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Tle philosophical approach to Armageddon will be ntranced though you may want to keep a Latin dictionary handySo what happened Why five stars right up until the last page Well it s not that I object to what happens on the last page but rather the fact that it IS the last page The nding is xceedingly abrupt as though the author xpended all his nergy getting the reader to that point and then collapsed Not that I can imagine where the story could have gone it s a pretty comprehensive last page but we ve been trained to xpect buildup climax denouement Well you get a climax for sure but no denouement whatsoever It s uite the crashStill I highly recommend it Just be prepared to be let down ungently at the nd A precise rating is four and a half stars since it is not a perfect work but I rred on the higher side because I thought this a beautifully written and prophetic novel of ideas As you can read from its description it s a dystopian novel of a future where secular humanism has come to dominate the world and seeks the final radication of religion specially Christianity The one religion that remains is Roman Catholicism but any Christian denomination would have sufficed The author is a Roman Catholic priest so he is writing from what he knows The novel was written in 1907 and is set a hundred years into its future which would make it now In that future secular humanism has come to dominate society and seeks the radication of all religion The Accidental Beauty Queen especially Christianity since it proposes a metaphysical world of a transcendent God who s values go beyond the humango The totalitarianism of Orwell has come and gone but the secular stranglehold of Benson s dystopian vision is very much with us And what does Benson see as the source of the secularist s power Humanitarianism as seen through the go and not of Christ and cold logic at the xpense of human values The Lord of the world has been replaced by a lord over human beings all of which will bring the narrative to an apocalyptic ndingNot only is this a novel of ideas but one of xtraordinary lyricism Robert Hugh Benson is a gifted writer There are scenes delineated in the best tradition of fine Victorian prose Here is an Crown of Stars (Crown of Stars, example of a moment when Fr Percy Franklin the novel s central figurenters a chapel to prayIt was drawing on towards sunset and the huge dark place was lighted here and there by patches of ruddy London light that lay on the gorgeous marble and gildings finished at last by a wealthy convert In front of him rose up the choir with a line of white surpliced and furred canons on ither side and the vast baldachino in the midst beneath which burned the six lights as they had burned day by day for than a century behind that again lay the high line of the apse choir with the dim window pierced vault above where Christ reigned in majesty He let his yes wander round for a few moments before beginning his deliberate prayer drinking in the glory of the place listening to the thunderous chorus the peal of the organ and the thin mellow voice of the priest There on the left shone the refracted glow of the lamps that burned before the Lord in the Sacrament on the right a dozen candles winked here and there at the foot of the gaunt images high overhead hung the gigantic cross with that lean maciated Poor Man Who called all who looked on Him to the mbraces of a GodSuch a simple moment and yet Benson makes it come alive And here also is the dramatic This Forsaken Earth entrance into the novel of its chief antithesis the newlylected secular President of the world dubbed Lord of the World Julian Felsenburgh Here he The Summer Palace: A Captive Prince Short Story (Captive Prince Short Stories Book 2) enters on some sort of hovering craft over a cheering crowdHigh on the central deck there stood a chair draped too in white with some insignia visible above its back and in the chair sat the figure of a man motionless and lonely He made no sign as he came his dark dress showed vividedly against the whiteness his head was raised and he turned it gently now and again from side to sideIt came nearer still in the profound stillness the head turned and for an instant the face was plainly visible in the soft radiant lightIt was a pale face strongly marked as of a young man with arched blackyebrows thin lips and white hairThen the face turned once the steersman shifted his head and the beautiful shape wheeling

little passed the corner and up towards the palaceThere was an hysterical yelp somewhere a cry and again the tempestuous groan broke outThere are many such startling scenes that this novel would make a superb movie Why hasn t this been made into a movie The final climatic scene where the religious have just finished Mass and are in procession with the Blessed Sacrament chanting Latin hymns while the onslaught of the destroying bombers make their way is brilliant This is a novel that should have a much wider audience and should be reuired reading across universities if universities had the incentive to be balanced But they are not So it behooves you to read the novel for yourself An apocalyptic novel written in 1907 Personally I prefer A canticle for Leibowitz which seems to me better built and believable because the apocalyptic nd is caused by man himself rather than by unexplained acts of GodThere are two kinds of atheism1 Optimistic atheism which replaces faith in God by an overpowering faith in Man God in this view is the result of volution not its