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Ever since I read The Panda s Thumb some years ago I ve considered Stephen Jay Gould as one of my personal heroes Every time I go to a second I ve considered Stephen Jay Gould as one of my personal heroes Every time I go to a second bookstore I look n the Science section for some of his books I picked this one up at Second Story Books near Dupont Circle along with The Lying Stones of Marrakech which Gwydion's Dawn is next on my list to readOne of the aspects of Gould s writing that I absolutely loves how he uncovers the other side of stories that most people don t contemplate Of course I don t know what he was like as a person but the mpression I get from his writing s that when he finds that he disagrees with someone he would truly listen to the other person and try to understand where the disagreement comes from I feel like this characteristic Mj 12. Die Geheime Regierung is something that we should all be trying to cultivate these daysThis paragraph from Essay 29 Shields of Expectation and Actualitys a great representation of what I love about Gould s essaysThese extreme positions extreme realism vs extreme relativism of course are embraced by very few thinkers They are caricatures constructed by the opposition to enhance the rhetorical advantages of dichotomy They are not really held by anyone but partisans think that their opponents are this foolish thus fanning the zealousness of their own advocacy The possibility for consensus drowns Strahlend In Purpur Und Goldd. Heilige Reich Von Konstantinopel in a sea of changesThough Goulds talking about scientific realism and relativism I feel this applies to any highly divisive topic and I try to keep this Sierra Wildflowers: Mt. Lassen to Kern Canyon in mind any time I am thinking about these topicsA small complaint I feel like theres an error El Guero Tellez/ Tellez the Blond: Reportero de policia!/ Police Reporter! in Essay 30 A Tale of Three Pictures Gould writesAgassiz placed Cephalaspis as the first side branch from his central stock of the most primitive group the ganoids sharks and their relativesI appreciate Gould placing the word primitiven uotes as that Haunted Louisiana: The Most Haunted Houses in Louisiana is another often misunderstood and misapplied adjectiven the context of evolution that s not my concern did a double take at the I did a double take at the Ganoids are definitely NOT sharks and their relatives The figure Gould refers to looks to be n French but I can tell that the sharks and relatives are A Mistaken Match in a completely different group from the right mostf you have a copy labeled Ordre des Placoides with subgroups like Chimerides chimeras rayes rays sualides dogfish and Cyclostomes That Last Definitely That last definitely t belong but makes sense n the historical contextThe group labeled Order des Ganoides contains acipenserides sturgeon but that s really the only subgroup I recognize as a ganoid The group names suggest that Agassiz classified the fishes nto four groups using the type of scales they have but I guess there wasn t as much close study on the scales of some of these other subgroups he considers to be ganoidsI wonder f t was actually Gould who put that The Diminished in or some editor who felt an explanation was necessary I m sure he would have received plenty of letters pointing out this error before the compilation of his essaysnto Among scientists who write no one lluminates as well as Stephen Jay Gould doesthe wonderful workings of the natural world Now n a new volume of collected essays his sixth since Ever Since Darwin. Light of this t becomes for me to feel For Very Long Any Sense Of Dislocation From My Time long any sense of dislocation from my time place n the world Such knowledge grounds one IN A COMPLEX UNIVERSE LIFE IS a complex universe Life Claimed by a Cowboy isn the crucial sense that all creatures form a web of unbroken genealogical linkage p 327Here too Discipline is a reason I love reading Highly recommended This collection of essayss Gould s last as an author but my first as a reader of him They are somewhat eclectic though grouped according to theme and overall evolution and scientific method crop up the most often Technically the approach Claim the Night (The Claiming is less diverse with an opening starting with some personal or topical at the time of writing anecdote leadingnto a general discussion of a Big Idea This Claimed by Desire is somewhatrritating to me because Say Youll Remember Me it reminds me of Radio 4 s Thought for the Dayn which a news story Accidental Bodyguard is used to leadnto some crass attempt to foist religion on to meThe main body of each essay s well argued and clearly explained and demonstrates that Gould had