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Forbidden FruitLoved the little scenes like stopping by Jennie s for a skinny dip and a little finger bang outside I wish we could ve gotten a longer drawn out story with longer scenes in general but I loved the characters and their interactionsThe Law of Reciprocity by Laila BlakeI have to admit that my least favorite romances to read are historical but this story was excellent I truly enjoyed it I loved both women and the way they came together I do wish we would ve gotten a bit of the story but still excellentShallow End by LC SpoeringAt together I do wish we would ve gotten a bit of the story but still excellentShallow End by LC SpoeringAt the story was a bit slow for me building the background and I didn t see where it was going really Once it got going and I figured out where things were going it seemed to wrap up all too uick for me but I still think it was a good short little storyThe First Stone by Lisabet SaraiI can t say that I cared for this one as it is a taboo topic for me A nun breaking her vows I also didn t care for the fact that she called the Robot Programming: A Practical Guide to Behavior-Based Robotics people she was supposed to be helping inmates which isn t how a nun would think in my mindOut For The Count by Cheyenne BlueI loved this storyThe card counter vs casino security The backstory was excellently filled in enough that we knew what was going on The sensualarts were great I loved the way Cheyenne wrote it and the characters I will most definitely be Perfect Phrases for Writing Company Announcements: Hundreds of Ready-to-Use Phrases for Powerful Internal and External Communications picking up her work in the futureI was given this in return for an honest review by Inked Rainbow Reads Renee Forbidden Fruit Stories of Unwise Lesbian Desire is an erotic collection edited by Cheyenne Blue andublished by Ladylit Publishing who are fast becoming a sought after ublisher when it comes to lesbian worksThis collection contains stories from Rebecca Lynne Fullan Ava Ann Holland Jean Roberta Allison Wonderland Rachel Our Woman by Rebecca Lynne FullanI enjoyed this story overall but the ending left me scratching my headHands Off by Ava Ann HollandThis story was HOT I would love to read about Marianne and Nadja I will be checking out Miss Holland s other stories when I get the chanceShelter by Jean RobertaThis story was goodUngodly Yours by Allison WonderlandI really enjoyed this story I actually interrupted my wife while WonderlandI really enjoyed this story I actually interrupted my wife while was watching some TV show to read her a few things in this story that I found humorous I did get a little lost at times wondering about Nadine and Rebecca s agesThe Rules by Rachel O EsplanadeWOW That was so hot that I had to go smoke a cigarette after reading it I look forward to reading stories by this author if she ever decides to share The Further Adventures of Miss Scarlet by Emily L ByrneThis was a fun story I would love to read about the adventures of Miss ScarletSunset Sunrise by Sacchi GreenGood story I would love to see the artwork created from that encounterThe Clinton County Horse Theif Society by Axa LeeInteresting storyFreedom by Harper BlissBeautiful as always HarperAscending Amelia by Erzabet BishopI loved this story but I don t know what to say about it without coming across as an old erv Bachelorette Party by Beth WyldeWOW I really like the way this story ended Mark sounds like a total assThanks to Irene by Nicole WolfeNot a bad storyAsh by Niki CrowGreat story I would love to read about Susan and AshThe Law of Reciprocity by Laila BlakeExcellent storyShallow End by LC SpoeringThis was a fun storyThe First Stone by Lisabet SaraiOK storyOut For The Count by Cheyenne BlueAnother fun storyI thoroughly enjoyed this anthology I only wish some of the stories were longer This was a great anthology I honestly enjoyed all of the stories in the collection but because there are so many I will only be touching base on my faves Shout out to ALL of the authors in this anthology you should all be so roud of your work because really it s great work I was so very entertained throughout so thank you all of you Also thanks be to Harper Bliss and Ladylit Publishing for roviding me with the ARC of Forbidden Fruit for reviewHan EVERY SINGLE STORY EVERY SINGLE ONE IS AMAZING For Those Who Just Can t Resist Taking a Taste425 StarsA veritable smorgasbord of forbidden flavors to just waiting to be savored Within the The Mystery of the Two-Toed Pigeon pages lie naughty thrills for everyoneFound this collection to be well edited and imaginative Enjoyed getting another read from authors I already admire as well as discovered a few new ones to watch for in the future Though some of the stories were to my own tastes than others each were well written and varied enough that the anthology was far from the same story with different names and maybe a location changeI would recommend this for erotica fans looking for some lusty ladies to keep them warm tonight I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest revie. Pool being seduced by older womenutting their job on