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The Tree of HandsThere are those books that you read and enjoy and then forget Tree of Hands Civil Rights and the Environment in African American Literature 1895 1941 has stayed with me for years Like all of Rendell s books it is uncomfortably dark and cynical She neveresitates to lure readers to sympathize with miscreants and then punish the characters Her books are like tense drives on a dangerous mountain road There s always someone who survives all that mercenary orror unscathed I spent the story wondering ow could be possible this time Well that was how it could be possible this time Well that was a different type of thriller for me They never caught er the body of a child was never found the abducted child s mother gets killed the abductee S Ex Lover Gets Killed ex lover gets killed nothing is tidied up nicely like a package with a bow A very uick read that was nothing like I would ave expected it to be I love books that Politik Luar Negeri Indonesia Di Tengah Pusaran Politik Domestik have multiple plot lines that throw you for a loop until they are all nicely tied together This is one of those books It is dark and disturbing and definitely shows the not so nice side of peopleIt doesn tave the appy ending so if you are looking for that look elsewhere Another brilliant character driven psychological thriller by Ruth Rendell This one tells the story of Benet Archdale a successful novelist whose mentally ill mother visits from Spain and attempts to relieve a grievous situation with an ill advised act I got over 100 pages into the book but I just couldn t finish it the only two characters I ad feeling for were both in a mess of trouble there wasn t even a murder yet just a kidnapping not really a spoiler alert since it s on the back cover for which one of those two characters either was being blamed or was going. Mopsa driven by a past scarred by madness and violence Benet stricken by the most grievous loss any woma. To be blamed and the tension of worrying about the suspicions

"the element of "
element of illness and worrying whether one of the two characters I liked was either to murder or going to be murdered was too much for me This is by no means to say that the book was ill written I L'art d'aimer have enjoyed reading Rendell s books before It is merely that this type of suspense provokes sick anxiety in me rather than anticipation Iope whomever I pass it along to gets out of it But at least I was able to provide a cover image for this edition As I ave stated elsewhere I am a fan of Rendell s books although I ave to tread warily with them as they are often extremely unsettling in a way different from most psychological thrillers I The Folding Star had read this book many years ago and another Goodreads friendave forgotten who was mentioning Rendell so I pulled this one off my shelf for a reread At the moment I think that Tree of Hands is one of My Husbands Under Here Somewhere her best Itas all the twists and turns one expects from Apiculture et dprdateurs des produits de la ruche her multiple plotlines and disparate characters who are strangers to one another eually at the mercy of some inescapable awful fate neuroses fixations and obsessions of all kinds And yet unlike some ofer books where one can be ard pressed of all kinds And yet unlike some of er books where one can be Deeds of John and Manuel Comnenus hard pressed identify or sympathize with any of the characters I found myself feeling pity for Barry who seems like many many young men today unskilled and rootless yet looking for love trying to be good men and getting involved with people who devalue and emasculate them I could also identify with and sympathize with Benet the young writerer grief and Comment Devenir Mannequin her choice this book would be aeck of a choice for a book club Does anyone. N can bear Carol trapped in a life of crushing drabness no lover can change Three mothers joined by a si.

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Know if this book as been filmed by BBC It would be perfect as a movie When I first read this book I felt as if It would be perfect as a movie When I first read this book I felt as if was olding my breath through most of it I am not a mother and don t feel particularly maternal yet I found this book extremely disturbing for what appens to the children at the centre of the plot It worried me for ages afterwards and I d find myself going over it eventually a couple of years later I re read it It was no less disturbing but somehow second time around I was able to cope with it This is in no way a criticism I love A Novel That Stays With novel that stays with or invades my dreams and this one did It s not a Rendell novel that i ever see referred to much yet I ever see referred to much yet would probably rate it among er best This book is philosophical and psychological than it is a mystery but it is suspenseful and there are crimes and misdeeds aplenty Benet s first book was wildly successful and she is now living very comfortably in London with The Zukofsky Era her beloved little son James and working oner second book At the opposite end of the economic spectrum the waitress Carol lives with Barry who adores Basic Anatomy and Physiology of the Human Body her but whom she refuses to marry ander own little son Jason who is in the way than beloved At least Jason is with Carol some of the time but mostly at the babysitters Terence Carol s former lover is unhappily Soins naturels pour les cheveux house sitting in a neighborhood near Benet s foris new lover who is on Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Tome 44 : Mon papa n'est pas mon papa her own onoliday in the sunny Mediterranean All are struggling with their circumstances their consciences and their obsessions As always it is very well written and she weaves in and out of the threads of these stories very skillfully Excellent I will miss er story tellin. Ngle thread of terror whirled into a spiral of kidnapping murder and a final reckless affirmation of lov. .

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