cause The last uestion a short Story By Asimov Could Be by Asimov could be the most concise representative of this ideology in the field of SF2 Pessimistic atheism which reduces man to just an animal an Campfire epiphenomenon something of no importance about whose future Nature or the universe cares nothing something that in the long range can have no impact This would be I believe the line followed by the new atheists such as Richard Dawkins Lord of the World shows where optimistic atheism could lead us to When the book was written this form of atheism looked like the most probable conseuence of the foreseeable progress of Mankind In a sudden change that started just a few years later the two world wars and the subseuent half a century cold war when the self destruction of man seemed to be the most probable future have vaccinated us making us lose most of our trust in Man and the unlimited progress of science Today we are witnessing an increasing attack of militant pessimistic atheism against religion but this form of the ideology may be somewhat less damaging than the other as the novel showsAs to science fiction forecasts the novel has few I d mention high speed trains nuclear weapons represented by Benninscheinxplosives by which the author fails to foresee that mass destruction weapons would be CREATED BY TEAM WORK NOT BY by team work not by personalities and advanced methods for uthanasia On the other hand the scientific world depicted at the beginning of the 21st century is uite similar to the status of science and technology at the beginning of the 20th century radio telegraph as the main way of communication telephone restricted to government uses zeppelins for air travel and little lseI have always believed that the Antichrist will be an ideology not a man I find a little ludicrous the idea of a mass of atheists worshipping as God a man just like themselves Orwell s creation of Big Brother as a mysterious impersonal chief to be worshipped was betterIn spite of these criticisms the novel is very good In fact at times it is overwhelming At the turn of the 21st century war between the states of Europe and the East threatens at the midnight hour however comes an obscure American politician a senator of no fame whose cosmopolitan charm allows him to calm the troubled diplomatic waters and prevent a century of peace and prosperity from being overturned by strife Hailed as a savior the rising star becomes a pivotal figure in world affairs but the Hurrah For The Blackshirts!: Fascists and Fascism in Britain Between the Wars epitome of modernity this senator has a far darker role to play in cosmic history He is the Antichrist and his triumph means thend of the world is at hand Published in 1908 Lord of the World is a piece of Catholic fiction driven by conflict between Christian tradition and moder Not sure what to write as a reviewLoved reading this book And the dystopia presented in the book is very visible in today s world This book was written in the begiining of the 20th century 1907 It imagines the future 2000 when Humanity Religion Humanitarianism will overtake the ntire world The oly challenge it will feel will be from the Catholic religion which will by then reduced to a small minority The whole world will unite under one leadership Lord of the World having one religion humanitarianism as th. Dystopian novels Lord of the World published in 1907 presents a world controlled by Freemasonry with only a small Catholic minority bravely opposing them Benson's portrayal of the Freemasons as dominated by Marxism and Humani. E uniting force The Lord of the World and the last Pope of the Catholic Church are the main characters The contrasting opinions are interestingly juxtaposed In Humanity Religion man is God and God is man There is no supernatural lement In the real world of the Crazy Love early 21st century the Western world which dominates the rest of the worldconomically and politically is similarly dominated internally by a ruling wealthy political and cultural Annual Editions: Technologies, Social Media, and Society elite Thatlite is united behind a worldview that serves them as a de facto state religion the basic tenets of which are materialistic atheism that rejects any concept of a transcendent God as not only misguided but vil idealization and idolization of a deified Mankind while denying any inherent rights or dignity to any individual human absolute centralization of political and conomic power and rationalization of conomic and social processes to maximize profit and control Although large numbers of the subservient population of workers consumers taxpayers and nominal voters don t share this belief system the power lite largely dominates all levers of political Black Heart, Red Ruby economic and judicial decision making massducation and communication and therefore also dominates perception and access to information about vents and uses conomic coercion bribery brainwashing and manipulation of the New Plant Parent: Learn the Ways of Plant Parenthood electoral process tonsure its agenda Many of us including but not only traditional Christians view this state of affairs with dissatisfaction and genuine fear Christian believers Dreaming Me: An African-American Woman's Buddhist Journey especially perceive an agenda on the part of thelites sometimes avowed openly and a trend towards the limination of ven vestigial legal safeguards for religious and other freedoms and the ЯED establishment of open totalitarianism and persecution with the intent toxterminate religious