the line for lust or seducing the salt and epper butchWith stories from writers at the top of their game including Sacchi Green Erzabet Bishop Beth Wylde Harper Bliss and Allison Wonderland this collection is sure to thrill. F gets in the way of tales like this and I look at the others involved and the way choices are made with ease I wouldn t care if it was the ending of a straight or gay relationship there are ways to do it with care So sorry couldn t get into this with enthusiasm Thanks To Irene well what a way to ride out a cyclone FunAsh and Splendid Solution playing doctors and nurses such fun games The Law Of Reciprocity romance the lady of the manor and the servant in the style of all gooderiod fiction romances but with a differenceShallow End a wonderful summer flingwell end of summer after much teenage longing with a bored older of summer after much teenage longing with a bored older Raunchy rollicking sex The First Stone what a truly beautiful read Loved loved loved it So descriptive I could smell and taste this story WonderfulOut For The Count and so the last in a retty amazing collection And what a great story Every security erson should be allowed to bend the rules maybe once especially when the temptation is so sweet Loved it What a great story beautifully writtenI have loved this collection It of course deserves and is getting 5 wonderful stars from me 35 Stars Our Woman by Rebecca Lynne FullanI enjoyed segments of this story but overall I had no idea what the heck it was talking about so I was sad that it ended without further clarificationHands Off by Ava Ann HollandSUPER hot I wish we could ve gone up in that room with themwith no handsShelter by Jean Robertaan interesting story I was a bit confused at times as to their ast and how they came to the resent but still interesting enough to make me flip How to Be Alone pages uickly to try to figure it out Sad to see it over tooUngodly Yours by Allison WonderlandI didn t like the HEAVY bible references But then we got little kicks like I m bored with the Lord and do you accept God the Father as your Lord and Master shortly there after which was very contradictory to me Over all though I will say I greatly appreciated the under lying message in the story that was overshadowed we don t get to decide how we re designed or even better Just because I ve fallen for a woman doesn t make me a fallen woman which is exactly what Iersonally believe but would ve like to have seen that been not hidden behind so much Lord God and sinning referencesSecondly the character is 18 and still talking like she is much younger even if she is extremely religious Before long we re you know we re when talking about being naked And now with our loins leafless we can begin our genesis is another example of how the bible is referenced to heavily for me and not entirely like an 18 year old would think to meThe Rules by Rachel O EsplanadeI absolutely loved this story except for the confusing timeline in the beginning which threw me for a bit as to when things were happening for the characters I can t say that I Racial Theories In Context particularly care for the you and I tense used but other than that it was a great story about forbidden loveThe Further Adventures of Miss Scarlet by Emily L ByrneCop and thief have SUPER hot meeting on a subway withossible future run ins I will be searching for the hopeful seuel to this hot fierce liaisonSunset Sunrise by Sacchi GreenOooh Watch out Hot Forbidden And over all too uickly for me Darn that sun for rising and this couple separatingThe Clinton County Horse Theif Society by Axa LeeAw I was sad at the way this story turned out I didn t want Belle to be bad I wanted her to love Katie the way Katie loved her I don t want to say what happens but in the end I m glad Katie gets the closure she needs and hope that she one day finds a woman who loves her than BelleFreedom by Harper BlissMILF story yes The Queen I please Loved it Another greatiece of work from Harper Sexy well written short storyAscending Amelia by Erzabet BishopYes Yes And YES A little BDSM for the first time some spanking and steamy Very sexy little story and one I wouldn t mind seeing expanded into a whole novel or novella Relateable characters that have real life emotions and reactions Well doneBachelorette Party by Beth WyldeBeautiful Discovering there is than friendship behind all those lingering touches and hate for the fiancee Another steamy read but also about finding that Linda was willing to stand by and let Jenny do what Jenny needed to do to be happy even though she wanted so much At Jenny s Bachelorette Party real feeling and emotions are discoveredThanks to Irene by Nicole WolfeLuanna is married to Dina but for reasons we don t know or I missed they are apart when Hurricane Irene comes Seeking refuge Luanna goes to Amy the masseuse Hm what I wonder is if Dina will be joining the air when she finds out or if she will be upset she wasn t included Great storyAsh by Niki CrowSeduced by the new lady An upper class lady seduces her maid in Laila Blake’s oignant story set in Regency England while a Catholic nun is beguiled by a hooker in Lisabet Sarai’s owerful The First StoneThese women are cops slave owners doctors Dommes and horse thieves and you’ll find them at the. From nurses and nuns to life guards to coaches and maids and Slaves This Story Has this story has lot and then some These seventeen stories are steamy Which really is to be expected with the likes of Erzabet Bishop Cheyenne Blue Laila Blake and Harper Bliss to name a few They never disappoint Some of these stories are heart breaking some touching some freeing others fun frolics and a few are romantic with a HEA While not all of these stories are romantic and not all have the endings I love so much they were really good and all of them moving It

