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5 Dougan s Fairy Stars Major Spoilers all over this reviewOMG I loved this book so much The Highwayman is my first Kerrigan Byrne read and it punched me right in the feels I fell in love from page one with Farah and Dougan Meeting as small children in an orphanage 11 year old Dougan and 8 year old Farah stole my heart with their sweet innocent love Dougan was the bastard child of Laird Mackenzie When his mom died he was tossed in the orphanage where he was mistreated starved and beat Dougan was all alone in the world with no love or kindness until little Farah came along and tended his switch wounded hands From those first moments together they were soul mates Farah won Dougan s heart and became his Fairy I was thinking he said some time later as she paused for a drowsy yawn Since ye doona have any family to love any ye could love me Instead of meeting her aze he studied the way the pristine white of her petticoat bandage made his hand look that much rubbier That is if ye wanted Dougan Of course I ll love you Dougan Mackenzie she said easily Who else is oing to Nobody he said earnestly Will you try to love me too she asked in a small voice He considered it I ll try Fairy but I havena done it before I ll teach you that as well she promised Right after I teach you to read Love is uite like reading I expect Once you know how you can t ever imagine not doing it Farah and DouganLittle Farah was so sweet and caring She would save parts of her meals to share with Dougan so he wouldn t be hungry and taught him to read They had a beautiful and pure love They had two reat years together forging a bond that would stand the test of time Then when Dougan was 13 and Farah was 10 she told him she was suppose to marry her Daddy s lawyer when she rows up so Dougan took his little Fairy to a church and married her in a Scottish hand fasting Just the two of them in the church saying vows and the vows Dougan used where so damn cute The next night Their world was tore apart when a priest tried to molest Farah and Dougan killed him and was sent to prison I ll tell you this he began darkly his eye swirling with all the intensity of last night s storm There are immense differences between the Count of Monte Cristo and the Blackheart of Ben More Edmond Dantes was iven his treasure He never had to stoop to the things I did in order to take it In prison he was only whipped on his anniversary He was isolated in his own cell which Alexandre Dumas never imagined would be preferable to what we had to endure He was never stabbed raped publicly flogged humiliated beaten within an inch of his life or taken ill and left for dead With every word Farah s eyes widened and she again found herself cringing back but he didn t allow her to retreat bending until his compelling face was mere inches from hers And that is just what the aolers did to me Dorian It was my fault My fault all of this befell him Didn t he tell you why he was incarcerated in the first place He killed a priest For me She whirled around shocked at how close he still stood He killed that priest for me He was subjected to all the suffering and indignities you just described and because he was only trying to protect me You don t understand how much I regret that every day of my life I think about it all the time I hate myself for it Farah and DorianAt this point the story jumped 17 years ahead We readers find out that Farah ran away from the orphanage right after Dougan was arrested Farah has taken Dougan s last name She was told that Dougan died in prison 10 years ago She lived as his widow working at the Scotland Yard It s while at work that Farah meets Dorian the blackheart of Ben More the infamous criminal and highwayman A few days after they met Dorian kidnapped Farah telling her that he and Dougan were like brothers in prison He tells her they are etting married because he was honoring a death bed wish of Dougan to protect and care for Dougan s Fairy No he didn t ask he told her lol Farah was no push over though she let him no push over though she let him that he had to ive her a child Which was the one thing she really wanted Dorian view spoilerwho by the way you learn much later in the book is really Dougan hide spoiler I m not much for romances with tortured or dark heroes but I was completely sucked in by *this oneI just couldn t stop reading about these two Their * oneI just couldn t stop reading about these two Their story started out with them as children at an orphanage together and shows how the bond they formed turned out to be unbreakable well into adulthood So Fucking SweetThey were so faithful to the memory of each other that even a crusty old bitch like me was touched Now it wasn t perfect because I simply could not wrap my head around the fact that she didn t recognize him Especially after they The GI Bride got marriedBut Iuess that s a sign of how much I enjoyed the characters and the writing It ot to be pretty ridiculous and I still loved itAlso you know how sometimes the ending of romances seems to et drawn waaaay out Like to the point that you just want to slap the couple and tell them to stop being stupid except it s just a book and you didn t write it so you can t actually do that so you just sort of have to deal with it and then rant a bit in a reviewYeahOk well that didn t happen hereThey had the prereuisite misunderstandingfight and did