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Ical windswept writing Good moments of revelation too All Summer is an impressive debut novel from brilliant Claire Kilroy A suspenseful too All Summer is an impressive debut novel the brilliant Claire Kilroy A suspenseful told through highly unreliable narration the story follows the disoriented protagonist Anna Hunt as she tries to recollect her past What Anna does know is that she had a role to play in a heist of valuable artwork and keeps a tiny patch of canvass in a match box as a souvenir Grief stricken by the looming conseuences of what she has done Anna lives on edge as she does her best to dodge those conseuences The story unfolds as Anna tries to piece together what has happened and as she tries to find peace in the present too Laced with beautiful and poetic prose All Summer is a darkly sublime tale wrapped up in romance and betrayal This is beautifully written the descriptions and metaphors to describe the feelings of the character are elegant as well as the intertwined timelines of two simultaneous situations occurring in different places You have to pay much attention to what s happening since the main character thinks a lot and forgets a lot By the middle of the novel Kilroy brings you the reader inside the story which was amazing in general I liked the storyline very much I think the climax was incredible but unfortunately I did not like the ending Because of how these characters developed in my mind there is no way that that is a suitable even possible ending This book was aiming for five stars until I read the last two chapters I neglected to rate this one when I read it but I don t remember it. Them will be in exile and this one when I read it but I don t remember it. Them will be in exile and will have done a terrible thing for love A wonderfully unsettling first novel that manages to combine beautiful poetic prose with the menacing atmosphere of a thrill. A strange experience and somewhat difficult to follow at times but there s good reason for the relative inaccessibility of the text if you take the time to think about it and perhaps DO A BIT OF RESEARCH ON a bit of research on states I think I might have been much confused and perhaps even put off if I hadn t already read a decent amount about memory loss Part thriller part psychological study this is an intriguing book but one that I found uite hard to follow at times There s no doubt Claire Kilroy can write and write compellingly and there are some excellent set pieces here but did I actually like it Still not surebut I m glad I ve read it and will certainly watch her future career with interest Hard to believe a novel written with such verve and confidence and such apparent ease is a first novel and even ease is a first novel and even when I ve read two others of Clare Kilroy and both are markedly individual In many ways this breaks rules by challenging andor confusing the reader or me at least but does so so compellingly and in such beautiful writing it is impossible not to continue to read and enjoy I can t remember if this was a 3 star or 4 star It was certainly intriguing and I wanted to read it again as soon as I d read it but I haven t yet I m now reading her new book but it s not published yet so Goodreads won t let me add it It is called All the Names are Changed and seems a lot less good than the other two but I m not sure if that s my opinion or if I m prejudiced because that was what I was told about it A perfect uirkylean phsycological thriller combined with lyr. Cues Anna from him is helping her piece her past back together And the conservator is returning Girl in the Mirror back to her original state By the end of the year one of them will be dead one of.

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This is a very bizarre book influenced no doubt by what must be the bizarre state of mind of someone in a fugue state Obviously there s a good deal of meditation on the instability of memories but something I didn t catch until I started looking back over my notes was the significance of
imagination when anna 
When Anna t remember certain details or couldn t possibly know them she sometimes creates an imagined narrative of what happened often followed by a comment like Of course it couldn t have happened like that I never did X but what really happened was when she still couldn t have known what really happened Sound confusing It is and should be it s a really intriguing consideration of the complex relationship between memory and imagination Very often our brain stores only the most basic details of any given experience in our memories and when we remember them we are actively recreating THE EXPERIENCE BASED NOT ONLY ON WHAT WE HAVE experience based not only on what we have in memory but also on what other people tell us and hindsight and common knowledge along with somewhat troublingly other outside information that actually has no place in the original memory Imagination is clearly involved in these recollections Philosophers far smarter than myself have tried to pinpoint what exactly is the difference between memory and imagination other than our sense that memories are related to the past to what s real But how do we know that how could we prove it All of these already troubling uestions are complicated when someone loses large portions of their memory Reading this book was. Girl in the Mirror is alluring Girl in the Mirror has people in her thrall As the summer unfolds Anna learns about the nature of desire Kel is violent unpredictable and mesmerizing The man who res. .
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