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Very nice twist at the end

you find out who did What started as an interesting premise ickly devolved into a hot mess Hank Gooch is an The Ghost Light Kids Get Hooked unlikeable overly macho gunslinging ex cop who comes out of retirement to help his former partner who is trapped in a soundproof room I should have stopped reading when the deux ex machina device wassed but I was down to the last hundred or so pages This was a n amazing Cold Case Bookhad you on the edge of your seat trying to figure out who did it I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves suspense and wants to see if they can figure it out before the end of the book I did A really really good mystery book with well developed characters and some good twists Only problem was the person whodunnit sorta jumped good twists Only problem was the person whodunnit sorta jumped at you Afraid I had this one figured out in the first 100 pages Bookcrossing I really enjoyed this book It moved fast hard to put down The characters of MeChelle and Hank did progress even through this whole case I kind of figured out who was pulling the strings early on even though it sounded so bizarre I hope there are in this series someday I want to see what happens next I am a slow reader and it takes. Detective Mechelle Deakes wakes p to discover she's blind Worse once she stumbles out of bed sh. Detective Mechelle Deakes wakes p to discover she's blind Worse once she stumbles out of bed sh.
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REVIEW Blind Fear

Me a while to into a BOOK EVEN IF IT IS A even if it is A Book I good book I this book in two days It my attention with its storyline that twisted and turned than a roller coaster I could not put the book down even though I figured out pretty early on whodunit it was still an interesting read seeing how they got to that conclusion Actually a 2 12 starsI found this book to have a good premise but there were a little too many twists and turns that just didn t add Triumph (TriAlpha Chronicles, up to a believable ending Alot of situations were a bit too convenient ex getting job back and having a badge and ID printedp in 12 hour I enjoyed reading it and wanted to find out the ending I just think the story and ending could have been strongerThis book takes place in 13 hours3 days would have been realistic timing for all the events and driving around Atlanta that took place Defies believability Retired cop waltzes into his old office and goes to a detectives desk and gets on her computer The dialogue is too stilted I didn t get far reading this one Also the young cop who seeks out Gooch should be written as a dept computer nerd or forensic guy not a detective Guys like this character do not even apply E realizes she's not in her own room His partner missing Lt Hank Gooch looks into her most recen. ,
Blind FearO be cops My crime books are based in reality Good for Lynn at least she found a publisher who somehow saw past the huge flaws A good book with interesting characters The mystery evolved We Love You, Charlie Freeman uickly and the suspension kept building It jumped right in no slow buildp Everything had a reason and there were no loose ends The ending was good promising for another good story with our emotionally confused cops The word choice in this book is a little different then others I ve read but it seems to have added instead of gained from the story line It pushes the point of a time when black officers were as thought of as a white one It pushes the point of thought of as a white one It pushes the point of and white period So not only is this a mystery book a Good Cop Story But It Shows Things cop story but it shows things acceptance and being what you want no matter what you look like There are many lessons to be learned in this book some you just have to read between the lines for I would have given this a 5 except for swear words I thought cozies were not supposed to have thatAs stated before this author was recommended as one on cozycom Was really hard to stop reading book Loved the characters Loved their stamina and grit Great twist of a story. T investigation a case involving a young blind woman who came in to report an old nsolved murde. .