the breakup montage then the author pretty much ot the show on the road to their HEAI don t want to spoil anything for you but I liked the plot I liked the characters and I liked the writing style I m definitely oing to be checking out of this author s stuff in the future including the rest of this Victorian Rebels seriesRecommended for anyone looking for a Ratscalibur good romance this was exxxuisittee I don t mind battling a few demons when I m living with their king She smiled And I think after a time we ll chase them away together imagine this kaz brekker Six of Crows cristiano de la rosa Violent Delights christianrey Fifty Shades of Greymix them all together and we shall have dorian blackheartmy first foray into HR and i am pleased with this well ive read historical romances before but never ones that look like this if you know what i mean i think this The Million Dollar Goal (The Million Dollar Series, genre even has its own set of categories regency or bodice rippers or smth like that i have no cluehonestly the story was one that we read about a lot in contemporary romances im also tired of Hs like dorian you know the dark and tortured kind too wrapped up in their own misery and self pity but whatever i was in for aood time and the book deliverednot to mention i adored the h the historical setting The Selected Poems gave an appeal it wouldnt otherwise have had it been set in a modern day time youveot the feels the angst the intensity the steaminess though a particular act in the sex scenes made me scrunch up my nose in distastei listened on audio and it was bloody fantastic the book was british and the narrator nailed it there was a flurry of accents london scottish and cockney i think so the british ness added some class to a romance that some might consider trashychokengtitiktitikchokeng tell me all about HR and drop me some recs if you would please read as an audiobook 5 STARS In this uiet unfettered moment she knew him truly saw him for what he was Hard ruthless tyrant Abused wounded boy An empty heart full of promise and a soul of shadows in need of sunlight ErmahgerdMy. They’re rebels scoundrels and blackguards dark dashing men on the wrong side of the law But for the women who love them a hint of danger only makes the heart beat fasterSTEALING BEAUTYDorian Blackwell the Blackheart of Ben More is a ruthless villain Scarred and hard hearted Dorian is one of London’s wealthiest most influential men who will stop at nothing to wreak vengeance on those who’ve wronged himand. .
The HighwaymanHe lost all her life Enough that she pretends to the entire world she is his widow Mrs Mackenzie She hasn t even had much of an inkling to ever join her life to a man s again until she sees the brutal Dorian Blackwell the well known Highwayman and crime lord in an interrogation room at Scotland Yard Then she can t seem to A Shark Never Sleeps: Wheeling and Dealing with the NFL's Most Ruthless Agent get ideas of the man out of her headDorian is dangerous hard and completely an enigma to Farah One second she thinks that maybe he wants her as much as she might think she wants him The next she isn t sure he is safe and part of her instincts say to run from him but the rest of her says to stay with him and explore this attraction she feels towards him One big problem thoughdue to the horrors he faced in prison as a boy he can t stand to touch anyone and he definitely can t imagine letting Farah touch him no matter how much he might want her You can have my heart she offered You d be a fool toive it to me he mocked twisting his features into something foreign and frightening Then I am a fool she insisted For I already have I do not suffer fools he hissed You My Jihad: The True Story of An American Mujahid's Amazing Journey from Usama Bin Laden's Training Camps to Counterterrorism with the FBI and CIA gave your heart to Dougan before you even knew what it meant It is not meant for me She seized his fist pressing a kiss to the scarred knuckle But Dorian has begun to steal it thieving highwayman that he is Even though this is a Historical Romance it is about healing a man that is so broken he can t even touch anyone It is aboutiving a man who has lost all hope a The Book of Leviathan glimpse of what he could have if he only believed he deserved it I thought it portrayed so well the shame that someone might feel due to years of abuse and I loved how real Dorian s anguish seemedRead this for Dorian if you like broken men But also read this for Farah if you like strong women with exceptionallyiving hearts Thanks to my Nine Ghosts girl Joanita for sending me this book Woman you totally know my type I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my reviewFrom the moment Farah wipes the blood from Dougan s hands they are bound to one another two outcasts in an orphanage On a fateful night Dougan violently protects Farah and they are separated cast out into their fates It is not until seventeen years later that Farah learns what befell her childhood friend Dorian Blackwell the Blackheart of Ben More villainous fiend and king of the underworld kidnaps Farah and claims he is there to protect Dougan s Fairy Leaving most unsaid but what is heartbreakingly clear in the painful spaces between words Dorian recounts his experience in jail with Dougan to Farah how they banded together to try and survive and how Dougan would tell stories about Farah to the other boys Dorian