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The Trouble with Love (Sex, Love Stiletto, #4)

Lauren Layne ☆ 3 ead

45 starsThis book was SO good The book gods must be laughing at me ight now as I make it well known I can t stand insta love yet fell head over heels myself with this story ight from the start and the entire time I was The Light Between Oceans reading I was either grinning like a fool or crying happy tears It s one of those stories filled with so much warmth and love but also a good dose of angst and heartbreak that makes this second chanceomance so satisfying to Judo from the Beginning, Volume One: Revised read As much of a cynicalomantic as I am there are The Velveteen Rabbit rare times where a book will completely win over my heart and my picky brain will just have to take a hike and this is one of those times So yeah this book winner winner cheesy dinner DWhen I picked up this book I wasn t actually paying attention to who the author was or that it was the 4th book in a series it was the enticing blurb that grabbed me and I felt compelled toead it Everything about the blurb jilted bride seemingly jerk hero possible lovehate dynamic called out to me and there s something so beautifully omantic that a couple with this much baggage could hash out their differences and get a second shot at being together again Like seriously does that not stir your heart at all But anyways from the beginning it s implied that Emma was left at the altar by Alex he goes by his last name Cassidy in most of the book and the two of them had that once in a lifetime kind of love but misunderstandings and deception broke them apart Now in present time they e both journalists in the same field who see each other egularly because of work but don t acknowledge each other s existence I thought I was going to get some lovehate dynamic here but I was wrongthese two didn t even feel It s like their big blowout froze their feelingsAnd with ecent developments with work Alex and Emma are physically closer to each other than ever before Absence does make the heart grow fonder because both of them eminisce on what could ve been had their elationship worked out The story is told in dual POVs and as the plot progresses The Rebel of Rangoon: A Tale of Defiance and Deliverance in Burma reasons leading up to their fallout areevealed from both sides It s obvious that things weren t tied up then and they certainly aren t over nowIt was Blutrote Schwestern really great character development to see the ice cold Emma thaw and crack because of her constant proximity to Alex On the other hand while Alex didn t grovel that much his present day actions made my heart go pitter patter and swoon he s hard not to fall for There was however one aspect of this story that was jarring in the beginning but I uickly got over All the details in the blurb about Alex being sidelined by an injury leading him to dabble in journalism and Emma being ditched and all Those things were skimmed over and the story started where Alex and Emma had been working in the same field for a while now and I was a little disappointed to not get to see that part of their history Then again it may have been covered in the previous 3 books and since I haven tead those I don t have that background insight so just a heads up to all future Tuin readersAside from the fact this book began at a different starting point than what I expected it to be based on the blurb theest of this story was absolutely fantastic Most of the book was just all fun and games with a great cast of side characters who each brought his or her own flair to the story but there are a couple of heart to heart scenes between Emma and Alex that hit me hard like someone was stabbing at my heart with daggers and I wanted them to be together so badly And by the end of the book my heart was leaping for joy and I was content with the way the story wrapped upSince this was a Vigilance: A Heroics Novel (Heroics, romantic comedy and supposedly fluff I went into the story expecting a mostly lightheartedead I never ever expected to cry but welp I did You know those videos on the news you see where so and so did this and it was a good thing or this guy did this for his girlfriend and it s just so overwhelmingly beautiful and touching you shed a tear or maybe a hundred Yeahthis is one of those stories In a bad mood Feeling down Pick this one up Escape eality Give your heart a workout with the way this book uns you through with emotions You can thank me later The Trouble with Love is the 4th book in the Sex Love Stiletto series and can be Dragons In Chains read as a standalone FYI this was my first book of LL s and I had no trouble getting through it 5 second chance starsIf there s anything that exemplify a good second chance at love theme should look no further than my own experience with a Lauren Layne book This wasn t my first LL book The first book Iead From Her Was The Book her was the book Only With