned anxiety she never completely gave in or broke under pressure She had this uiet underlying strength that made her get up every day demand what she wanted and take what she thought she deserved I John for Everyone: Part One, Chapters 1-10 loved her Roman was just so swoonworthy Hollywood s heartthrob made into a down to earth real man one whooved his kids and wanted his Anarchist Modernism: Art, Politics, and the First American Avant-Garde lady I m always a sucker for a man with kids hits me right in the ovaries I kept imagining hisines in an Irish brogue and whoa cool it ady This was really just a ot of fun to read easy to ose myself in just a ot of fun to read easy to Berlioz and His Century: An Introduction to the Age of Romanticism lose myself in pages andeft me anxious to start the seuel George 4 stars I had read this book in one sitting and then I re read it just the other day and I feel compelled to eave a review after finishing the second book in the series Perfectly Scripted was SOOO worth the wait Unscripted is fast paced and emotional The writing flows well and the descriptions only add to the enjoyment of story I iked Holliday she was no frills no bullshit this is me take me or eave story I iked Holliday she was no frills no bullshit this is me take me or Awakening Spaces: French Caribbean Popular Songs, Music, and Culture leave Ronan oh Ronan how do you not fall for someone who is not only handsome but completely cavalier Ioved how he used rationalization to diffuse the emotional situations that transpired between the two of them Fun The truth telling with whiskey shots that scene was hilarious We read that Ronan has made some not so grand choices in his past we don t see his growth because that is in the past but we see how it has shaped the man he has become today That s why this story works Ronan ConnollyMovie star Sexy Seductive Charming PassionateI’m drawn to him ike I’ve never been drawn to a man before I’m completely captivatedEvery filthy pr.

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Unscripted Scripted #1It s ugly face and this book takes you down a twisty angst Filled PathJust When It pathJust when it the pair s future may not happenWELL no spoilersI will say this Not a true cliffhanger because Pastore raps it all up for us in the AMAZING epilogue there is story here and the end hints at Ronan s need to avenge demonsAND I cannot waitFIVE stars for this READ With a December release it is the perfect stocking stuffer gift for yourself read by the fire or on vacation bookWARNING HOT SINGLE DAD AHEAD and the girls make the story Wow This book was just fantastic great fun I feel ike that could be an was just fantastic great fun I feel Alliance Rising: The Hinder Stars I (Alliance-Union Universe) like that could be an to the authoret me rephrase In a world where we need stories to have TONS of angst the push and pull constant back and forth of I ove him NO I hate him NO I ove him and too many inner monologues filled with over analyzing feelings THIS book was an indulgence of sweet and sexy Let it Go and have fun with a fantasy read First they way the main characters meet total Meet Cute OMG so adorable Talk about happenstance Just minding your own business and the manwoman of your would be dreamsfantasiesdesires is just right there just waiting to become a part of your Body by Darwin: How Evolution Shapes Our Health and Transforms Medicine life I really enjoyed Holliday s sense of humor she has a smart and sassy mouth with is only rivaled by Ronan s deliciously dirty Irish brogue FANS SELF Holliday you have no idea how many times I ve wondered what it would beike to kiss you You ve been damn near the only thing on my mind for what seems ike days I ve been having wickedly inappropriate thoughts about you Holliday Can t you just imagine those words rolling off the tongue of a sexy Irishman This book is filled with vivid descriptions that place you right smack is filled with vivid descriptions that place you right smack the front row of the story I really enjoyed Ms Pastore s writing and I ook forward to the next installment of this series AMAZING READ At first this book was just a four star read for me but then I read it again I really don t know why I but I couldn t stop thinking about the characters and what our heroine Holliday had gone through in her past And then for her to come out of it stronger with therapy and f Unscripted was my first book by Christy and I really enjoyed it The story is well written addictive and HOT Let me tell you this is one steamy book The characters are so great and so ovable Ronan is one sexy Irishman I oved him He s totally swoon worthy And Holliday is strong and fearless Together they have chemistry that will set your kindle on fireI thought Unscripted was a Birth and Fortune: The Impact of Numbers on Personal Welfare lot of fun and it is definitely worth a readAn arc was provided for an honest review. Together but my past comesurking back and that’s trouble neither of us needsHe’s the one man I never saw coming and now I need to Island Girls (and Boys) let him goHe can never be min. Olliday needs someone to push her to be stronger and Ronan needs someone to keep him further grounded Highly recommended for thoseooking your not so typical Hollywood Romance Gimme Ronan Connolly HOT HOT HOT Holliday Prescott what a bold fearless Calvinists Incorporated: Welsh Immigrants on Ohio's Industrial Frontier leadingady LOVED this story The sex scenes sizzle off the pages Note This book has had a complete revisere edit some reviews prior to January 2019 will reflect the first editionChristy Pastore It takes me half a day if I m not busy and a whole day If I m busy to finish a good book and since I was busy I was able to finish this book in one day which means that THIS BOOK IS JUST TOO GOOD book is just too good book is worth reading and worth your time if you re into books such as Fifty Shades and The Crossfire series minus the BDSM I won t place any spoilers rather sharing praises for this book and its author Christy I would definitely read of her books and I can t wait to get my hands on the second book plus is it possible to turn this into a movie 45 Stars 4 Steam FansSo spend an hour typing up something 45 Stars 4 Steam FansSo spend an hour typing up something about this book and then I LOST IT What you are now getting is that I LOVED this book I knew that Ronan and Holliday end up together but I Stretching Lessons: The Daring that Starts from Within lovedearning about their history Ronan and Holliday are both independent characters with darkness in their past There is a cliffhanger ending but the second also revised book in this duet will be released at the same time as this revised edition This book was read to complete the Library Space Free Space on my romanceopoly board This specific video review will be included in the January 2019 wrap up For Other Video Book Reviews other video book reviews out my YouTube Channel Steph s Romance Book Talk Brand new edited edition Pastore has outdone herself keeping the characters and story intactI had the pleasure of reading Unscripted early and by that I mean it was all my pleasureORIGINAL review Unscripted is a new series from Pastore and it is well worth the wait on something new from her different than Fifteen Weekends we see a new side of Pastore a diff voice Less angsty twenty something and broken Call the Next Witness love Cinderella esueIt is the story of Holliday Prescott eually strong and broken and Ronan Connolly single dad heart throb and America s favorite Irish ActorOriginally unsure of Ronan s true motives Holliday plays it cool but she can t keep up the act for tooong because he is the man of all her fantasiesRonan unable to Building for the Arts: The Strategic Design of Cultural Facilities liveife out of the public eye tries to understand his own feelings for Holliday while attempting to uncover her past and fix itUnfortunately his own past rears. Omise he whispers I crave itOne touch and I am temptedOne kiss and I am addictedAs much as I try to deny it I want More of everything of himFate may have brought us.
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