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Honoré de Balzac ä 6 SUMMARY

Balzac is said to be the Father of French Realism but this story is among the most melodramatic I have read Set in the very early 16th century when Henry IV was on the throne and civil the very early 16th century when Henry IV was on the throne and civil was brewing between the Huguenots in the South and the Catholics in THE NORTH IT TELLS THE STORY OF A FATHER North it tells the story of a ather obsession with ensuring the continuation of his bloodline It begins on a dark and stormy night which as we all know always bodes ill Jeanne teenage wife of the mean ugly and violent Comte d Herouville is about to give birth a mere seven months after her reluctant marriage She had allen in love with her handsome cousin Chaverny and had her ather s blessing A Sally Lockhart Mystery 2 for their courting but alasor young love Her I Love My Dad father died Chaverny didn t succeed him into the magistracy and civil war broke out As an heiress Jeanne proved an attractive propositionor the horrible Comte d Herouville and with threats of violence against Chaverny and emotional blackmail All about Us from her dying mother she was bullied into marrying him And then Cheverny died too adding insult to injury by leaving even money to the Comte who of course has the right to all of Jeanne s money nowNow Balzac makes it clear that Jeanne and Chaverny had done nothing together but the naive instalments of a passion that did not pass the bounds of modesty Kindle Location 165 and that the child is the product of her awful wedding night with d Herouville but the Comte has made his threats He has warned Jeanne at a public banuet that if she has a child before a respectable nine months he will kill them both When she. By the French author who along with Flaubert is generally regarded as aounding ather of realism in European iction His large output of works collectively Eu and perpetuate his lineage through her Which made me wonder why he didn t marry again uick smart after Jeanne died and then none of his nonsensical plot uick smart after Jeanne "DIED AND THEN NONE OF HIS "and then #none of his plot have been needed Is actually 5 save or the ending Set in the #of his plot have been needed Is actually 5 save or the ending Set in the 1600s The Hated Son recounts the story of the ancestors of the Herouvilles and the Grandlieus Comtesse Jeanne d Herouville is in terror while awaiting the birth of her Handbags and Gladrags first child But her terror is not of the childbirth itself but of the perils that await the babyI m not especiallyond of historical works and wanted to get back to the 19th Century of the Comedie Humaine I liked the plot of the book I just wasn t all that crazy about the writing It became a bit of a slog at the halfway point really really dramaticreminds me of romeo and juliet I can t think of anything to recommend this really sentimental and melodramatic without the redeeming descriptive An Egg-cellent Easter! (Barbie) features I usuallyind in Balzac Although a sad story I liked it As much as I love Balzac s writing The Hated Son is currently the weak link in the Human Comedy Or perhaps I need a break rom Balzac Who knows Regardless I m setting this aside to be revisited in the utureThere is the Steinbeck story that just caught my eye The Moon is Down I might give it a try Another tragic love story by the master of French Realism I am certainly NOT against sentimentality and melodrama but if ALL modern iction was like this it would be too much The ending was a bit over the top but I thought the characters were richly developed and believable Some people ARE human scu. Ehend and depict the realities of life in contemporary bourgeois France They are placed in a variety of settings with characters reappearing in multiple storie. ,

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