believersIn 1907 the intellectual currents that would lead to this state of affairs were far less advanced than they are now But they were there and already clearly xpressed in germinal form in much of the Utopian thought of that day Obviously what an adherent of this worldview sees as Utopia would pretty much be verybody The Lost Art of Reading Natures Signs else s dystopia Robert Hugh Benson former Anglican priest turned Roman Catholic priestxtrapolated from those currents with incredible prescience to create a Christian response to them in fictional form Set apparently in the Moreno early 21st century mention is made of the legislation in 1998stablishing legal Monsieur Pain euthanasia some years before the characters present it describes a world where the materialistic Utopia is largely a reality save for the galling persistence of a small minority of religious believers This is social science fiction subject to the limitations of its time future technological developments here aren t portrayedxactly as they turned out though some are pretty close and nobody in 1907 or A Spark of Light: the fearless new novel from the Number One bestselling author even 1967 foresaw the Internet But what we have in the main is a chillingly realistic and plausible portrait of the secular world that is in itsssentials basically not much different than the one we live in or could reasonably What If expect to live in very soonHowever this is than dystopian SF because Benson recognized the real issues as spiritual rather than sociological and the answer to the problem as coming from God s action not ours So this is a novel that takes very seriously the reality of Christianschatology of a climax of history in which God Himself will act to replace the present world order with an The Exhaustion Breakthrough eternal one based on justice and righteousness as adumbrated in Bible prophecy and Benson takes some aspects of Bible prophecy literally than most Catholicxpositors have although without the bizarre distortions of prophecy featured by the dispensationalist writers of for instance the Left Behind series This isn t a spoiler it s foreshadowed from the Prologue on and it s the The Exhaustion Breakthrough: Unmask the Hidden Reasons You're Tired and Beat Fatigue for Good essential core of Benson s messageThis is very much a novel of ideas but it also has a very real taut plot focusing mainly on three viewpoint characters who represent very different takes on thevents of their world All three are drawn very realistically and in such a way that we can truly get inside their heads and understand how they think Nonbelievers aren t necessarily treated unsympathetically Mabel is actually one of the most sympathetic characters in the book Events move swiftly with a mounting degree of menace and suspense The Edwardian diction features some big words including Catholic Supplemental Book ecclesiastical vocabulary and some linesspecially near the Hark! The Herald Angels Scream end in untranslated Latin whichducated readers in 1907 of course could translate and complex sentences and there can be at times description of physical settings than I d have preferred But I didn t have any problem reading this and finding it to be an Colloquial Polish: The Complete Course for Beginners extremely powerful and meaningful readingxperienceI ve recommended the book to Christian readers Some nonbelievers might find some food for thought here but I don t think Benson saw them as his audience He addressed it to his fellow Catholics to strengthen them in the face of coming persecution and both Pope Francis and his predecessor have urged their flock to read it In keeping with his own arly 20th century milieu of very conservative English Catholicism the author sees his denomination as largely coextensive with Christianity In his fictional arly 21st century Protestantism is largely Bidadari yang Mengembara extinct distinctive Catholic ideas are oftenxpressed in the text and Catholic mysticism which Protestant readers might find somewhat alien is prominent here Nevertheless I think this is worthwhile reading for Protestant readers too for the same reason as for Catholic ones what unites us in the face of a world that rejects God is important than what divides us and we all need the reminder that our salvation comes ultimately from Jesus Christ not from cultural power or political action It s hard to remember this book is over one hundred years old Technologically speaking it s out moded of course Robert Hugh Benson s volors flying machines which sound like Zeppelins zip along at 150 mph and people rely on typewriters for administrative work but Ray Bradbury s The Martian Chronicles is far dated and it s fifty years newer Where Lord of the World stands up to the test of time is in its presentation of ideas Written in 1907 it accurately predicts a future world which includes legalized uthanasia one party states and weapons of mass destruction Also prophetically affluence has led to apathy atheism and a loss