You from her Best Mistake Series Let s just say it didn t uite The Gordian Knot Vol. 4 register with me to say the leastBut when Iead the blurb for this book I knew had to The Longevity Solution: Rediscovering Centuries-Old Secrets to a Healthy, Long Life read it It called out to me Forgive me for being melodramatic but yeah it has everything I want in myomance And I m a sucker for a good second chance love story that has impossible odds and when it comes to impossible odds Alex and Emma s story is it I mean how do you exactly forgive someone who who left you at the altar five years ago on your wedding The moment I started eading it I could not put it down This book exceeded my expectations I laughed cried and my heart ejoiced when Alex and Emma finally got their hard earned HEA Five years ago Emma experienced one of the most humiliating thing a woman could experience She was left standing at the altar After that incident Emma became an ice ueen and expert on all things break up and ex elated at Stiletto Magazine She keeps herself from any emotional entanglements especially since Alex the one who left her in that altar works in the same building as her Circumstances forced them to not only work together but to become neighbors are well threatening Emma s carefully constructed world Alex for his part felt he was the injured party Emma left and cruelly ejected him on the eve of their wedding And like Emma he s managed to cultivate a calm and collected facade but inside it was another matter With Emma being in close proximity Alex s eserve is tested every time they are together And since they share a common group of friends they are forced to spend time together And the time they spent with each other the those feelings come to surface especially the ones they buried long ago Slowly but surely Alex and Emma learned that SOME THINGS AREN T UITE WHAT THEY APPEAR TO things aren t uite what they "Appear To And They Must Come To Terms With The "to and they must come to terms with the they tried to bury inside This book was about them econnecting confronting and finally understanding what Report on Radiation and the Quantum-Theory, 1914 really happened all those years ago As theeader I was very curious why Alex left her at the altar What Lioness really happened I was very tempted to hate Alex for what he did but alas there was a deepereason there Of course I was Team Emma all the way but I did understand a bit how and why it ended that way Lauren Layne did a fantastic job at setting up the tension between Alex and Emma It was delicious And then there s the Stiletto girls who What Do Grown-ups Do All Day? rallied around Emma I loved their friendship It s veryare to have that positive female Non Censure relationship being emphasized along with the conventional love story between the two main characters Yeah I m also a sucker for books that feature a group of women friends Emma was writteneally well She s a very sympathetic character and I think every Herrin der Schmuggler reader canelate to her on some level Her loneliness her drive her devotion to her career her friends and her tenuous Hope and Glory relationship with her family are all veryelatable I always have a soft spot for ice ueen characters because they e always the ones that hide the deepest hurts that you just want to each inside your Kindle and give them a hugAlex Cassidy was less developed than Emma but he still won me over especially with his sweet gesture at the end Being the vindictive bitch that I am I wanted him to suffer a little but guysboth of them already suffered a lot because of their immaturity in the past and by 50% I already wanted them get make up kiss up and make babies together In other words Alex and Emma are of those book couples that are truly meant to be You kinda feel that if they don t get their shit together then they ll be doomed to suffer for the Hysterie rest of their lives and theeader along with them So despite this book not having the conventional grovel that I tend to enjoy I want them to be together so. As Lauren Layne’s salacious Sex Love Stiletto series eturns a jaded columnist discovers a steamy way to get over an old flame falling for him all over again   As Stiletto magazine’s authority on all things breakup and heartache Emma Sinclair writes from personal experience Five years ago Emma was Charlotte North Carolina’s darling debutante and a blushing bride to be Now she’s the ice ueen of the Manhattan dating scene Emma left her sultry Southern drawl behind but not even her closest friends know that with it she left her heart Now Emma’s latest article forces her to face her demons namely the devilishly sexy guy who ditched her at the altar   After giving up everything for a pro soccer career Alex Cassidy watches his dreams crumble as a knee injury sidelines him for good Now he’s hanging up his cleats and giving journalism a shot It’s just a coincidence that he happens to pick a job in the same field and the. .
