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Iliar with I trully need to say I am really suprised and amazed by Gareth s presentation in this story as It Was Basically A Solo was basically a solo adventure of Ianto Jones It made people feel like first that Ianto in this story was a little bit like Captain Jack probably they spent too much time together lol with all those nifty tone and cute sarcasm Can you imagine Ianto saying I look sexy But as he talked something about I really don t matter and when he admitted that he was trying to do something to kind of attract their attention and help them the character became to look like Ianto again But I must say the final conversation between Ianto and the telephone operator before the crash it was really heartbreaking Not only because Ianto was about to die and the way in which Gareth presented the line was absolutely gut wrenching I really could not stop weeping when Gareth was talking in undertone I just could not but also because the writer showed us a real reaction of the telephone operator It was about pain and people could tell that the lady was not reconciled to this unfortunate unexpected Trouble I Really Like That I really like that of the conversationThe story had a very hopeful nding I will not say if it was good or not But take a panoramic view of the whole story I really like this one And I will always remember Mr James Goss Torchwood The House of the Dead and all the tears I cried while listening to this Brilliant I always thought Gareth David Lloyd was short changed in the TV series but this shows xactly what he I always thought Gareth David Lloyd was short changed in the TV series but this shows xactly what he do It s a smashing two hander with Lisa Zahra that manages to keep pace tension and suspense going throughout the ntire hour Loved it Lots of fun with Gareth David Lloyd and one actress definitely a good story although it leaves you with plenty uestions like how is this connected what was before this and what followed but that s part of the fun I guess Wonderful This would have been an amazing pisode This was fantastic Gareth David Lloyd is such an underrated talent He brings so much personality and life to Ianto in these audiobooks that he didn t get to show in the tv series. Op itIanto Jones thought the flight would be sabotaged The only problem is he's on boa. In a crashing spaceship Ianto s only hope of scape is from a call centre worker known as Zeynep but at what costThis was a very fun story filled with HUMOUR BUT ALSO VERY SERIOUS AND but also very serious and at the same time The story being a two hander was very well done with Gareth David Lloyld and Lisa Zahra giving great performances really bringing to life the very well written story by James Goss 8510 Before listening to this I relistened to the first ntry The Conspiracy and njoyed it than the first time I m not uite sure if Fall to Earth is at all related and the chronology is a bit confusing given where we last saw Ianto But this was a strong story about little people Ianto is on a collision course toward the ground and a woman at a call center tried her best to help him out There s a lot of motion in this and really great acting Definitely a must Good powerful story this one Actual audio drama compared to narration of the first story in the series and does well ven if only really two characters in it Ianto Jones is my favourite Torchwood character And He Shines Well he shines well this story Zeynep a call center rep complements him well and the interactions between the two bring a good mixture of humour suspense and sorrow All round a good story and the nding took me by surprise Torchwood Fall to Earth is the second of the Big Finish Torchwood releases Fall to Earth takes place on the first commercial space flight but something is going drastically wrong and veryone on board is dead Everyone xcept for one man Ianto Jones A novel idea from writer James Goss this is one rock and roll ing story At just one hour long this release feels a lot shorter Fall to Earth continues the arc set up in The Conspiracy There s so many twists and turns in this release you ll be on the dge of your seat the whole timeAll of the talent involved in Fall to Earth has made this another stellar release from Big Finish Lisa Zahra and Gareth David Lloyd are the only actors in this release and yet it doesn t feel that way it feels like a fully fledged drama something realised by the brilliant use of imagery by James Go. The SkyPuncher is the first private spaceflight But Ephraim Salt's visionary project

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Ss making this a very visual release The uality of the writing sound design and acting put Fall to Earth up there with some of the best televised Torchwood pisodes My full review can be read here The second story in the Torchwood audio series features perhaps surprisingly Ianto Jones I have to start off by saying that Ianto is really my least favourite of the Torchwood regulars not that he s unlikeable as Owen tends to be I just find him rather dull As a result I was surprised by just how much I liked this story Perhaps that s partly due to what Can Be Done When The be done when the of the story is on him alone but it s also down the uality of the acting and some lovely touches in the scriptThe story concerns Ianto being trapped alone on a spaceplane crashing out of the sky his only contact with Earth a telemarketer in Turkey trying to sell him insurance The first half is really a disaster story in space not unlike the Airport movies of the 70s but with a few added SF twists Apart from the nice conceit that we re only hearing the phone conversation between Ianto and the call centre the story is fairly unremarkable at this point although the fact that Goss has ditched the narration used in the previous The Mephisto Threat (Paul Tallis episode is an improvementBut this is merely a necessary prelude to the final segment which knocks it out of the park as the unstoppable plane heads towards a major population centre This would not be soffective without the slow build up leading to it and plays on the fact that Ianto and the telemarketing drone are just little people caught up in something much larger this story would never work with any of the other Torchwood characters It s a powerful motional tale full of little details about the characters livesIn short this makes a stunning success out of the very reason that I m normally not keen on its central character What I need to say first is Gareth David Lloyd is really a talented and brilliant actor I think in Torchwood audiobook or Big Finish productions he has really become uite gifted and provided us with a kind of brand new Ianto but also still been the young man we are fam. As gone horribly wrong the ship is falling out of the sky and there seems no way to st.
Unraveled (A Knitting Mystery,

Torchwood Big Finish Torchwood #12