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Julio's Wolf

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Oing so far as to udge them with the label sperm receptacle Every woman is basically a servant or a breeding machineOne huge final complaint The Krav Maga stuff is something that I so desperately want to use stronger language for I mean seriously strong language and capital letters The whole shebang Because here is how it is described in the book Julio put out his leg and tripped the wolf using his own weight against him Now here was how it was described later Krav Maga did you say Knowing how to trip Xavier saved your life No No No No No NO NO NO NO NO Do you hear that No This is not Krav Maga It had NOTHING to do with Krav Maga Heand hear me hereSTUCK HIS LEG OUT Like any other person on the planet might do to trip someone up It had nothing to do with his so called training in Krav Maga And Dîwana Jan just how proficient can a 14 year old be in Krav Maga anywayAnother thing that annoys meust as much The continual reference to street language As though any swear word belongs only to hookers and not to a respectable person I m pretty sure you know the two words I want to respond to that with They begin with F and OffOverall I would have enjoyed the story if it had been entirely focused on Julio and we were given of an insight into his life thoughts and feelings He was the only relatable character though I did feel a small affection for Donal who was his best friend I was disappointed that we didn t get to explore his character further or in detail as he was a real starI felt like the MateWolf aspect was used to limit the need for a lot of details and explanation Because the author perhaps thought it was unnecessary due to it being book 6 Regardless because I haven t read those previous 5 books I was left completely in the dark about a lot of the important detailsThe story could have been fantastic the plot was good could have gone in a really incredible direction and with some real attention to the characters it could have been a tear erker a heart tugger and a really emotional read that inspired me to care enough to read the next book and go back to read the previous five Without that detail there was nothing to make me connect to the characters or the story For being a werewolf story we see a wolf once for two seconds There is very little real exploration of the wolf aspect of the story and I needed of thatSo although the potential was huge the multitude of things that frustrated me and were lacking were even greater I can see other people enjoying this as I could have with a little understanding and description provided for both characters and the world building but I needed that extra connection I needed detail romance and chemistry I didn t get that in the end Loves it I love these author but I have trouble with why she decided to put dates and times on her paragraphs like a diary Them the scene where the Alpha Marche sits there with everyone at the table eating and talking graphically about how Julio and Etienne should screw which interested me that Julio didn t get embarrassed and who sit around talking about how you screw somebody To much repetition over Alexei and Donal and thanking Julio for saving him I am not complaining I love these books but I have to get use to the uirks I am anxiously awaiting Richard s story now JulioAmazing young man to survive the streets and the life choice he made His friend found love first Then he met his dream partner They fought for their love Five stars alwaysEvery story that A C writes is brilliant and amazing the storytelling Is outbof this world you make me laugh cry scream and want revenge But the most is you make me want Much like the review I gave for the previous book I realize how important Sean s role was an integral part of Julio s healing Kane s gift needed play in this story as ulio was play in this story as Julio was to horrible situations from the moment he found out about his parents deaths I am amused by the relationships that are blossoming between the Mates as well as the competition that has begun amongst the kitchen staff to outdo each other over the boys weekly lunches I am also finding it amusing to watch the Alphas uirks begin to show themselves as they create friction with their mates or step into the relationships of the other Alphas Spoiler Ahead This was book 6 in the Werewolves of Manhattan series Julio Reyes who we met in book 5 he is Donald s friend who helped him on the street they were both rent boys although Julio didn t have a pimp and wasn t on drug s Julio has been through a lot in his life his parents died when he was fourteen he *Was In A Group *in a group were he was picked on by the other boys when he ran away he was picked up and held by a child molester Etienne Daurensbourg is one hundred and thirty nine years old and fears he ll never find his Mate until one hundred and thirty nine years old and fears he ll never find his Mate until friend Alexei introduces him to Julio turns out Julio is Etienne s mate Julio wants to go to beauty school he wants to open his own saloon and with Alexei and Donald s help he is doing ust that When he meets Etienne he feels a spark but Julio isn t looking for love Etienne is so happy to finally find his mate that he waste no time protecting him and its a good thing because Julio is attacked in his apartment by a former ohn This was a really good book I love reading this series each of the Alpha mates have went through a lot and are their for each other Etienne is not only dealing with his mate being injured but from one of his pack members issuing a challenge Julio is considered a high human beta and he was a little harder to confines that Etienne loved him This was a really good book This book was well written with no errors in grammar or spelling I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series I want to see who Julio friend Richard will end up wit. Tubborn and independent Julio gets knifed and is forced to let Etienne provide him with a home and help to recoverPack problems arise that may force Etienne into the