plans to makeood on the deathbed promise he made to Dougan about eventually finding Farah and making sure she was safe What Dougan didn t know was that Farah had her own painful past she was running from and Dorian feels he must restore Farah to her rightful place in society There are lies half truths dangers and love but most importantly a feeling that destiny won t be denied This is the first book by Kerrigan Byrne I have read it will definitely not be my last The Highwayman took me by surprise with its sweeping emotional romantic story Byrne s writing had a way about it that I felt like I was walking the streets of London with Farah and Dorian everything is described but not overly in a way that bogs you down with details she was a master of making you feel through showing not telling The overall details of the story with the characters and their actions leans toward a darker tone but there is lightness to the story that springs from our main character s relationship for balance Dorian and Farah have a certain spark between them that is at turns playful light deep emotional burning and heavy Their contentment to be around one another colors their dialogue at times with a lightheartedness that makes their Las Maravillosas Obras de Dios: Historias B�blicas Para La Familia growing love believable and investing to read Farah s journey from the orphanage to her position at the Police Headuarters was taken with Dougan in mind with every step Farah very easily could have been written as a saintly martyr but instead she is shown to be while inherentlyoodhearted also a steel spined survivor she s believable Dorian s background and dark attitude could have easily been written to make him a Beauty and the Beast caricature but instead he is شرح جامع مثنوى معنوى given depth of emotion He is single minded in his pursuit of taking care of Farah but with a yearning stubborn streak and desperate desires of a man still locked in an abused boy s mindset of protection mode he s believable When together the author doesn t come out and tell us they want each instead it s felt by the reader in everylance Dorian The New Song: For the Sunday School, Societies of Christian Endeavor, and Other Religious Exercises (Classic Reprint) gives Farah that isn t seen and every touch Farah reaches out toive that is never felt by Dorian There s anger desire hurt hunger lies and love all swirling between Farah and Dorian together they re believable Dorian and Farah are clearly the center piece of *the story as they should be and the structure of the story supported that with the beginning setting up * story as they should be and the structure of the story supported that with the beginning setting up and Farrah s relationship the middle introducing Farrah to Dorian and creating their relationship and the second half delving into the mystery and intrigue while bonding our couple If I were to express any complaints which trust me are minor it would be that Dougan s childhood origins were a bit murky and that Farrah s endangerment from her father s lawyer Warrington could have been fleshed out in regards to how I didn t really feel the danger from Warrington as he was too much to the peripheral of the story Byrne s secondary characters did an amazing job of adding to the story and world she created for her characters Dorian s house full of men who were all forged in the fire together from prison again could have come off as bears with hearts of Riding Hard gold caricatures but instead areiven just enough individual thoughts and emotions to make them memorable with adding to the story instead of feeling tagged on after thoughts or show stealers Even while putting me through the wringer with Farrah and Dorian Byrne was still able to sueeze some heartbreak out of me for Dorian s man Walters and Farrah s friend Gemma honestly I dare anyone not to shed at least a few internal tears over their uiet moment in the kitchen at the end This feeling of connection to minor characters was another reason why I felt Byrne knocked this one out of the park Byrne s writing style reminded me a little bit of Amanda uick s historicals the sentences and a little bit of Amanda uick s historicals the sentences and s actions can come off at times light "AND LOVING BUT YOU WILL SUDDENLY "loving but you will suddenly yourself wrecked by the hidden emotional depth and the overall story somewhat reminded me of an updated 21st century A Rose in Winter by Kathleen Woodiwiss There are a couple hotter rougher moments in this but ultimately the story is dominated by the searing emotion between our couple If you are a historical romance fan then this is a must read for you The second in the series looks to be about Dorian s friend and assassin Christopher Argent and based on the Arabian Challenge glimpses weet of Argent in this book I m pre ordering 35 starsThis book is low key channelling The Count of Monte Cristo but it s also a second chance love story A nice enough book for when you don t know what to read. Ee her dead Dorian makes Farah a scandalous proposition marry him for protection in exchange for using her secret to help him exact revenge on his enemies But what the Blackheart of Ben More never could have imagined is that Farah has terms of her own igniting a tempestuous desire that consumes them both Could it be that the woman he captured is the only one who can touch the black heart he’d long thought dea. .