Much it eally didn t matter just as long as I got my HEA Don t worry though their HEA was very satisfying and very sweet it ll make you giddy with happinessI m still kicking myself for not eading this series sooner Definitely ecommended for eaders who like something light with a bit of angst thrown in Now excuse me while I buy the est of the series ARC courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley Emma Sinclair has everything she needs to lead a happy life kill for each other friends dream job of columnist for the woman magazine Stiletto a great working environment and living in the most colourful city turns out she s not lucky in the dating department or Is she intentionally single She s known to be an Ice ueen one who emains stoic and has no desire to land a hotshot husbandboyfriend though all her friends are under the spell of love Emma chooses being lonely over falling for any man again Behind the fa ade of a cold hearted bitch is the loving southern belle who is desperately trying to guard her heart which was already broken by the man who left her at the altar seven years ago Ever since then Emma left her old life back and moved to New York City and made herself a great life here but her world shifts from it s axis when her ex fianc becomes her temporary bossneighbourAlex Cassidy is editor in chief of Oxford magazine the brotherrival magazine to Stiletto which coincidentally happens to be the place where his ex fianc works For a year Emma and Alex avoid each other and never did they bring up the dreaded fact that they never got married Not only they work in close proximity to one another they also un in the same circle of friends if they weren t avoiding each other they maintained an amicable Special Agent Francesca relationship When fate throws them in a situation where they live next door to each other staying civil becomes not that easy and Alex grabs the opportunity of being her temporary boss to urge her in writing an article about her exes Since they nevereally had a Closure making her write this article is his way of bringing them one step closer to their history and to look for the girl he once fell head over heels for Emma can never forget the heartache and humiliation Alex caused her seven years ago now when life is giving them second chance will Alex make her fall in love with him again or is it too late for him to warm her Ice cold heartTBH When I Triskell Tales: Twenty-Two Years of Chapbooks reuested this book in NG I neveread the blurb nor did I Across the Wide and Lonesome Prairie read any book from this author so this was one bigisk I took since I hardly have any time to Mein wildes Geheimnis 03 read within a few pages into this story I knew this was going to be a helluva fun book and even before Iealized I eached the last page with a huge smile plastered on my face Yes people the gamble totally paid off The Trouble with Love is fast paced light humorous and feel happy kind of story This is one such book where I loved all the characters eually and I so wanted to be a part of their crazy lively witty gang Trust me the dialogues and the banters were so funny and cleverly written nothing about it was annoying or cheesy And this being a second chance omance there was tons of sexual tension Now the said sexual tension took a lot of space in this story than the omance itself I wish there was of wooing her or the glimpses of their once upon a love story nevertheless it didn t uin the story for me and I enjoyed the hell out of itNow if you excuse me I got to kick my ass for not The Worst Weather on Earth: A History of Mount Washington Observatory reading this series or any book by this author sooner ARC kindly provided by Random House Publishing Group Loveswept via Netgalley for an honesteview I know I m a very emotional individual but let me tell you I have so many contained tears in me I don t even know what s going on I have a fun time A London Home in the 1890s reading this series and I m a bit sad it s over All these girls were amazing and the guys were also so good and theirelationship so greatThese books are very therapeutic I think You can just lose yourself in the lives of the characters and laugh cry and feel That s so wonderful So it s fitting that is the last book in the series I kinda The Geology And Landscape Of Santa Barbara County, California, And Its Offshore Islands related the most to Well as much as one canelate to Emma and Cassidy s story but you get it The first book and this one will have a very special place in my heart foreverEmma and Cassidy were fantastic I HAVE NO WORDS FOR HOW MUCH THEY MADE ME FEEL 4 STARSARC Provided by Random House Publishing Group Loveswept via Netgalley in Exchange for an Honest ReviewBR with My Bestie Dee This is the last installment in the Sex Love and Stilettoseries Each book is about a different elationship advice columnist for Stiletto magazine Emma Sinclair is the newest member of the Stiletto team and she s the most closed off person in