pit Will Julio be able to love Etienne despite the fact he is a loup gar. Re were a lot of issues within the plot things that made it impossible to understand the story the characters and the direction the overall series arc was taking This was mostly because it was impossible to understand what the world of these Werewolves of Manhattan were really like without having experienced the first five booksThe medical aspects were limited and misinformed in places as I feel I can say having spent the majority of my life in hospital Although I know how the author did their research since I had hyperlinks to WebMD within my book A lot of the misinformation or wrong information came from the fact that as Alpha s they got special treatment but it was still frustrating since it wasn t necessary in the first placeWhen it comes to Julio I found him as our only source of information Some of that however was in the wrong place or already spoiled The big secret that Julio kept for 49% of the story was given away in the blurb Justout there already It made the final big reveal really disappointing No one EVER asked for Julio s opinion compliance or agreement Ever Not when planning a wedding not about where he was going to college not on where he livedFor me Etienne was the epitome of every horrible thing that an Alpha male has ever been Julio was the only one with a backbone but he was so persistently made out to be a child and had his serious concerns and feelings marginalised that it was unbearable to see him falling for this ridiculous wolf relationship There was no affection no growth no love and no chemistry only a Mate bond that superseded all of thatThe MC s never got to know each other or attempted to understand who they were and I had trouble with Julio s dark past which was often ignored and minimalised within the plot and the impact that it should have had on himThe wolf world didn t make sense If wolves don t have kids naturally because the majority of them are gay then that Alpha Bitch and isn t that ust lovely is logically the only one who has kids Sure let s go with that for now But if that s true and all she has are girls then where do all the men come from How do so many gay male wolves exist After 36% of everyone being human we get one sentence of transformation It ust happened in a shimmer and Etienne was a wolf for two seconds The only other wolf action was a head transformation for less than a pageI took real issue with the constant way that the Mates were degraded throughout the story Examples Donal was called hysterical for sobbing after Julio was seriously injured Yet Etienne was the one being hysterical and no one batted an eyelash about it He even predicted in some magical coincidental way exactly what Julio s real injury was He cried at least once in every chapter yet Donal was the one called hysterical Julio had some misplaced guilt that weighed heavily on him and suddenly it meant he needed a psychologist Just like crying after being stabbed meant he somehow needed anti depressantsThere were events and dialogue that didn t make sense I m going to do this in bullet point form ust to keep it simple and straight to the point Lots of fancy terms High Beta loup garou proscription on sex etc that weren t explained until about 50% into the story So I spent half of the book having no clue what the continuous mentions of these words meant *It Took 36% To Find Out What Loup Garou Meant *took 36% to find out what loup garou meant having the word Being Used At Least 100 used at least 100 Before That Or At that Or at it felt like it Once I found out he was Irish I figured he was for you because he saved Donal and you saved me This made no sense until at least 85% when we were informed that all Mates are Irish with green eyes Before that it was only ever hinted at Oh and there was NO mention of any of the characters actually BEING Irish except by comments like these No accent no history no heritageThere are so many Alpha s that it was hard to keep track of who was who I had to ask myself if every single wolf was an Alpha in this world because there was nothing explained about the universe until Julio asked uestions at 50% and even then I didn t find out the true nature of the Alpha s until about 70%Nearly Every Single Page had food Julio had ust about an entire page worth of food description in each chapter Paragraph upon paragraph were wasted on detailed lists of food and drink ingredients that were completely unnecessary Those massive word counts could have been put to better use on character developmentCharacters being introduced like this Gabriel s Marceau and Marc s Anton It irritated me that characters were possessions or dismissedThings that bugged me the most Doctors would never recommend a hand sanitizer over washing handsBilly Joel s song is called Just the Way You Are Not I Love You Just the Way You Are It took two seconds to confirm on Google even though I already knew thatThe big secret that Julio kept for 49% of the story was given away in the blurb Justout there already It made the final big reveal really disappointingNo one EVER asked for Julio s opinion compliance or agreement Ever Not when planning a wedding not about where he was going to college not on where he livedAfter 36% of everyone being human we get one sentence of transformation It The Curious Cases of Cyriack Skinner Grey just happened in a shimmer and Etienne was a wolf for two seconds The only other wolf action was a head transformation for less than a pageIt felt so much like every character even those supposed to be in their 100 s was nothing than a hormonal horny emotional wreck of a teenagerEven the rent boys wereudgy about rent boys There wasn t one positive mention of having been a prostitute outside of Julio saying that he chose that life though it was continually pointed out that he only chose it because being used for his body was all he knew even Rg is one hundred and thirty nine years old and fears he’ll never find his Mate until his friend Alexei introduces him to Julio Julio is Etienne’s Mate but before he has a chance to court Julio who is a human high beta and therefore