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Debe ser Well all is set now Han and Leia left Nar Shaddaa with Boba Fett chasing Yes Boba s alive My son is so happy and there s a Slave 2 Now FFG will need to release a new ship for the X Wing game They bolt to the water planet Calamari in the Starlight Intruder Once there Boba is turned away and Leia takes control f the and flies Han and Chewie to there Boba is turned away and Leia takes control Condor of the Falcon and flies Han and Chewie to Luke Ninx and Salla takeff with the Falcon after the Deception others were capturedLuke is deep within the dark side to learn their ways The Emperor is awaref Luke s reluctance For instance Luke was ABLE TO DESTROY ONE OF THE IMPERIAL SHIPS. to destroy Bliss County - Der Traum in Weiß onef the Imperial ships. to escape from Nar Shaddaa Meanwhile the Rebels in combat over the planet Calamari. The Emperor expects some damage from Luke To him that makes Luke even weaker the dark side #feeds n weakness angerWill Luke go too far into the dark side that he #on weakness and Luke go too far into the dark side that he t come ut That is the uestionI have come to really enjoy this series Even the four pages The Life Lucy Knew of backstory at the end It is filling in the gaps for me Even the lettersn pink glossy are helpful although I struggle to read that text We are in year 6 after the Battle The Lone Sheriff of Endor where Darth Vader diedGood stuff and the art has absolutely grownn me particularly the Ships But I Also Like But I also like layout which is different from comics that I rea.  receive aid from an unexpected source and Luke falls deeper into the grip f the Dark Sid.

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Star Wars Dark Empire #4
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