the bunch she 
bunch She her EMOTIONS TIGHTLY HIDDEN BY A VERY tightly hidden by a very facade We learned in the last book that she has a history with the Editor in Chief of Oxford Magazine Alex Cassidy They were once engaged seven years ago but something happened that had them calling off the wedding the day ofI knew this was going to be a Second Chance Love themed book which is one of my favorite types of omances I was so excited I ve Jane Doe and the Cradle of All Worlds read all three previous books and to be honest Ieally loved the first book and thought the second and third were OK For the most part I Is That Even a Country, Sir! really do LOVE this author s writing style I veead several other of her books and uite a few have been FIVE STAR うそつきリリィ 3 [Usotsuki Lily 3] reads for me This one was good but it was missing that something special thateally should have been in this bookI never The Prince really felt the deep love connection between Emma and Alex We don t get many flashbacks to their past We did get a couple but they were from their Wedding Rehearsal Dinner and the actual Wedding Day Both scenes are from when theirelationship died I wanted to get a bit of Alex and Emma when they first met and their love was new I needed to see that deep connection between them For about 75% of the book all you get is a lot of tension between them and seeing that there are obviously unresolved hurt feelings being shared between the two of themI don t want to eally give too much away obviously unresolved hurt feelings being shared between the two of themI don t want to eally give too much away basically the plot has someone being very sneaky and coming up with a plan to force these two to have to work and see each other every day in hopes that they will Goodbye Sarajevo: A True Story of Courage, Love and Survival rekindle their love that was lost over seven years agoIt definitely was entertaining and for anyone who hasead the previous books you will enjoy it as all the other characters are very much present in this book They are not just secondary characters they all play a Lifting role in helping these two find their way back to each other Also we meet two GORGEOUS men who work for Oxford magazine that I am pleased to announce will be getting their own books in a spin off series Lastly my other gripe is that there was no Epilogue This is something that is a pain point for me wheneading Mathruhridayam romances If I don t get to know how things turn out in the future for the main characters and get confirmation that they are living their HEA then I get a little disappointed I would definitelyecommend this to those who love om com chick lit type books My Bestie ead this with me and she actually loved it So don t let my gripes deter you This was my second favorite book in the series 45 I Love LL Stars Emma Sinclair is determined to pretend that her ex fiance Alex Cassidy and their painful past doesn t exist This though is proving to be a challenge since they have the same group of friends and after some scheming from her boss he ends up being her temporary editor and neighborAlex Cassidy wants Emma to notice him again than anything so when Camille goes on vacation and asks Alex to take over as Stilleto s head editor he accepts and uses his position to his advantage by assigning Emma an aticle about exes not even A Life In School: What The Teacher Learned really knowing what he unconsciously hopes will come of itLauren Layne did it again It s no surprise she is my go to fluff author she just knows how to do the light andomantic and kind of silly that has you smiling from start to finish This book just like every other in the series was very easy to ead with just a little drama for spiceI liked both Emma and Alex Alex had the whole Alpha male vibe going but he was an actually nice guy No Alpha assholes for this author and as much as I like my jerks sometimes you need the guy you could actually find hot in eal life too Alex was that for me I liked that he was driven determined and a Same city as his former fiancée The House That Had Enough right But when Emma moves in next door it’s no accident It’sesearch And Alex can’t help wondering what might have been Unlike the innocent girl he The Devil's Snake Curve: A Fan's Notes From Left Field remembers this Emma is chic sophisticated and assertive and she wants absolutely nothing to do with him The trouble is Alex has never wanted her Praise for The Trouble with Love   “ The Trouble with Love is a heartwarmingead I devoured in one sitting and haven’t been able to stop smiling over since” New York Times bestselling author Violet Duke“Sharp sexy contemporary omance at its best The Trouble with Love satisfies in the best kind of way” Elisabeth Barrett author of the Star Harbor series“Lauren Layne produces winner after winner and The Trouble with Love is no different” Fiction Vixen   “One of Layne’s best works I found myself laughing and crying simultaneously in a matter of seconds” Star Crossed Book Blog  . ,

