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Other s trans sister They re adorable tooOne time when I was visiting my best friend when she was in vet school we went to a steakhouse where I ordered an improbably perfect dish It was a salad I love salad with steak on it I love steak BEETS one of the cheeses I can at without taking a pill and I forgot what The Structure of Soviet History: Essays and Documents else but the point was thatvery item in the salad was something I love Usually that doesn t happen when you dine out You get a protein you want with some useless sides or you get a fantastic salad with all the veggies you LOVE BUT NO HOPES OF A PROTEIN BEYOND UNINSPIRED but no hopes of a protein beyond uninspired grilled chicken This was different This was something that had all the lements I wanted without any of the stuff I don t likeGet the had all the lements I wanted without any of the stuff I don t likeGet the A Boy Named Cin was like that salad for me a perfect little book and pretty much verything I d want in a mm book with a trans man specially since I like older men I d been getting increasingly frustrated recently with the fact that so many romances have that scene near the Date Me end where the couple nearly breaks up or does break up before their happynding I just plain old don t Comfort And Joy enjoy reading that This book did not do the thing That s such a reliefTrigger warning that Cin s birth family sucks but they re really not in that much of the book Update at 44%Oh my The writing style is kinda really bad There is absolutely no flow between the scenes and the constant jumping to the next is totally putting me off It s taking a lot away from my readingnjoymentOn the other hand I appreciate that our billionaire Tom is no alpha and that this book is not playing into the usual tropes But I actually wonder at this point what it s adding to the story Is it just a fun gimmick It is creating a little angst concerning a possible future for Tom and Cin but I could really do withoutThen I love that this book is so sex positive and gender non conformative There is so much freedom here and that is just so so good to read about I m actually peeved that I probably won t continue with the book and miss out on this partThe characters are okay I guess but to be honest they are lacking depth and agency Apart from what they are working through with the sex and gender part I don t see much of anything lseEven the kissing and cuddling is not doing much for me any While I found that really sweet in the beginning now whenever I start to bond with the characters again there s a jump in the scene and I feel cut offI feel so meh about most of this book I think I will just probably move on to something lse 45 stars A Boy Called Cin is charming and marvelous romance novel about twenty year old art student trans man Cin and forty year old business genderueer Tom I adore this book It s so well written the romance is swoon worthy and so healthy and delightful I love both of the main characters and their relationship It s a romance focused book with steady well developed romance with mutual attraction love and care for Fitness for Geeks: Real Science, Great Nutrition, and Good Health each otherI love how important consent is in this story as it should be The clearnthusiastic consent is a must for any sexual activities The character discuss their limits and set boundaries and they are so so good with it I adore this aspect of the novel The book has frank conversation about gender bodies and limits although there s not much xplicit sexual scenesAs the characters are trans there are lots of conversation about it but not in ducational way They feel natural because Cin and Tom share their Cause Of Fear experiencesIt s important to say that the book has ownvoices trans rep and diverse lgbt cast of charactersThe only thing I wish was clearer in the book is the time jumps Thevents takes place over the course of two years sometime intervals between chapters or subchapters are couple of hours sometimes months I wish the book had distinct time signifiers Just a minor complaintIt s an amazing novel and I want veryone to read it I had the best of time reading this book and meeting these lovely characters I m definitely going to read another book by Cecil Wilde Content warning dysphoria abusive unsupportive parents discussion of past vents parents don t have power over the MCs transophobic parents Loads of things to love about this Cin is a delight grumpy and cynical and vulnerable and determined The relationship with Tom is very sweetly developed and the author can really write What I think I most liked though was the normality of it This is a bi genderueer man with a bi trans man and dysphoriaits conseuences was an issue in their sex life but it wasn t a Big Traumatic Issue issue It was a thing like the other things. Tom's lecture all Tom knows is that he doesn't want the man slipping away a second time Agreeing to dinner with a man he only knows from internet gossip columns isn't the wisest decision Cin's ver made but he wants to like the infamous Tom Walford and he can't do that if he doesn't give the man a fair chance to be likeable Which he is almost frustratingly so to the poi. ,

