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Through it as Bane Esme s installment is next Better than the last butNo surprise that Torch is attracted to Anjali and vice versa What is surprising is that Anjali has some spunk to her rather than the DOA character we meet in Dragon FeverWhat workedTorch The banter between Torch and Anjali is cute and unexpectedWhat didn t workAsh holefor some reason apparently the author thought this was funny but instead it was plain annoying to I prefer the proper adjective of ahole It felt like something was missing although I m not sure what The is predictable with no surprises As feisty as Anjali is she is just as insecure as Piper and also has the woe is me outlook on life too I m guessing although Esme is supposed to be pretty and rich she will have the same self loathing personality as Piper and Anjali I m sure Fortunately I m about finished with the Masters of the Flame seriesOn my Were Scale of Hotness 2 stars We first met Torch Dorado and Anjali Herne In Book One Where book one where is a tough by the books enforcer for the Keep Casino and all of Dragons and Anjali might just be the bad guy In their story the must overcome their tragic pasts and come together to stop an evil warlock and save Esme before it s too late Enemies to soulmates this story is scorching and ou won t be able to put it down 4 The Gypsy and The Dragon starsReview to follow Much Better Than The First BookSo I ve finally finishe. Herne he may have found the first scintillating jewel to tame his dragon heart But Anjali is a threat to the security of all dragonkin and he’ll have to make her believe he is not the fire breathing maiden munching monster of fairy tales Well. This author has become my crack tastic go to for addictive reading lately Magical hot and suspensefulTorch is the Nox Incendi dragon clan enforcer but he feels unworthy So much so that he has not even begun to amass his dragon hoard and doesn t he deserves or needs a solarys fated He is too For Fear of Little Men younget to suffer the fatal petralys curse that is a solarys fated mate He is too Twig the Fairy and the Goblin Masquerade (Twig the Fairy younget to suffer the fatal petralys curse that is off his kind When Anjali arrives at the Keep he has to rethink things especially because she has tried to kill him What does a lost voodoo princesss have to give the mighty dragon who defeats her EVERYTHING he doesn t know he needs Super sexy full of snappy repartee sleuthing and know he needs Super sexy full of snappy repartee sleuthing and this is the second in Elsa Jade s Masters of the Flame trilogy of dragon shifter romances and a worthy seuel to the first fine story Can t wait for book 3 Dragon Faye Masters of the Flame 2 Mating FeverThe story of Anjali and Torch After the jet crash Anjali and Esmais are taken to the Keep Esmais is under a spill and the Nox Incendi ate under attack from Ashcraft Torch has drop Anjaili and now he has fall in love with her Can Anjili find out the truth or will she still want to kill all dragon So while this book doesn t suffer from middlebookitis it does progress the story and have it s own action It sadly also focuses on my least favorite of the trio of heroines Anjali is well an idiot She probably really belongs behind the counter at a headshop But push. He longed for the fury of the mating fever She had the magic to touch his dragon heart Unlike the other Nox Incendi dragons Torch Dorado never sought his treasure the hoard that would bring peace to his inner beast But when he hunts down Anjali. ,
Dragon Fate Masters of the Flame #2

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