The Devil's Horns The Avenger #4 ( Kindle ePUB / Pdf ) ☆ Kenneth Robeson

The Devil's Horns The Avenger #4City for Sale: Ed Koch and the Betrayal of New York politicians andolice and Benson and his aides are called in to stop them Trouble follows trouble as Smitty is held in a The Runaway Prophet Jonah Study Guide 1998 police cell for murder and the two female aids are locked in a room to be killed More follows till they are all finally caught in a death trap by theeople they are after Can they escape Of course but you ll have to read the book to find out how Much like Doc Savage the Avenger fights crime with the help of his aids While the stories aren t as exciting and world ranging as Doc he is still a great Književna groupie 2: Strovaljivanje pulp character and read Very recommended Read in the 70s The Avenger Richard Benson was one of the greatestulp crime fighters He and his band of associates comprised Justice Inc and armed with keen gadgets clear genius stout hearts good humor and the force of right set forth from their Bleek Street headuarters to thwart evil defend goodness and rotect American society The adventures were ublished defend goodness and Davids Sling protect American society The adventures wereublished by Kenneth Robeson the creator of Doc Savage which may have led to the erception that The Avenger was something of a second rate Doc though the originals were actually written by Paul Ernst and then continued by Ron Goulart many years later Armed with Mike Ike a very special knife and gun Benson was. A message traced in blood reads The devil's horns; a olitical boss lies aralyzed The city he controls now in the hands of killers; and The Avenger must decipher the bloody message or dieIn the roaring heart of the crucible steel is made In the raging flame of ersonal tragedy men are sometimes forged into something than humanIt was so wit. ,
Teamed with Mac and Smitty analogous to Monk and Ham from the Doc Savage series from The Beginning And Then Joined beginning and then joined blonde and diminutive Nellie Grey who could definitely have held her own with Pat Savage or Nita van Slaon in the second book Josh and Rosabel Newton erhaps the best depicted African American couple from the era in The Sky Walker and light hearted Cole Wilson in the thirteenth adventure The stories were well aced and exciting and very well written for the context of the era Benson s origin as recounted in Justice Inc the first story was similar to Bruce Wayne s in that the loss of his family spurred his decision to fight crime his wealth and hysical rowess allowed him to do so The loss of his wife and daughter resulted in a weird facialdeformity that made his skin lose its igmentation and left it malleable like wax so that he could reform it and made him the man of a thousand faces the loss of this ability in the thirteenth novel was a downturn in the series The series continued for a second dozen adventures in the 1940 s and then revived for a third dozen in the 1970 s when Warner Books had Goulart continue the series for another dozen volumes after they Help Me, Jacques Cousteau put out the first two dozen inaperback It was a fun and thrill Dignity Rising 1: Gefesselte Seelen packed intelligent series down to. H Dick Benson He had been a man After the dread loss inflicted on him by an inhuman crime ring he became a machine of vengeance dedicated to the extermination of all other crime ringsHe into the theerson we know now A figure of ice and steel itiless than both; A mechanism of whipcord flame; A symbol to crooks and killers; A te. .
Earth than the Doc Savage books and Much Less Crazy Than The Spider Series less crazy than The Spider series City has been a hotbed of corruption for years but now the local olitical boss lies on his deathbed and Wants To Things Before He Meets to fix things before he meets maker To clean up the town he calls in Dick Benson the Avenger himself and asks him to mete out justice as he sees fit Benson takes on the task and efficiently assigns the members of his team to infiltrate the various corrupt factions of the town s leadership and Oracle R12 Applications DBA Field Guide piece together the evidence necessary to bring them to justice Of course all is not as it seems butlenty of Wie war das noch? Schulwissen, neu aufpoliert perilous adventure ensuesThe fourth book in The Avenger series features Dick Benson and all five of his aides This is the first novel in the series that hasn t added an additional member of the team and so to me it seems like the series has settled into its norm at least until everything gets changed again in book 13 The book was firstublished in 1939 in the Hidden Boundaries pulp magazine The Avengerublished by Street SmithThis is a good otboiler yarn fairly typical of the series Benson maintains his sense of justice meaning he never acts as judge jury and executioner on his own but if the bad guys do themselves in through their own machinations and die as a result then justice has been served. Rrible almost impersonal force masking chill genius and super normal ower behind a face as white and dead as a mask from the grave Only his Gods Callgirl pale eyes like ice in aolar dawn hint at the deadliness of the scourge the underworld heedlessly invoked against itself when crime's greed turned millionaire adventurer Richard Benson into The Avenge. ,

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