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Fatal FrenzyCh responsibility she carried on her shoulders and the respect she earned from her colleges The bone deep dedication she brought to her job her colleges The bone deep dedication she brought to her job fascinating to me And all of that made her a stand out heroineShe didn t back down when shit hit the fan She soldiered on and strived to keep "The Well Being Of "well being of friends family and civilians as her highest riority Just because she was now the wife of the VP her duties and responsibilities towards her eople wouldn t change And because she was far from erfect or invincible her struggles and doubts were genuineThe entire book was incredibly well lotted and thought through The suspense kept me on the edge of my seat and the twist at the beginning of the book had me reeling for the rest of the story The ensuing trial for all involved was heart breakingIf you love suspense mysteries with a sexy hero and a healthy dose of HOTNESS read this bookseries Nick and Sam heat up the sheets on than one occasion I loved their interactions their deep love for each other and their assion and sexual attraction was alpable and turned up the HEATAll of the secondary characters were wonderfully fleshed out and the multiple POV s allowed a intimate relationship between reader and story I started caring for ALL of the characters They were like a family Times of Bede partners colleges friends a cast that I cared deeply about by the end of this book That s why it was such an enigma that I stoped reading the series in 2015I loved this book I was enthralled entertained invested and moved by the characters and the story And now I m finishing up Fatal Identity Fatal 10I also should mentions that the narrator did a fabulous job I loved her voice nuances and the speed of reading Her characters were distinct and it was a joy listening to her speakI m HOOKEDFind reviews and book recommendations on my blogFind me on Bookstagram Fatal Frenzy by Marie Force is a 2015 Carina PressublicationThis is the ninth installment in this wildly The Catechism of the Council of Trent popular romantic suspense series centered around Nick and Sam Cappuano While Nick isreparing for his inauguration ceremony Sam is recovering from a vicious attack that has stolen her mojo Worried she has lost her advantage she is slow to recover and has yet to return to work Meanwhile Freddie is on suspension but takes full advantage of his time away But a terrible turn of events will have Sam and Freddie back at work doing overtime hoping to find two college girls who disappeared and catch a killer Admittedly I have not read all the books in the series but after getting the basic foundation I thought I could City for Sale: Ed Koch and the Betrayal of New York probablyiece things together even if I read out of order This book became available in my Overdrive account so I lunged into the story confident I could get the of gist of things fairly uickly Well maybe not I couldn t grasp the full extent of Sam s ordeal but whatever happened it must have been huge So although I will have to go back and lay catch up I think it was wise for the story to take time out and address the heavy issues of PTSD and deal with the fallout in a authentic and realistic manner I also think this book could be a little bit of a transition Književna groupie 2: Strovaljivanje piece as Nick and Sam will be living under scrutiny and his job could introduce new avenues for the cou. Lly her husband Vice President Nick CappuanoNick is dealing with his own demons where his wife's safety is concerned losing night after night of sleep as he works to make sure what happened that day will never happen again Theressure is building inside the Cappuanos' marriage and something's got to give before Nick. Ple "I WILL CONFESS TO FEELING A "will confess to feeling a bored for the first forty ercent of the book while Sam seeks advice and works through her Reality Hunger: A Manifesto. David Shields personal issues and attempts to face her demons head on so she can get back to doing what she does best Again I got the feeling this was very necessary but there wasn t much action and the case everyone was working on seemed secondary But once I got my bearings a little and events begin to take shape theacing slowly but surely began to increase with the ending being absolute Learner Strategies in Language Learning poetic justice I would say Sam got her groove back and then someI already have the next book on my immediate TBR list since I will be featuring it on my blog soon so I will at least be up to date Once I get some of the backlisted titles read I may revise this review but for now this one gets a 35 rounded to 4 Beta Reader June 2015FULL REVIEW TO FOLLOW SOON Another good read I love Sam Well I love Nick too but Sam is my kind of girl Doesn t know how sexy she is loves her jeans and boots and isn t too inclined to dress up but when she does she does it with bells onI am away in Bonnie Scotland and don t have much time for reviews xoxo Frenzy is definitely the speed of the emotional highs and lows in this installment of the Fatal series Sam and Nick are such a special couple and all of the supporting characters are fully fleshed out and feel like family in their own right Therevious books were driven by the criminal Dangerously Placed plot and solution where this book is focused on the relationshipserson to Just Destiny person anderson to career Death despair uestioning of life careers and goals family and success are all covered in this book with a smaller Paradise Run portion of this book focused on