faith by many Catholics Set England with occasional forays to Rome and Jerusalem Monsignor Benson focuses his attention on Catholic Christians without looking closely at other Christian denominations No doubt this was necessary for flow but it also allowed Benson to illustrate the variety of responses among Catholics who could be seen as representative of all professed believers in Jesus Christ There were those tried by adversity who immediately fell away those who like the seed among the rocks and thorns died from lack of root and finally those who persisted growing stronger as a result of struggle The point being THE GRACE OF GOD AND RESPONSE Grace of God and response that Grace determine whether or not a soul remain committed Theological training and denominational affiliation were not at issue There were a number of apostate priests Lord of the World offers one illustration of the Antichrist and nd times It might not be how you La strada delle croci envision him and them I m still not surexactly what I think but Julian Felsenburgh and the scenario were certainly chilling Depressingly but unsurprisingly Felsenburgh was an American Fortunately he didn t remind me of anyone though apparently there were some contemporary British personalities Benson patterned him after Ramsay McDonald and Evan RobertsI can certainly see why Popes Benedict XVI and Francis want us to read it It s a catalytic book at the nd I felt the need to talk it over with someone So many interesting issues and uniue situations are presented it would be ideal as a group discussion novel Any book clubs out there looking for their next good read Didn t like this as much as Come Rack Come Rope I m just not a fan of dystopian literature So while I was inclined to 4 or 45 stars considering I read Benson s two books so close together I figured this one suffered from comparison and gave the xtra5 starJuly 29 2016 This has been on my to read list for EVER I started it several times but always got bogged down in the Prologue trying to understand it It The Ballad of Dorothy Wordsworth even says it is notssential and it isn t but I m a stickler for reading things in order so I doggedly kept trying This time I gave it up and now I m zipping through this Woohoo. Sm made the novel a counterpoint to the socialist themed dystopias written at the same time by H G Wells The Sleeper Awakes and Jack London The Iron Heel Introduced and dited by Luke Hartwell author of Atom Heart John Beloved. ,

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Oh boy what is there to say about this book It s fantastic heart wrenching conflicting and beautiful At it s heart it s a story about man s pursuit of higher ideals but in practice it s an apocalyptic vision of the so called progress of modern manThe book follows three main characters a young priest who represents the outmoded Catholic worldview a politician in the new world government representing rigid idealism and utilitarianism and the politician s wife representing the conflicted idealist Through these three characters we see a world striving for transcendence but rejecting the transcendent The book reads as a sweeping cautionary tale against humanism and a very successful one to my yes Without spoiling the trajectory in the story it becomes uickly obvious who is applying consistent but inhuman logic in the appropriate way and who is notFrom a literary perspective the book is really Pretty Reckless (All Saints High, excellent It s language is beautiful and the interactions between characters if a bit stylized are very human There s a lot ofmbellishment and flowery language but I chalk that up to the writing of the time much than to a particular method that the author was using to convey a point There are some missed marks as far as future telling goes but no worse than books written significantly later than this one which was written in 1907 He prophetically accurately predicts a future world which includes legalized uthanasia one party states and weapons of mass destruction Also prophetically affluence has led to apathy atheism and a loss of faith by many CatholicsI highly recommend this book to absolutely anyone of any faith persuasion It s a classic work that I think is overlooked in classrooms in favor of softer and secular works like Farenheit 451 1984 and Brave New World I love those books dearly but this one packs punchI subtracted a star because there are times when the book moves slowly than I d like a hallmark of arly 20th century literature This is personal taste and can t be accounted for but it diminished my The West Transformed enthusiasm for the book as a whole That being said once the book gets going it s very hard to put down Our Pope Francis is full of surprises This book is on his list of favorites It is in the public domain so is available for free in the kindle store and is available free in audio on librivox I read it both ways The author was a Catholic priest so there is definitely a Catholic perspective but I think that anyone would find the book a page turner Fr Robert Hugh Benson wrote it in 1907 and it is shocking how prophetic it is Honestly I think it would be a very interesting readspecially for people who have no faith or a weak faith Humans have a need for worship in their lives If we don t worship God what do we choose Particular world views can sound good but without a foundation of faith in God they can lead to places we don t want to go Once there we can never come back This is an nd times book I don t think I ll ver be able to hear O Salutaris Hostia again without getting chills No matter how you read this book I recommend that you listen to the final chapter on librivox The reader sings the song in such a haunting voice that you will never forget itI recommend this book to veryone In this book a practically unknown one term United States senator with a charismatic personality and a magnetic speaking voice comes to power in 2008 and turns out to be the Antichrist HonestYes this is basically the same plot as a book I was handed by a wild yed fellow outside Redfern station a decade ago