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Re read August 2019 45 starsI loved this So much hurtcomfort it was awesomeThe first 20% of this book was really tough I don t handle injustice well and there was a lot of that hereWhen Llewellyn is 18 he is betrayed in the most awful way imaginable His 17 year old boyfriend claims Llew raped him when his parents catch them having sex M I am in aweThis story had all the perfect ingredients of a dramatic romanceA beautiful and inherently good guy like Llewellyn Gardner who by some evil twists of fate gets sentenced to 10 years in prison as a sexual offender A small town community that doesn t want a rapist in their midst doing everything to look down on Llew rendering him an outcast even after he served his timeAnd then there s Shane Smith Jr the boss of a construction company who is willing to look beyond Llew s criminal record and sees the beautiful man underneath the muscled exterior the imposing body honed by years of training in prisonWhereas the first half of the story perfectly showed Llew s fall and desperation making this story an impressive and outstanding read the second half was pure sugarcoated romance albeit with GREAT sex scenesThings resolved beautifully if not a bit too smoothly and the HEA was a well deserved haven for poor misunderstood Llew I love stories where characters are dragged through hell so I had a very soft spot for Llew and his past I hated how people mistreated him but let s be honest If a convicted sex offender is released from prison and wants to settle down in your town would you welcome him with open armsI found the plot very well constructed and believable but most of all I m happy that Llew found love and understanding in Shane5 stars and a favorite 45 starsI love these stories that let me crying my eyeballs outMy gawd It was horrendous what Llew had to go through It was soo damn sad it broke my heartEight years later Llew returns to his hometown but the people in town aren t so forgiving and before he really hurts to his hometown but the people in town aren t so forgiving and before he really hurts brother s Leslie business he leaves to start #a new life in a new townHe finds this lady who is ind to him #new life in a new townHe finds this lady who is From Notes to Narrative kind to him lets him rent the place above the garageAt first it seems these same people can t seem to get past Llew s past and Llew has a hard time finding a job He is rediculed a lotAll Llew needs are people that will give him a chance to show them who he really isShane is one of those people who sees the real him Their romance was beautiful and I loved that Shane was the one person who helped Llew find himself again I have you Shane Smith Jr Out of all of the deceit that plagued my life I still came out on the other side of it with you baby I just loved Llew I read this one uote of him of what he said that exactly convinced me of whatind of man he was I m not happy at anyone s misfortune Am. NOTE This is a previously published work The publisher has changedHe tried to drown his demons only to find they could swimLife isn't always fair Llewellyn Gardner nows that first hand He was on the fast track college dreams a boyfriend until one night of extreme passion changed everything Eight years later and out of pri. E in the right moment4 Ace and Jessup incredible unbelievable storyDon t take me wrong I wanted a HEA for him but I would prefer if the author had ept it real Let me start with WOW would prefer if the author had ept it real Let me start with WOW book blew me away it literally had me shaking the shit out of my Kindle 9% I was so pissed I had to walk away from this book Ms Via goes to a whole new level with this book it s the best story tell Re read December 2015 Best epilogue everThis was a great read that started out breathtakingly sad There are too many ways to spoiler this one so my review will be briefA shit ton of hurt and deceit falls on MC Llew when he is a senior in high school Fast forward 8 years and he is still working on putting his miserable existence of a life back together During this time he meets a small group of incredibly caring decent people who help Llew make positive changes in his life including super sexy sweet as honey MC ShaneAfter all the hell poor Llew is put through in his short life I am very happy to report that there were rainbows and puppies and fluffy bunnies everywhere for sweet Llew and Shane in the endHIGHLY RECOMMENDED COVERLUST It s always a good enough reason to add a book isn t it I haven t read anything by this author Yet I think this was AE Via s strongest writing to date She completely crushed me with the first part of this book and I absolutely fell in love with Llew Watching him try to put his life back together after what was done to him started out very rough but watching him come back to life with the people who were willing to give him a clean slate especially Shane Ms Pat and the incredibly intriguing Ace was heartwarming Lots of angst hot sex villains that will have you on the verge of screaming and a roller coaster of emotions in this one which has an ultimately satisfying happy ending 4 solid starsI had this book on my to read list for many years and I am glad I finally got to it I didn t expect to love it so much I love broken characters and angst The author did a great job in giving us a story full of angst I can honestly say this story broke my heartWe get from the blurb that one of the main characters is sentenced to 10 years in prison for something he didn t commit The most painful thing is he was betrayed by the person he loved most so his world shattered After 8 years in prison he s coming back to his home town hurting and a shell of the smart man he used to be And now he