Amn omantic at times I honestly think that Emma was crazy for esisting so longEmma was a bit too stubborn at some points but I loved how independant she was I liked that although she was in love with Alex for years she didn t wallow in self pity She worked to get her dreams she dated other guys she lived her life That life may not have been full without him but she trying and that s than most omance heroines do They usually stay celibate and pure the whole separation time in this kind of storiesLast but not least I liked the glimpses on the previous couples lives I Das kurze Leben der Sophie Scholl really hope that LL will continue the series with Mathis or Cole I don t want my Stiletto books to be overPS Camille is like the fairy godmother for these girls PI VE GOT AN ARC I VE GOT AN ARCNow if I could have some time toead it too I made a Défendre Jacob really beautifully sad playlist and listened to it onepeat while Darfur's Sorrow: A History of Destruction and Genocide reeading this book and it was the best thing everThis story is so haunting for me because I truly Black Gold in North Dakota relate to Emma so much and the way we deal with hurting I m just such a fan of Layne s books I think I will start my uest oneading all her books this year FIVE SECOND CHANCE WITH CASSIDY STARSThere s always trouble with loveThere are a million easons why Lauren Layne will always be a favourite author of mine and if I didn t think id bore you all to sleep I d list them ight here in my Nestle Toll House Recipe Collection review However I can joyfully give you one of myeasons for my love of all things Lauren Layne and that my fellow omance addicts is this book ight here Yes once again I have been well and truly swept up into the world of stiletto and the ever present appearance of sex and love in the cityWhat did I loveI know I m going to sound like a stuck Wicked City: The Other Side record but I can t uite help it I was so excited toead yet another second chance at love story especially one written by my most beloved author In addition to all my excitement over this latest Officer, Surgeon…Gentleman! release it didn t harm my time spent with this novel that it had all the book bubbling sexual tension and fabulous don t want it to end chemistry that you could ask for Layne creates perfect stories with wonderful characters and yet again I m jumping with absolute joy that I had the chance to fall in love all over again with one of this authors books Emma Sinclair and Alex Cassidy were two characters that I won t want to forget any time soon Their story had me feeling like a love sick fool I loved the slow burn nature of this fantastically produced contemporaryomance It had just the Barefoot through Mauretania right amount of push and pull and will they won t they to make it feel wonderfully satisfying when this couple finally were able to confess to their unending love for each other Triple Sigh I couldead books like this forever and still be a content thirty something When all is said and done I doubt this author will ever go far from making me fall helplessly in love with her writing and I won t ever apologise for my gushing appreciation of all things Lauren Layne Final thoughts If you enjoy a well thought out contemporary Dude, You're a Fag: Masculinity and Sexuality in High School romance series then I would whole heartedlyecommend this set of books to you I say with a heavy heart that I believe this to be the last book in the series and I m a little forlorn that I have to say goodbye The stiletto series will always be a favourite of mine and this book ended the series in true Lauren Layne style I m jealous of all you Eldest readers that are yet to discover this authors books and for those that have already fallen under the Layne spell you won t be disappointed Now all that s left to say is that I m excited to see what this author plans to write about next and I ll be the first in line to be grabbing whatever she will offer Enjoy Kisses ARC generouslyeceived by Random House Publishing in exchange for an honest eview 45 stars It was such a nice book to ead It felt like Sex and the City but much lighter book version It was classical chick omance with whole lotta sexual tension And I mean it I would even call it sexual frustration it was that heavy In a good way of course because it kept me on the edge through the whole story I was both excited for the main characters to finally get together and nervous Yes I was nervous I mean you know it has to have HEA ight but the tension is there all the freaking time when how why does it take them so long to get their shit together Ah that tension precisely is what made this book such a pleasant eading We have four women they are close friends who work together in a magazine called Stiletto Needless to say the girls ule Girl power all the way They are funny smart Sarcastic