I picked up this book based on a post over at ueer Romance Month because the author s sense of humor hit me just right That s generally a pretty good indication that I will get along with their books and in the case of Cecil Wilde that played out xactly as I xpected A Boy Called Cin was an motional romantic and sexy read that I couldn t put downFrom the moment of the meet cute or is that meet pretentious and irritable Cin short for Hy TRANS ROMANCE NOVEL It got very gender 101 at times in the first half and the billionaire age difference thing isn T USUALLY FOR ME BUT GOD I LOVED IT usually for me but god I loved it The characters were cute and believable their romance was sweet if lacking conflict pretty much throughout the ntire book and also TRANS PEOPLE IN A ROMANCE NOVEL WHO GET A HAPPY ENDING It made me so happy That was pretty sweet I can t begin to xplain how satisfying that was to read ven so because it nded happily with no one hurt or dying or mauled or anything Might just be one of the best things I ve read focusing on genderueer characters and relationships in a long frigging time proper review coming over the weekend I rather liked the idea of this book as I rarely see bisexual or transgender characters let alone characters who are both let alone a supporting cast including trans characters As an The Lady in Pink exercise inxploring gender issues and dysphoria I appreciated the story Having characters frankly discuss their sexual preferences and negotiate how their sex lives together would progress instead of making assumptions or coercing Eyes each other was fantastic to see in a romance novel A would recommend tovery romance author it s a good thing to have the adult characters discuss their sex lives like adults without judgment or condemnation And with transgender and gender ueer characters too But this book fell flat for me as a story Tom and Cin felt like instructional characters when it came to sex and their actual romance felt like a 2 D wish fulfillment than a real relationship view spoilerMost of the problems that crop up Tom solves with money or influence Of course Tom is going to get Cin an apartment and pay for breast reduction surgery and we ll ven throw in a new car I mean I get romance novels aren t always realistic and maybe the frank sexual discussion gave me false xpectations of the rest of the novel but come on It felt like Wilde was trying to convince the reader that Tom wasn t a sugar daddy when all of his actions felt like that was Sinner's Heart exactly what he was It was like Tom had this How to Romance Transgender Edition checklist he was diligently checking off hide spoiler A Boy Named Cin is a luscious piece of wish fulfillment in which a character who is basically the amiable generous bisexual nerd programmer billionaire that probably has Steve Jobs as his Mirror Universe Evil Twin falls for a bratty young art student undergrad basically because said art student isn t groveling in front of him likeverybody lse isThis is a delicious older man dream a billionaire romance that I actually saw the point of for once I mean billionaire romances are supposed to be wish fulfillmenty and of course this was deliciously wish fulfillmenty I guess this is a wish that I can relate to And because the author put so much nergy into making sure that both characters felt Spirit of the Wolf eually vulnerable they seemed to be real people rather than roles The Steve Jobs analogue is dysphoric about his gender but not in a way I dver A Vineyard Christmas encountered before he doesn t seem to want to transition orven change his pronouns so much as just have deep discomfort with his AMAB bodyThis is contrasted with his young snarky boyfriend who gets a Cinderella transition narrative written from the inside the author is nonbinary So it s not older cis man saves young trans man it s the two men saving Een Bijzondere Vorm Van Osteosclerose each other and by the time the younger man accepts that kind of help it s actually a big accomplishment on the older dude s part to get him to trust himnough to consider it and what s he s not cis so that really changes the dynamicThe sex scenes were specially focused on xploring comfort and discomfort within a relationship between two trans people and sometimes they didn t have sex ither This book has a lot of cuddling scenes and they felt totally natural you believe it as a reader that they re njoying that on its own level and that sex would have felt weird for them at that moment In other words the sex isn t just there to give the audience some frosting on the cake but are part of the characterizationYou also get a great supporting cast of one MC s cis ueer girl bestie and the. On the search for a cup of coffee before the guest lecture he's giving Tom spies a tired half frozen young man who looks Hot Shot (North Ridge Book 3) even need of coffee than him On impulse he buys the man a cup but an attempt to strike up conversationnds in the young man walking off seemingly put off by Tom Walford the tabloids’ favourite billionaire buying him coffee But when he reappears in. .

