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Is book is a series of collected chapter ssays relaying the considered insights of many people who are already navigating the flat world with essays relaying the considered insights of many people who are already navigating the flat world with Taken in isolation there is a great range of opinions and xperiences that the reader can get from this book before moulding them together to hopefully get something that will uip them for this brave new future It is not the clearest asiest and most direct of reads Taken Together The Book together the book it lacks a certain common voice a feeling of togetherness and a bit of its fizz is missing This was disturbing and distressing because you can sense there is a lot of great information within screaming to get outIn one way this is a great xample of why we need to Eyes ensure our flat world isasily navigable as it might be a one shot attempt to connect with us or shoul. W network building collaboration and authentic communication are ssential to navigating this new business landscape  Exploring the ssential skills tools techniues and technologies involved. For how long have we been told that hierarchies crumbling whether it is in the world of work or in our social lives We are increasingly going cutting out the work or in our social lives We are increasingly going direct cutting out the or intermediary Our world is increasingly becoming a flat world the author of this book observesWe cannot throw away the old skills and techniues used to navigate and collaborate through the hierarchy a typical vertical hierarchy as we still need them as we move along the flatter horizontal world After all we may be doing it and of it ourselves so we must know what we are doing and streamline or maximise our actions We also need to think about other travellers in this flat world Sinner's Heart ensuring that any interactions they may make with us and our companies are as smooth as possible It is in all of our interests in so many different waysTh. The future of a company lies in its ability to make authentic connections in a global flattened worldconomy spanning departments cultures and countries   Flat World Navigation xplains ho. ,

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D persistence be ngaged the Spirit of the Wolf experience may not be asngaging and mutually beneficial as it should be the implications of this are fairly obvious This book could be the uivalent of a one stop shop information source yet this reader potential loyalty to the brand is not guaranteed as the navigable path felt to be strewn rocks and thus should a perceived better smoother rout xist to similar material whether better or not maybe one steers the boat in that direction possibly never to returnRegrettably it just didn t feel that this book was really ready Pioneers are often breaking new ground yet the messages they pass on for wider public attention do need to be very clear acting as a magnet to draw in a crowd who may be confused sceptical or unsure Just preaching to the converted Is Not EnoughAutammeco. In Making And Maintaining Business Relationships not noughAutammeco. In making and maintaining business relationships Kim Chandler McDonald integrates practical tips and advice with interviews with leading figures who are successful flat world navigato. Flat World Navigation
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