And Have Each and have each s backThree of them are in elationships except for our Emma Emma used to be engaged years ago to Alex Something went down And She Was Left Standing At The she was left standing at the alone on wedding day Now a uniue confluence of events leads to Alex becoming Emma s temporary boss and neighbour not to mention that he is friends with Emma s friends All those years of cold distance between them seem to be slowly forgotten because as they are forced to spend and time together apparently the old flame never dies Emotions take place old feelings come to life and though they both think they moved on they clearly didn t Emma is scared of being hurt again and she tries to keep her distance which made me want to strangle her once or twice for being so stubborn Alex ah so cold and distant at the beginning he won me over with his POV the man cared for Emma deeply See the thing is that if not for miscommunication and then their stubborness in clearing the situation they would still be together or at least would be sooner But then we wouldn t have the story would we So when I normally am not a fan of miscommunication it worked here very well Anyway though we have to wait pretty long everything wraps up nicely in the endOverall this was a great sometimes funny sometimes emotional book with a good second chance plot steamy sex and a bit angst I loved the writing it flows so easy and naturally In fact I loved the writing so much that I jumped ight to the next Lauren Layne s book to see if she can surprise me as much as with this oneThe book is 4th one in series but you can Spring Cleaning (Virago Poetry) read it as a standalone I did and wasn t missing anything crucial in the story But now I definitely need to catch up on other couples ARCeceived from NetGalley in exchange for an honest Classic Sunil Gangopadhyay review 45 Second Chance Stars Emma and Alex were in love once So much in love they were even getting married But in the night before the wedding a terrible misunderstanding breaks them apart and for the next years they live worlds apart Seven years later they work in the same building in different magazines But when Emma s boss goes in a sabbatical Alex takes the lead of both magazines putting him and Emma dangerously close to each other And with that proximity not old old feelings come back to surface but also the ghosts they taught being buried in the past And now they have to choices being honest with each other about what happened seven years ago and move on together Or decide that some things are better left in the past and move on but this time apart for good When I want toead a great love story with some humor steamy and not very high on angst Lauren Layne is definitely the to go author Her books are always great and this one in particular is probably one of my favorites because I just love second chance love stories and this in specific was a nicely done one The only The Unemployed Guy's Guide to Unemployment reason I m not giving it 5 stars it s because for me they took too much time getting together creating some unnecessary angst To cut a long story short if you need something light funny and heartening this book actually this whole series is a great choice Rating 45 Stars Characters Development First let me say they both frustrated me so much that for about half of the book I just wanted to shake some sense into them Against a wall They were so stubborn and so intent in ignoring the past they failed to see what sight in front of them But other than that I eally liked them both they had a lot of chemistry and I just loved to see them togetherAnd believe me I was waiting for that since the previous books As ever it was nice
to see the 
see the of the gang I eally hope the next book will be about Lincoln Or Cole Seriously are all journalists in NY hot as hell Steam Some hot moments Sensible Subjects view spoilerNo hide spoiler. “I honestly can’t say enough about how much I love and adored this book It takes a A Brief History of Imbecility: Poetry and Prose of Takamura Kōtarō rare breed of author to make me go out and purchase all of their backlist without eveneading blurbs or Border War: Fighting Over Slavery Before the Civil War reviews” Ramblings from This Chick five stars“These books areeminiscent of Nora Roberts’ and her trilogies with the complex situations three dimensional characters grand sense of humor and hot sex scenes” Urban Girl Reader   “It was very difficult not to instantly like this book because it had all the things I loved all Käse rolled up into one sass humor underlying sexual tension as well as suits and officeomance” Fifty Shades of Books   “Sultry funny and heartwarming This book is the fourth in the Sex Love Stiletto series but can be Hired Girl read as a standalone and is perfect for anyone who loves second chanceomance” TJ Loves to Read   Includes a special message from the editor as well as an excerpt from another Loveswept titl.