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You get in romance novels no or less A th I think this book is important because it s not written for cis people If you are cis I recommend this to you In books by cis people trans people are defined by discomfort pain gender dysphoria and this book directly addresses this issue This isn t the trans narrative that cis people are used toTLDR trans books written by trans people are very important This is a seriously beautiful radical trans and non binary centered romance that blows me away Cis gaze is only in the book as far as the non binary character has internalized it and that s gently and firmly challenged by the trans love interestI just finished rereading this book for the third time about 18 Months After My First Read I Picked It Up months after my first read i picked it up the nd of I picked it up the nd of really rough gender day and *Have Been Slowly Sipping *been slowly sipping over the course of several days as a way of holding it close as a comfort read I mentioned picking it up again and a trans friend called it the ultimate trans comfort read I think he s right at least for me I needed this book this week and I m glad to have been able to hold it close I fell so hard for A Boy Called Cin because it felt like it held my xperience closely than any other trans romance I d read that it was written for me as a non binary trans reader Part of that was because there wasn t a cis love interest It shaped the book on a really deep level I was breathless and verklempt reading A Boy Called Cin It hits so many notes at once in a very lovely way and feels very firmly written for trans or non binary readersIf you were hoping for a billionaire romance that centers trans andor non binary people getting their financial dreams come true this book is for youA Boy Called Cin takes these classic romance tropes like MayDecember romance and billionaire romance and shows what they might be like if they were trans and non binary centered Shows what a romance arc might look like if the cis gaze wasn t part of it xcept in the ways that trans andor non binary people internalize it and need to unlearn it It shows the critical importance of deeply consensual negotiated sex for trans andor non binary people how central that needed to be in order for both characters to feel seen and respected in their genders It doesn t just center two trans andor non binary characters I loved the way The First Ghost even the secondary characters were pretty much almost all transI love it most for the way its so deeply trans non binary centered for the fabulous sexual negotiation that s deeply trans and non binary andspecially for Cin I fell so damn hard for Cin right along with Tom his grumpiness his certainty about the importance of boundaries consent the way he really saw TomFor me one of the most amazing things that can happen in sex and in kink is to have my partner see my gender and hold space for me to be who I am And it s incredibly tender for me to do that for my trans andor non binary partners That kind of recognition is rare nough in life it s ven rare in fiction There was something so intense and beautiful about getting to read an Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits!: 4 Keys to Unlock Your Business Potential entire love story that included thosexperiences of recognition in a larger romance arc It made me cry to watch Tom get to have that for the first time after years of not having it in his sex life To watch Cin get to offer that and be held and honored in return by Tom It felt like it had cracked scars open and they were getting the light and air they needed to begin to heal It made me feel less aloneI know that this book will be read by many as fantasy wish fulfillment for Cin the whole billionaire thing And it definitely is that But for me as a genderueer reader Cin is a fantasy of a dream lover who sees your gender holds space for you to be who you are It happens during sex as well which feels like such a gift to me personally I just swooned for the ways sex is working in this bookI am very grateful that A Boy Named Cin xists in the world This is a trans mnb romance that really touched my heart and gave me so many feels It gave me comfort on a day when I needed it and created a pocket of space that could really hold my gender I needed that than I knewA Boy Called Cin gives me so much hope for the kinds of trans andor non binary romance books that are possibleContent Warnings view spoiler Cin s parents are awful and transphobic There are references to Tom s previous sexual xperiences feeling misgendering and disrespectful There are descriptions of dysphoria Tom struggles with internalized cissexism References to child abuse in the past Sex on the page Alcohol use References to having surgery hide spoile. Nt Cin wishes maybe he hadn't been so fair because he never had any intention of getting attached to Tom who seems to come from a world far too different from his own for anything between them to last Little does Cin know they’ve got a lot in common than he imagines including their shared discomfort with their assigned genders and all the complications that go with it. A Boy Called Cin