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Heart MY HEARTERMAHGERDFirst of all I am seriously kicking myself for taking this long to start this series Like SERIOUSLY kicking my ass What the heck was I thinking I was crazy Nuts Loony bins I tells ya Because this book It was everything All of the things ALL OF THEMIt combines my obsession with anti heroes and sexy historical romance and weaves it all together into a story that s truly spellbinding I couldn t bring myself to set it down for even a second I was immediately hooked from the prologue and as I kept reading I rew and addicted to the words of Kerrigan ByrneDorian Blackwell The Blackheart of Ben More The deadliest coldest and most lethal king of the London underground His name is whispered in the shadows and renowned in fear He s scarred both in body and soul and knows only revenge BeStillMyOvariesAlright So maybe I sound slightly deranged but work with me here There s a lot depth to the man and when you et to the heart of him you ll see exactly what I meanFarah Leigh Mackenzie Beautiful sweet and a woman with a spine of steel My Der Verlorene Koffer: A Graded Reader for Beginning Students god but I loved her The things she s survived and the secrets she s kept would have made a lower woman than her wither away But she persevered and lost none of her steel core This is a woman thatives as hard as she ILLERAMMA Kathalu gets and she s not about to back down to a man that s kidnapped her and essentially propositioned her into a marriage ofconvenience Enter my other favorite tropeBut I digress yet againWhat you need to take away from my incessant rambling is this I LOVED THIS BOOK LOVED it The romance was swoon worthy the story was deliciously addicting the characters full of depth mystery and secrets I devoured it like a starving lunatic and couldn tet enoughI immediately jumped right into book two I can t recommend this book enough for any lovers of steamy historical romance Period READ THIS BOOKFind me on Welp everyone loved this but me Seriously I just went and read through my friend s reviews and ONLY ONE PERSON American Literature Student Text gave it the same rating as meDNF at 27% I don tet the appeal Dorian is a jerk Why keep his identity from Farah when they supposedly had such an EPIC young love romance Does he have a psychological disorder That would make sense than just oh I m such a tortured hero that I had to erase my past and now I can t let her know it s me because drama llama and stuffThere is no Cheyenne: A Sweet Historical Romance good reason except as a plot device and that kind of thing doesn t work for meHe should beloriously happy to have found her And to let her break down and sob over him and not say he s alive That is toxic Run Farah run But of course we know they are The Battle of Maldon and Other Old English Poems going to end up in the perfect relationship magic peen and vag coming together to heal each other under a rainbow I just can tFailed buddy read with the MacHaloroup They all loved it It s just me 35 starsFor eight year old Farah and eleven year old Dougan Mackenzie life at Applecross Orphanage in 1855 is made bearable by their friendship which deepens as the years pass Life without the other seems unthinkable and so at the tender ages of ten and thirteen they seal their love in marriage vows by handfastingSeparated soon after the story picks up in London seventeen years later Farah now a clerk at Scotland Yard where she is known as the widowed Mrs Mackenzie comes face to face with Dorian Blackwell the ruthless criminal overlord when he is brought in for uestioning Blackwell who controls much of the London underworld learns that Farah Mackenzie s life is in danger The hills are alive with theVictorian Rebels I was so bloody excited when I saw The Hunter in the Audible Escape package Yes I know this is The Highwayman but if The Hunter was there then it only follows that the rest would be there I have waited what felt like YEARS for this series to become available in Australia AND NOW IT S HEREIt was everything I was hoping for and Derek Perkins has turned a fabulous story into an AMAZING experience I wore