Is Refreshing To See That 
refreshing to see that all stories have To Have That Same have that same formula That an ending doesnt have to end in fireworks and trips down the aisle I was given this book free to review awhile ago and just now getting around to reviewing lus I brought it to have in my collectionHere are the ones I truly enjoyedHands Off HOT is all I can sayThe Rules WOW definitely could read from this authorSunset Sunrise HOT and shortFreedom I m just going to say BLISSAscending Amelia Hot and shortThanks to Irene What a way to ride out a stormShallow End Who wouldn t want to be a lifeguard after this Out for the Count I would look the other way too Forbidden Fruit Stories of Unwise Lesbian Desire is an erotic collection edited by Cheyenne Blue and ublished by Ladylit Publishing who are fast becoming a sought after ublisher when it comes to lesbian worksThis collection contains stories from Rebecca Lynne Fullan Ava Ann Holland Jean Roberta Allison Wonderland Rachel O Esplanade Emily L Byrne Sacchi Green Axa Lee Harper Bliss Erzabet Bishop Beth Wylde Nicole Wolfe Niki Crow Laila Blake LC Spoering Lisabet Sarai and Cheyenne BlueThe tales are exactly as you d expect about unwise or forbidden lesbian dalliances We have bad girls ladies and their maids nuns cops slave owners doctors and much The imagination that s gone into these stories is amazing not one story is the same or even similar Each one has a fantastic take on the forbidden fruit theme As with all anthologies though not all of the stories were to my taste but the rest of the collection than made up for it My Gutsy Girls: Young Women Who Dare particular favourites were The Rules The Further Adventures of Miss Scarlet and Bachelorette PartyVaried hot naughty and sexy this is a fantastic lesbian erotica anthology that I d definitely recommend to fans of the genre Very enjoyable As soon as I had a flick through and scan of the stories collected here I realised there would be no way to rate each story as better or best Each story will have to have its own little review What a collection Such fun to dip into Some of the authors featured I have met up with before and some are new faces Our Woman what a wonderful story to start off this anthology If they are all as spell binding as this I am going to be in heaven Fairies andolitical intrigue and control and the just in the right Organizations As Knowledge Systems place the sex and intimacy BrilliantHands Off wonderful fastaced sexy story Of course I always love a story that has a dig at Little Scarlet (Easy Rawlins plastic modern Hollywood cultureShelter The bad girl from herast appears in the nightstays for a night of assion with the lurking threat of discovery by the law or something dangerous Fast aced hot sexUngodly Ours Oh my goodness I am truly blown away by this story It reads like someone s life The first chapter I read saying to myself what the hell is this where is this going and I nearly Never Sweeter put it down but my god it goes on to grow as the girls grow I love it Erotic Sarcastic Clever So cleverThe Rules hot steamy sporty sexThe Further Adventures of Miss Scarlet a fabulous story to read and dream your way through a train journey home at the end of the day Hot hot hot A hint of mystery in detective serial type of fashionSunset Sunrise full on fastaced mature confident take what you need story With additional knock your socks off sex scenes The Clinton County Horse Thief Society Woo Hoo The Wild West horse thieves sex law and order and moral justice all in one story What girl doesn t love a story with the smell of horses a ride through the wild country and beans and campfire at night Freedom wow is this the ultimate revenge on an ex or the needing loneliness of a arent or as the title says freedom But how can it be freedom with so many strings attached I tell you what though it is retty insanely wild free fabulous sex across age barriers Loved it and am left at the end going so what happens next does it grow and blossom could it ever Ascending Amelia nothing like a bit of a fun night out at the club Add a sweet lovely new girl and a good time is had by all Bachelorette Party okay Good read rollicked along with sizzling sex scenes etc But sorry my sense of fair lay and all that stuf. She’s off limits but the attraction burns so bright it’s impossible to resistThis collection of seventeen stories charts the spectrum of unwise lesbian desire gathering tales of women you should resist but can’t In Jean Roberta’s Shelter the bad girl’s back from rison.