You may have been handed the same book However in this case 1 it is the Protestants who cave immediately to join the Antichrist while the Catholics are the persecuted minority fighting him and 2 the writing is really very goodYou should read this book for its prefigurements of the great 20th century dystopias Before Our Ford s T Model here is a London with the same Brave New World aesthetic the Paper Chasers euthanasia centres the selfless meritocrats keeping the proles happy with bread and circuses Before Mussolini s march on Rome here is Big Brother s Cult of Personality the Nuremburg style crowds the worlderily divided into three great blocs In 1907 here is a dysfunctional European parliament a thoroughly Godless Europe about to be overwhelmed by barbarism from the East a London convulsed by mob violence The book is like a chrysalis containing the whole terrible century that was to come Of course science fiction is not about prediction but this book which doesn t claim to be science fiction comes closer to predicting the real 2008 than anything lse I ve read from a real 2008 than anything lse I ve read from a distance in timeUnless you are fond of the sort of things Charles Williams used to write there is no real reason to read all the way to the VOYAGES DE GRANDE CROISIERE end after all you know how it will turn out I would suggest stopping after the passage of the Alpsxcept to flip ahead and look for the bits with Mabel in them These are rather good and also contain the basis for my assertion THAT THE NOVEL TAKES PLACE IN the novel takes place in Oh and the novel is full of Catholic jargon in a Morris West like fashion only so Those are my only caveatsThe book contains nothing to reassure Edwardian middle class Protestants raised on tales of Catholic perfidy The main characters are almost almost fanatical A Riesling to Die enough to be seen from the opposite direction as the bad guys in a Sheri S Tepper novel While the official position of the Church and of the heroes who are all priests is one ofxtreme in your face pacifism in response to persecution there are other Catholics who do try to blow up Westminster Abbey assassinate government officials Pookie-Pie: A Sweet Bedtime Story etc and the main characters never really condemn them just worry about the possible blowbackffects Which are admittedly pretty bad I was ready to give this book 5 stars right up until the last page maybe ven the last line The writing is lush complex with the sort of Victorian ra delight in rich and beautiful language that one seldom ncounters these days and it was a joy to read Here s an xampleIt was a very upright old man that Father Franklin saw in the chair before him of medium height and girth with hands clasping the bosses of his chair arms and an appearance of great and deliberate dignity But it was at the face chiefly that he looked dropping his gaze three or four times as the Pope s blue A Warlocks Dance (The Cursed Princes, eyes turned on him They werextraordinary yes reminding him of what historians said of Pius X the lids drew straight lines across them giving him the look of a hawk but the rest of the face contradicted them There was no sharpness in that It was neither thin nor fat but beautifully modelled in an oval outline the lips were clean cut with a look of passion in their curves the nose came down in an auiline sweep nding in chiselled nostrils the chin was firm and cloven and the poise of the whole head was strangely youthful It was a face of great generosity and sweetness set at an angle between defiance and humility but My First Kitten ecclesiastical fromar to ar and brow to chin the forehead was slightly compressed at the temples and beneath the white cap lay white hair It had been the subject of laughter at the music halls nine years before when the composite face OF WELL KNOWN PRIESTS HAD BEEN THROWN ON A well known priests had been thrown on a side by side with the new Pope s for the two were almost indistinguishableIsn t that glorious Who writes like that these daysAs to plot since I m a fan of post apocalypse although this is pre and during it was a great fit Lord of the World presents a world in which secular humanism has carried the day and religion has been reduced to a mildly mbarrassing and socially inappropriate habit like chewing with one s mouth open The Catholic Church is the lone holdout and Pin-Up even they have been reduced to only two countries Rome and Ireland with a few scattered believers here and there in the remainder Now the author was an Anglican priest and son of the Archbishop of Canterbury so you know which side is going to win in theventual Apocalypse but it isn t at all obvious at the beginning Initially Benson does an xcellent job presenting this triumph of rationality as a positive development for mankind but gradually skillfully slowly there grows in the reader a sort of creeping nameless horror The fate of Mabel Brand is perhaps the saddest and most heart wrenching of all Curiously in many ways Mabel reminded me strongly of Cherryl Brooks Taggart in Atlas Shrugged they both discover a lie at the heart of their lives and want to face the truth no matter what when they do well no for fear of spoilersThose looking for battles and car chases and xcitement and the Rapture will be bored Those who njoy a sub. Before Huxley before Orwell and long before Fahrenheit 451 A Clockwork Orange Blade Runner and The Hunger Games Robert Hugh Benson wrote a story of the coming of the Anti Christ that today is considered one of the first modern. Lord of the World