a oofy smile for the first hour of listening Unfortunately it was a wee bit inappropriate considering the darkness of those initial minutes I just couldn t help myself I needed to see Farah and Dorian again especially their first meeting and when they fell in love It was sweet and also a little bit heartbreaking But luckily I knew where I was heading and I could brace for the ugly partsThis was the start of my love affair with the Rebels and I loved catching up with them all I just wish I could ive it stars because the audio enhanced my love I will definitely be Black Wings of Cthulhu going on with the rest of the series and there s a prettyood chance I Won T Take A Break Until I t take a break until I Next up it s time to see The Hunter fall in love with his preyTingling from this book magicThe Highwayman ave me tingles and I felt book magic with the turn of each page I was drawn in living and breathing this book Hubby and kids had to fend for themselves phones had to be answered by someone else and food was only eaten to keep up my energy "I was looking into the lives of people that seemed real I wanted to walk "was looking into the lives of people that seemed real I wanted to walk Scotland Yard and be a character witness I wanted to be at the dressmaker s to see how a own was fitted I wanted to stand against predators who attacked the less fortunate It was an emotional read for me that left me on a high Not many books suck me in as much or as well as this one did I was drawn to the characters and wanted to see them make it throughWe meet a very young Farah and Dougan who live in an orphanage Farah sees that Dougan is in pain and helps him They form a bond Women and Alcohol in a Highland Maya Town: Water of Hope, Water of Sorrow Revised Edition give each other support and swear to love each other for eternity This is a very young love that is tested from the beginning Eventually they are separated but neither will forget and keep their memories locked tight in their hearts Lifeoes on Farah works in Scotland Yard and is faced with some very unsavoury characters One of them is Dorian a criminal mastermind who runs the bad side of town with an iron fist Farah s boss is on an endless mission to bring him to justice with very little success After many years of being separated from her love Farah thinks about moving on with her boss Morley who shows an interest in her After meeting Farah Dorian has a different ideaI don t want to o into much detail as it will definitely take away from the experience if you decide to try it I will say that this story was full of intrigue and I never felt it dragged Besides the main characters I loved Murdoch Frank and Gemma Morley was an interesting character as well and by *The End I Respected * end I respected He could have easily made things worse but he kept his dignity and that left me disappointed he wouldn t find a HEA yetThis was my first Kerrigan Byrne story and it will definitely not be my last One of the best historical romances I ve ever read Sale Alert 19Dec17 This was my favorite Historical Romance read of 2016 and it is available as the kindle daily deal for 199 on 5 Beautifully Broken Bastard StarsOMG I LOVED THIS Dorian Blackwell you are the broken man of my dreams Hard ruthless tyrant Abused wounded boy An empty heart full of promise and a soul of shadows in need of sunlight Farah fell in love with a boy when she was but a wee child They had two years together and then they were ripped apart when he was sent to a prison Flashforward seventeen years and the real story beginsFarah has loved that little boy Will fight to the death to seize what he wants The lovely still innocent widow Farah Leigh Mackenzie is no exception and soon Dorian whisks the beautiful lass away to his sanctuary in the wild HighlandsCOURTING DESIREBut Farah is no one’s puppet She possesses a powerful secret one that threatens her very life When being held captive by Dorian proves to be the only way to keep Farah safe from those who would
If You Were a Dog The Boss, the Bride the Baby Bundle of Joy A Noble Captive Brandishing a Crown

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