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A lovely piece of science fantasy well paced and engaging I didn t like it uite as much as the lush world of Majipoor Chronicles but it was a fun and interesting fantasy treatment of colonialism and reparation and forgiveness The struggle with the Metamorphs has come to a head in Valentine Pontifex they have begun to act in an attempt to take back their world form the humans and other aliens that came to Majipoor thousands of years ago The crops are failing new and dangerous beasts have appeared and the *world is in turmoil as a roup of Metamorphs attempt to drive *is in turmoil as a roup of Metamorphs attempt to drive rest of the inhabitants of Majipoor either to extinction of departure Valentine desperately attempts to keep the world together while he considers the difficult future becoming Pontifex deep in his Labyrinth and how to determine his successorI thought that the plotting was well done and it kept me reading The characters have had ample time to develop which helped with the relatively large cast and the jumping back and forth between different parts of the world The treatment of colonialism and forgiveness was perhaps a bit reductive but it was nice to see a story where there was at least something resembling an attempt to make amends to a colonized people So enamoured of the first two books in this series I purchased this third volume in hardback Now thirty five years later I hardly remember any of its description of the ultimate conflict between the hero of the title and Hissune for control of the planet of Majipoor through the assumption of the title of Pontifex Hopefully one day I ll find time to reread the whole series as well as the subseuent volumes which Silverberg has added to the seriesRecommended I ot half way through this and ot stuck I was too worried about what the bad uys were up to and not invested enough in the The Lives of Stay-at-Home Fathers: Masculinity, Carework and Fatherhood in the United States gooduys to keep readingI recently read a review that said while this was a solid book it didn t have the magic of the previous two I decided to take that along with the fact I haven t read any of the book for the better part of a year as ood reason to make this officially a DNF The first Majipoor novel was so ood that its readers will likely feel emotional attachment to just about any followup set in the same world that said valentine pontifex is a bit That said Valentine Pontifex is a bit a letdown While the book provides a much welcome reunion with Valentine and friends his companions are relegated to supporting roles and Valentine himself becomes annoyingly passive Gone is the adventurous optimism of the first novel Majipoor is beset by a crisis and the young happy world so lovingly described The national bestselling saga of Robert Silverberg's stunning imagination continues in the first new hardcover Majipoor novel in nearly a decade As a preuel to Silverberg's earlier Majipoor novels Sorcerers of Majipoor provides a deep dark vision for the background of the conflict in Lord Valentine's Castle and Valentine PontifexTreac. .

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Valentine PontifexAted by Frank Herbert is thousands of years old and the distant almost mythical origins of Old Earth are shrouded in remote collective memory Silverberg s water kings "the enormous and mysterious sea dragons are also mindful of Herbert s reat sandworms as is "enormous and mysterious sea dragons are also mindful of Herbert s reat sandworms as is animist theology built around the reat beasts There was a scene when a poor communicant delivers a holy artifact to the king a dragon s tooth and that is where I made the
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between the dragons and the sandwormsThis is also a very political book is where I made the connection between the sea dragons and the sandwormsThis is also a very political book delves deeply into the protocols and constitutional underpinnings of the Majipoor overnment as the process of choosing candidates for Coronal amongst the aristocracy and the connections between Pontifex and the other executives within the political structures on Majipoor are explored and made clearFinally and unfortunately this book is like the Dune series in that the farther a reader Moonrise (Snowfall, goes from the source book the stale the story This was still entertaining and I have to admit that I really enjoy the complexity of Silverberg s Majipoor creation but this lacked the originality of the earlier books and somewhat even digressed into melodrama This is the third in a series known as the The Majipoor Cycle Unlike LeGuin s Hainish Cycle The Majipoor Cycle is a regular series and should be read in seuence though it wouldn t hurt if the second were read before the first I had read the first two books Lord Valentine s Castle and Majipoor Chronicles in the previous 14 months I wish I had read the series closely together so that the previous books had been fresher in my memory The earlier books establish the history that lead to Valentine Pontifex and there were many references in Valentine Pontifex to events in the earlier booksThe books in this series are science fiction books by virtue of the planet Majipoor having been colonized by humans and other species over the last 14000 years Aside from that it is a fantasy There is an element of telepathy in this series which reaches a crescendo in Valentine Ponti Full review forthcoming I enjoyed this final return to the world of Majipoor The names alone are worth it I m considering naming my next child Voriax if it s a boy Aximaan Threysz if it s airl The story in many ways reminds me of a folk tale or a fairy tale but with a lot of the edges blunted off It is not particularly realistic in regards to the nature of overnment or war or human relations or I would assume interspecies relations but if you are willing to suspend belief on those things it s a somewhat fun reat man narrative35 of 5 star. Burdens of the crown and scepter exact of a price than Korsibar is prepared to pay His rival fights to take his appointed place as keeper of his beloved Majipoorand to resbackse order to the utter chaos that has befallen their worldSilverberg has created a big planet chock a block with life and potential sbacksies The Washington Post. ,

Wo books ago is thrown into civil unrest The marginalized Shapeshifter Population Is In Revolt And is in revolt and every aspect of human society A comatose Pontifex provides no support for the relatively new Coronal whose support staff fights amongst itself This in itself is a fine backdrop for the story after all Majipoor has had it ood for millennia so a little disruption of the established order makes for a
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Plot Conflict Problem Is That Valentine In This Book conflict The problem is that Valentine in this book moping wistful and largely ineffectual character He spends most of the book blaming himself andor the Divine for current events and only towards the very end kicks into a kind of active mode It s far too long to wait and the experience is frustrating to a reader who enjoyed his idealistic heroism in LVCHissune a minor character from the first novel and the framing device for the second comes into his own as a secondary protagonist Seeing him take decisive and bold action is far satisfying than watching Valentine mope But Hissune ultimately doesn t et enough spotlight to carry the novelValentine Pontifex does deliver a somewhat satisfying ending even if it takes way too long to A Little Dinner Before the Play get there It s recommended for big fans of the earlier Majipoor books with a caution to keep expectations in check Mmmh I loved the first two books in the series for the world building for the exploring of exotic places with exuberant flora fauna and architecture which made up for weak plots and characterisation In Valentine Pontifex however there s a lot less world building and political plot and it doesn t work well imo Most of the world building is reduced to name dropping which there s lots of and which reuires that the reader remembers those places well from the previous books otherwise I imagine itets very exhaustingThe basic premiseview spoiler the Metamorphs seeking revenge and spreading chaos the destruction of the peaceful life on Majipoor the mysterious sea dragons hide spoiler Rather than continuing the bright and active story of the first book this book essentially the second and continuance of the story is dreary and depressing The bright and happy king is now mopey and constantly despondent about everythingAnd then it ends and everything is fineThis book isn t needed to support the first Just read the first book in the series and consider it done This was a very Frank Herbert kind of bookNot that one Grandmaster must adopt the style and tone of another but I could most definitely see many similarities between this end of a trilogy book and Herbert s DuneSilverberg s Majipoor like the Dune universe cre. Hery and wizardry run rampant under the reign of the mighty Pontifex as both the rightful and the unworthy heirs to the throne anxiously await his demise Korsibar son of the current Coronal plots with his twin sister and ambitious companions to seize the power of the Coronal when his father ascends to the throne of the PontifexBut the.