the crimeI love Ms Force s writing and theower couple of Sam and Nick is hard to beat This is a must read series for me and I always tell everyone to try it Can t wait for the next book I liked that for once Marie Force followed a somewhat different story line in Fatal Frenzy For almost half of the novel we get a Sam on leave recovering from an attack that from which she emerged afraid to go back to work and reconsidering her life choices Nick as well as all her friends and colleagues is anxious about her that is not the Sam he knows and loves However a tragedy forces her hand So gradually we get the old Sam as she goes back and starts leading her team once again now in an investigation that is very close to them all Thus we have the expected suspense and thrill of the Fatal series as the homicide team solves their latest intriguing and terrible case But this story is also about Nick s inauguration day and we get a very good blend of both worldsSometimes it s easy to forget the drama and chaos from one book to another in a long series however Fatal Frenzy reminds us of what has happened before and goes on from there That was a good change for and Force was further superb in surprising us Altogether this story is much than thrill and suspense it about family friendship love It starts with adversity and fear but ends in a celebration in spite of the tragedy 4 stars for Force a very good entertainment An emotional story lots of ups and downs I liked it and am happy the series is moving away from feeling like fan fic of the In Death series. Takes the oath of officeWhen two college girls go missing in the midst of inauguration madness the chief of olice needs the one cop he can count on to find them and save the Metro PD from disgrace In a case full of ugly twists and turns Sam will have to confront her ast and find her strength againbefore it's too lat. Originally osted on The Book NymphoAs Sam and Nick The Book of Mordred prepare for the upcoming inauguration she s still recuperating from herhysical and emotional injuries sustained from Stahl s assault Clearly suffering silently from the effects of PTSD Sam wonders if she ll ever be able to return to the job In the meantime her team is grappling with a tough case that appears to be a Oracle R12 Applications DBA Field Guide potential serial killer at large This was a gripping story addressing some very tough issues including PTSD survivors guilt and grief Sam sath back wasn t easy and she s still a work in Wie war das noch? Schulwissen, neu aufpoliert progress I liked how her situation was addressed even if her recovery seemed a little fast Of course her husband Nick the Vice President Elect is always theerfect balm for anything that ails you The book is aptly titled with all the inauguration reparation wrapped around the normal chaos associated with Sam s job I liked that the fusion of that with her role as Second Lady was dealt with much realistically There are many heartwarming moments interspersed with the tragic ones making this a much interesting and layered story if not terribly exciting I needed a break after the last bookI m still in love with this series and looking forward to the next hase of Sam and Nick s lives We were also left with a sense of coming olitical intrigue just enough to leave me wanting My least favorite book of the series so far The focus is on all the relationships rather than the crimesuspense side It s emotional but was heading too far into being melodramatic When Marie said Frenzy she really means Frenzy What a roller coaster of events and emotions I love this latest installment of the Fatal series so much To me the crime and investigati 45 starsTo start with I read book 1 in this series Fatal Affair Fatal 1 in November 2015 and somehow never icked it up again Either I must have been knee Deep Into Other Books Because It Makes into other books because it makes no sense at all especially since I devoured book 9 10 on my weekend trip and I already asked the author if I could get my fingers onto book 11 coming out next monthThe Fatal series reminded me a bit of the In Death series by Nora Roberts which is one of my all time favorite series Both series have incredibly strong women In Fatal Frenzy Sam Holland a lieutenant at the Washington DC Metro Police was a no nonsense kind of the Washington DC Metro Police was a no nonsense kind of not backing down and not afraid to tell her colleagues as well as upper management how things needed to go I adore strong and feisty women who are confident self assured and just kick ass heroinesIn book 1 Sam met Nick Cappuano at that time he was a chief of staff and friend to murdered senator They had a brief but Gods Callgirl passionate one night stand years ago and when they met again sparks flewIn Fatal Frenzy Fatal 9 Nick is being sworn in as VICE PRESIDENT of the United States OMG So obviously I missed a heck of a lot of storyline andlot when I jumped from book 1 to book 9 But my library only had two of the author s books available as audiobook and I needed something to listen to stat So I jumped in and I had NO trouble at all keeping up with the Forever I'm Yours plotImmediately after starting the book I was captivated by Sam Holland Herersonality and demeanor spoke to me from the very first minute I loved how tough she was how mu. Inauguration day is almost hereLieutenant Sam Holland is on leave recovering from an attack that shook her to the core With no case to distract her she's trying to stay busy even voluntarily meeting with her new White House staff But it's not enough to keep the horrific memories at bay and her family is worriedespecia. ,