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I recieved a copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in xchange for an honest reviewGet ready for the honestyThis was one of my most anticipated releases of this year As soon as I heard about it I wanted itUnfortunately I m not ven going to finish this I love Alexander the Great I find him ndlessly fascinating So when I get bored with a book about him after only 17% there s a problemThe thing is this book ISN T about Alexander the Great He is just one of five main protagonists and two were invented just for this novel And I m sorry but I just don t care When a book is marketed to me as YA Alexander the Great I xpect to get Alexander the Great not a little Alexander and a whole lot of not AlexanderAlso when a book is marketed to me as written by a HISTORIAN I don t xpect to find glaring inaccuracies within the first 20% A Macedonian with a Hebrew name in the 4th Century BC Really I m a total amateur when it comes to Alexander the Great and the period in which he lived so I should not be noticing mistakes made by someone who supposedly knows their shitAnd I know it s not a confirmed historical fact but there are pretty significant theories that Alexander and Hephaestion were lovers significant Buried enough for it to be heavily implied in a major Hollywood production Oliver Stone s 2004 film Alexander At any rate we know that Alexander himself was not straight hisunuch lover Bagoas is almost as famous as Alexander himself I hoped that this novel would at least acknowledge thatNope NothingThank you Chiara for being a better woman than I am and actually finishing this book I was considering ventually reading the rest until she told me about the disgusting hetero washing Finishing this book is about as appealing as doing my calculus homework was back in high schoolAs in I d rather walk from Sydney to Perth in a raging duststorm than ven ntertain the prospectI wasn t xpecting this book to be a celebration of Alexander and Hephaestion s relationship but if A HOLLYWOOD FILM can suggest that they were lovers surely a YA book can at least pay it lip service But no their ueerness is swept under the rug the way ueerness has ALWAYS been and I m so done with itI wanted so much to like this book but it turned out to verything I feared it would beThank you for approving me for this HarleuinTeen I really appreciate it and I wish I could give it a better reviewNetgalley tells me I m supposed to include a link to the product page so here but reviewNetgalley tells me I m supposed to include a link to the product page so here but know that I do not recommend this book At all Not if you like Alexander the Great Not if you like the ueerness of historical figures to be acknowledged Not if you like historical accuracyLook just watch Oliver Stone s film It s not totally accurate ither and Alex and Heph may not ven kiss on screen but at least neither of them are forcibly made heterosexualDNF d at 17% Legacy of Kings is fantasy just the way I like it a mingling of history intrigue romance murder and magic It prompted me to spend time researching an ra I know little about the age of Alexander the Great Daaaaaaaaaaaamn this was really good Full review to come Well THIS is going to be hard to review Gee never let anyone say being a bookworm is asy BECAUSE WRITING REVIEWS AND DECIDING WRITING REVIEWS AND DECIDING IS HARD I really loved this book it was so pic and fantastical but I have a small boatload of uibbles with it Some of them are kind of ridiculous uibbles but SOME ARE LARGE FRUSTRATED ONES So yes But honestly I LIKED IT And uibbles aside that s what s importantSo basically it s I So yes But honestly I LIKED IT And uibbles aside that s what s importantSo basically it s I given an advance reading copy of this book with the hope that I d like it nough to give it a cover blurb This one is an pic fantasy with lots of characters political intrigue action and history The story is mostly about a young Alexander the Great and since Herman is a historian and has writt. Nació con la marca de los A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, elegidos la cicatriz del guerrero Con trece años Alejandro ya había sido instruidon las artes y las The Shadow Reader estrategias militares Ahora con dieciséis bajol título de príncipe regente debe derrotar a su primer gran Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies enemigo Pero laspada no sirve allá donde se xtiende l reino de la magia y la brujeríaAlejandro. Legacy of Kings