#has to deal #
to deal so much hateMost of the book I struggled with the injustice It was really painful to witness his struggles When he moves to another town trying to start fresh he meets a sweet and ind man who not only wants to help him but he seems to see his pain and believe his truthThis story is painful but well written and the ending is hopeful and unexpectedly sweet. Dark past Shane sees the good in Llewellyn it’s why he hired him and he isn’t going to let the man cut himself off from the worldLlewellyn isn’t sure what to think about Shane After years of protecting himself from being tricked twice he’s worried What will happen if Shane doesn’t believe the truth about his pa.

characters Defined By Deceit

Defined By DeceitAzing to be able to feel and say that about the one person who changed your life foreverHighly recommended 28editing 1plot 25romance 35smex 4 Defined by Deceit IS A SCORCHING HOT READ WITH a scorching hot read with lovely tender bits I expect nothing less from Ms Via Keep in mind the MCs don t meet until 37% but when they do it s pretty much Insta LustLove And I m mostly down with thatOne of the MCs spends eight years in jail We see some of the scenes ON PAGE and it s brutal I didn t fully believe that 18 year old Llew would have received the sentence he did for view spoilerhaving sex with his 17 year old boyfriend Fewer than "10 PERCENT OF ALL RAPES PERPETRATED " percent of all rapes perpetrated men are reported and fewer than 10 percent of those are ever prosecuted Yes Llew s boyfriend s parents had money and influence but I firmly believe they would have wanted to shield their son from the spotlight as much as possible They were the Hard Bread (Phoenix Poets (Paper)) kind to see rape as a shame on the family Of course in this instance the sex was most definitely consensual and NOT rape Moss was a deceitful despicable little fucker and deserved all that misery and hide spoiler 35 StarsAt 18 Llewellyn Gardner thought he had his life mapped out He was going to go to college and then start his own construction company But instead he ended up in jail for a crime he did not commit Eight years later Llewell is out Needless to say he wasn t the same My thoughts Eight years in prison for a crime you have committed is something at least younow why you re there However eight bloody years in prison for a crime you have NOT committed well let me tell you I can t even There is no way to read this and not feel frustrated wronged sad and especially angryThe transformation Llewell s character suffers was incredible real He became a uiet person he couldn t sleep in a bed for a while and a smile never appeared even though he d wanted it to The people in his city made his life miserable His heart bled with hurt when he realized he would have to leave his brother and move away He understood unfairness but it didn t mean he wasn t angry he already lost so much time But it had to be done for his brother s sake and his I have to say until here the story blew me away It was intense and freaking realAs soon Llewell moves away he meets a very nice lady We think phew Finally Llewell will have a break Wrong Bad news spread fast and somehow his bad reputations caught him again This time though Llewell has Shane s support owner of Smith ConstructionThey felt attracted to each other They got involved It was hot and fast Sadly too fast for me From there on I felt a bit disappointed with the story There were too many far fetched moments1 Shane s godmother taking Llewell under her wings immediately2 Moss return after so many years 3 Shane s Dad at the sit. Son he still lives with the aftershocks of that night Everywhere he turns there’s another reminder of the crime people insist he committed so he runs away to a new town to start over For Shane Smith Jr owner of Smith Construction there’s something about the gorgeous misunderstood man with the overly expressive eyes and.
Unraveled (A Knitting Mystery,

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