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Le don t really understand Brendon either It s a bit of a recipe for social disaster despite the fact that Brendon is really sweet in an absentminded professor way Josh is one of the coaches for the college s football team He s big and brawny and an all around nice person He s also uite taken with Brendon The two o them are an all around nice person He s also uite taken with Brendon The two o them are together in a very predictable nerdy twink meets brawny ock way So if it was cute albeit a lot of the same ol same ol what was my problem Well I didn t feel like I was reading an Andrew Grey book I felt like I was reading every book that s ever been written about the absentminded professor It was very generic Usually Andrew Grey books have a certain something that lets you know what author you re reading but this book had none of that Too bad I like this particular trope of the genius and the Dogs Behaving Badly: An A-Z Guide to Understanding and Curing Behavorial Problems in Dogs jock but this one didn t really do it for me Audiobook reviewI have a weakness okay so I have many weaknesses I m a versatile girl after all Anyway I have a weakness for geeks the socially awkward and oblivious ones Add in a scientist and a chemistry one at that and that book has my name on itBrendon has always been on the outside looking in on life Being smarter than most everyone he meets he s only had his work to keep him company That is until he meets Josh the assistant football coach I liked Brendon and Josh together and I loved watching Josh teach Brendon about life and muddling through a new relationship or in Brendon s case his very first relationship His first kiss Meeting the parents But also teach each other to stand up for themselves and each otherNick J Russo was great as usual There s a reason why he s on my short list of narrators where I don t need to sample the book before picking it up I loved how he handled the obliviousness of Brendon and balancing Josh he captured the essence of the characters in a really good wayOrganic chemistry was a low angst story about a chemistry professor and the football coach It was sweet and funny and perfect when you want to dream away to college for a while A copy of this book was generously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review Andrew Grey is one of those authors Iust know is going to give me a sweet and touching story and let me escape into his world for a few hoursBrendon is different and he knows it he finished high school college and got his masters and doctorate all by the age of 21 His description in the book of how he sees things in the world sums him up well I ve discovered a lot of human communication is nonverbal but it s like I didn t get the manualHe doesn t know why the head of the department seems to have it in for him he doesn t have friends so he s pretty surprised when hunky Josh shows an interest in him and despite himself he gets a boyfriendJosh and Brendon are Nte del coach di football lo corteggia Brendon non sa cosa fareAnche Josh ha i suoi problemi Ha genitori di successo che non sono felici della sua carriera e ad alcuni dei giocatori non piace avere un allenatore gay Comincia ad avere dei dubbi. ,

Chimica organicaIke night and day Josh is an assistant football coach very athletic and easy going
*has a loving *
a loving annoyingly pushy family Brendon is an orphan he s lonely and saying he is socially awkward is probably a generous description He easily loses sight of everything around him when he is immersed in his research what he lacks in interpersonal skills is than made up for in intelligence He also has never really had any kind of intimate or close relationship so this is all new to him It s cute how he googles what he should expect from his dinner date with Josh and he googles how love should feelJosh is great very patient with Brendon s idiosyncrasies and Brendon is good for Josh showing his family what kind of man Josh really isThere really isn t any angst or drama in this novella it s a feel good happy story about two very different men finding someone they can loveMy niggles I would have loved a little about Josh s family did what Brendon say change how they act towards Josh And in the very beginning of the story Brendon is wearing a t shirt that gets him a lot of laughs and he mentions it was a gift from his sister but a few pages later he tells Josh he is an only child Wow I really really really struggled with this one I made it to the 60% mark then ust couldn t force myself to continue This was classic genius the ock trope I m not sure uite what Andrew Grey was trying to do with Brendon s character though Brendon I m not sure uite what Andrew Grey was trying to do with Brendon s character though Brendon t uite high functioning Asperger s although I suspect this is what he was supposed to be he was definitely not autistic nor was he ADHD or a savant his character nearly met the absent minded professo This was a Cute Angst free Beautiful Story About Brendon A Young Professor story about Brendon a young professor science and Josh the tall dark and handsome assistant football coachIs this a dateBrendon asked YesJosh answeredAccording to the Internetwhen you date some onea kiss is usually expectedit comes at the end of the dateusuallybut I don t think uibbling about it is necessary a Brendon is a the typical cute geek who is a virgin at it all and when fate has Josh bumping into him it goes from there to his first kiss to first dates meeting Josh family and amongst all that he has a million euations an formulas going threw his head And a science comp to organizeJosh is there to teach him to love him and show him a way to love and live life beautifully I enjoy this romance about Josh an Brandon but it could be much deeper in terms of character development and relationship development I worry too that the portrayal of Autism in Brandon is a bit pat However Brandon is an engaging genius character Josh is sweet and kind I love that he ust asks Brandon out There is Halloween fun in here The villain is ust meanI love the discussion of the value of different kinds of work I would read in this series. Sul suo futuro ma Brendon riesce a far brillare il mondo di una luce miglioreuando il capo dipartimento di Brendon comincia a creargli dei problemi Josh e Brendon scoprono che aiutarsi l‘un l‘altro è il modo migliore per aiutare se stess.