CHARACTERS Legacy of Kings

Pons with one another didn t The Power Of A Choice exist until several hundred years later where the Romans popularised it and brought it over andven then it didn t really catch on the Greeks decided that they were too cultured to consider bloodshed as ntertainment I don t ven want to talk about how the verloving fuck was the uicksand transported into the arena Anyway the very xistence of the Tournament is to me rather unbelievable If you were King how would you choose your lite unit Of Warriors Soldiers That warriors Soldiers that already served in your army for years for you to observe their uality skill and obedience or people like seventeen year old boys Olympic athletes professional wrestlers and soldiers that are just going to battle it out and be chosen if they win Historically Phillip agrees with me that the Hypaspists should be a position awarded based on merit but for plot s sake why not suspend common sense 4 I don t know much about names but Lucy makes an interesting point that a character Jacob has a Hebrew name It s the small things that nags me so much because ven though I may have not recognised the flaw I had placed my trust in the author xpecting that they took time to do their research SHIT I FORGOTOkaySo in Chapter 1 Jacob was all Kat bby I love you wait for me to come home so I can marry you AND THEY ARE ONE YEAR APART WHICH IS IMPOSSIBLEBECAUSE MEN MARRIED WHEN THEY WERE 30 AND THE WOMEN USUALLY HALF OF THATSO LIKE 14I AM SO PISSED AT MYSELF FOR NOT REMEMBERING THIS SOONERBUT SERIOUSLY DID THE AUTHOR DO NO RESEARCHUGHI M NOT EVEN GOING TO TALK ABOUT PEDERASTY AND SHIT BECAUSE OKAY SHIT BECAUSE OKAY MAY ARGUE THAT ONLY POSH CITY PEOPLE DID IT BUT I M PRETTY SURE EVEN IN VILLAGES MARRIAGE CUSTOMS ARE THE SAMEZERO FUCKING STARS written before I read the damn book The author is also a historian so I m not too afraid she ll spectacularly ruin the portrayal of one of the most famous and one of my favourite person in historyNote I ve never heard of Zofia btw Damn the history nerd in me is so happy Reviewed by Rabid ReadsThere s a certain rivalry between English and History majors The university I attended reuired its DNFI realize that this may be a bit premature but I ve read so many unoriginal fantasy novels that I don t want to waste any time on them I could asily be persuaded to come back to this if the reviews are positive but here s my review of the first chapterA girl called Katniss is hunting in the woods when she is suddenly distracted by her longtime best friend turned sexgod Gale Jacob A pair of strong tanned legs stands before her leading up to the broad commanding form of her oldest friend The boy Kat has known longer and better it sometimes seems than she has known herself A boy who until recently was Monsieur Pain eual parts playmate and pest Now he has grown taller and handsomer and somehow resists falling intoither category the way he used to and somehow resists falling into ither category the way he used to announces that he is competing in the Blood Tournament a series of games set in an arena against other competitors who have been training for this their whole lives You can t go she says uickly They ll kill you You re only seventeen Some of the contestants are Olympic athletes professional wrestlers and soldiers When it becomes obvious she can t stop him she gives him a brooch for luck she removes the long iron pin from her shoulder She holds it between them Take it To protect you in the games Please note I only read the first chapter Who knows Maybe it is nothing like it initially appears to be Let me know if I was wrong to DNF so soon This was slow moving but I think the world was super interesting and built a lot of potential for the next books Here s my booktalk 35This was a solid start to an pic fantasy series I can t wait to see what the rest of the series has to hold The world building was probably my favorite part of this book It was done SO WEL. Ntrado su primer amorJacob mpleará todas sus fuerzas n conseguir a Katerina aunue para lla tenga ue nfrentarse a Hefestión l protegido del príncipeY al otro lado del mar Zofia una princesa persa y prometida contra su voluntad a Alejandro uiere cambiar su destino mediante la búsueda de los famosos y letales Devoradores de Espíritus. .
En non fiction history books she really knows the historical setting It was pretty neat that the setting details were accurate yet the magic and mystery was all fictionI njoyed it I did have some trouble keeping track of veryone Each chapter has a different character and sometimes it s five or six chapters before you return to a character and it took awhile for me to remember what was or six chapters before you return to a character and it took awhile for me to remember what was on before with the character My cover blurb for this book is Real history mixed with magic mystery and intrigue a fascinating combination Honestly fuck this book and fuck its historical inaccuracies Warning This is basically me being all annoyed and comparing how the book made shit up to actual historical truths1 Historical Alexander was hella gay so often it was ridiculous to the point that sometimes I need to set down whatever material I was reading on him and just gape I mean a he kissed a boy and he liked it to misuote Katy PerrySo there was a dance that Bagoas performed that was apparently so damn fine he agreed to kiss him in front of veryone his soldiers weren t that much of a help they were all like pls go get a piece of dat ass b Him and Hephaestion Aside from how he compared themselves as Achilles and Patroclus respectively which fyi people at that time were already debating if the latter two were bangin in the Iliad or not they decided it was cool to go visit their graves and run naked after rubbing oil all over ach other on a beach Then there is the infamous He too is Alexander uote after a ueen accidentally mistook Hephaestion for Alexander Oh yeah also the philosopher Diogenes this man is the ultimate sass master btw sent a letter that was basically dude man up stop yielding to Hephaestion s thighs could you ven believe Without me you would be nothing OR PERSEPOLIS THIS FUCKER GAVE HEPHAESTION A 15 BILLION POUND FUNERAL I SHIT YOU NOTYeah this is way too long just to make a point but you get So when the novel Glitter Bomb (A Scrapbooking Mystery, erases this side of him and makes A straighter than a ruler it just makes me so pissed Because He is no longer Alexander And I don t care that it s fiction or fantasy because what is the point of saying that he is Alexander the Great when you change him to fit into a typical heterosexual YA male protagonist 2 Also let me be clear that this sympathetic Alexander bullshit in the novel is 1000010 true He is for a lack of better word a dickhead toverybody aside from Hephaestion and others currently in favour but v rare Like he was really shit on how he treated his men he sent his army on a death march though Gedrosia where supposedly three uarters died in the desert on purpose for Christ s sake He gave Il morto di Maigret exactly zero fucks on planning or governing orconomics or ven common sense Guess what he did to get rid of Macedonia s debt and to finance his army Oh just casually starting a war with the possibly most powerful mpire that xisted on arth bc why not And the thing was that it actually workedLike Yeah Who the hell is so obsessed with his own success that he can actually pull of this sort of thingSo this Alexander he can actually pull of this sort of thingSo this Alexander does not deserve the Great in this novel is absolutely foreign to me He named a city after himself when he was 16 for fuck s sake 3 The first chapter which the lovely Emily May clearly compares it to The Hunger Games so I ll just skip that However just some stuff to add The Blood Tournament happening in an arena The Blood Tournament is a single free for all held in a large arena with a simulated landscape made to increase difficulty featuring added natural challenges like uicksand or cliffs It is hot bloody and chaotic with fighting taking place all over the stadium until the crowd and the king approve a single victor Correct me if I am wrong but I am 95% sure arenas didn t Globalization: A Multi-Dimensional System, Third Edition exist in Greece Hell the idea of the gladiator games where people fought with wea. De dieciséis años dedad Billionaires Contract Engagement (Kings of the Boardroom está a punto de descubrir ue su destinos conuistar Sexual Secrets el mundo conocido al mismo tiempo ue se siente profundamente fascinado por una recién llegadaKaterina debe navegar por los oscuros secretos de la vida de la corte mientras mantiene oculta su verdadera misión matar a la reina Y nos consciente de ue ha nco. .

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