not only a thorough understanding of his subject but the history of t too I learned much about modern Mehr als das ideas about evolution and found his remarks on scientific methodnteresting and worthwhile It The Accidental Cowboy (Angel Crossing, Arizona, is also clear that he found an ocean ofncomprehension of evolution around him which he tried to mop up with his books kno All I can say Abby and the Bachelor Cop is that I really liked this book A lot Gds Eye to Eye in the details yeah Mr Gould was a Harvard professor and since the early 70 s has been writing essayson natural history evolution paleontology study of prehistoric life His essays were bundledand publishednto books Dinosaur Accidentally Expecting in a haystack was probably his most notableI ve liked his works as he s very accessible despite the technically scientific jargon and concepts hentroduces He doesn t dumb t down but gives the reader enough to understand the mportance of a particular essay TO do this he sprinkles Herzrivalen in gilbert sullivanbaseball and personal references to helpllustrate those points I pair his writings with Oliver Sacks except with Mr Gould s essays really shine with his exuberance and passion n his related fieldsViews on evolution In dinosaurs n a haystack the essays had a common theme of punctuated eualibrium change happening Alaskan Nights in uick bursts Piggiess an earlier work and n t the evolution aspect s depicted as of a culling of what currently s to shape what will be He borrows the reference of life being a push and depending on factors certain branches stop developing or die and others continue onThe title references an essay based on how evolution determined 5 fingers for homo sapiensThe essay details how t wasn t a developing up to 5 then a stop but based on a prehistotic creaturethat had 89 digits and through change developed nto 5I ve felt that essays are an Always Look Twice interesting form The points basically to provide knowledge and concepts accessible to the non scientific and non academic circles In the technical field this All For You: Halfway There / Buckhorn Ever After / The One You Want / One Perfect Night is difficult For that I give Mr Gould Kudos. D shows once and for all why we must take notice when a seeminglynsignificant creature s threatened like the land snail Partula from Moorea whose extinction he movingly relates from the back cov.

Summary Eight Little Piggies Reflections n Natural History

Book Or maybe I am Missing Something I Think I something I think I some of his other collections a little than this one The earlier collections seemed like science for the layman and a few of these essays bog down Annalee And The Lawman in some mundane technical aspects and touch on whats an all too familiar ground Gould had covered before the evolution drama of all the players who blindly rejected or blindly embraced t Another great *entry from Stephen Jay Gould Really enjoyed his techniue of feinting from one popular topic nto a deeper scientific nsight Published *from Stephen Jay Gould Really enjoyed his techniue of feinting from one popular topic nto a deeper scientific Anything For His Son insight Published 1993 Eight Little Piggiess Stephen Jay Gould s sixth book of collected essays These essays besides being full of fascinating natural science facts and history discuss Gould s horror at the loss of animals around the world for the first time Anticipation in a section Part one The Scale of ExtinctionThe rest of the book follows Gould s usual thematic stories about evolutionary theory and histories of life Odd Bits of Vertebrate Anatomy Vox Populi Musings Human Nature Grand Patterns of Evolution Revising and Extending Darwin Reversals Fragments of a Book Not WrittenAll of these essays appearedn Natural History magazineGould writes about science with verve He loves ncluding a huge variety of related science factoids and history whether discussing the variety of shapes of dog skulls fossil discoveries the methodology of fourteenth century proto scientists who came up with creation dates such as October 23 4004 bce as the date the earth was created psychological blubbering over nostalgic pasts that never existed wrong scientific conclusions which were nonetheless mportant to the discussion of evolution ncluding Darwin probability and randomness evolutionary Trees of Life and sociobiology among many nteresting subjectsThere s an Index and a BibliographyI love these books I wish he were still alive and could come teach debaters logic Not an easy read for me since I have little knowledge of things palentological but the nsights Annie and the Outlaw into evolution are worth wading through The man was a supreme essayist It s easy to think that we are the most ephemeral of creatures our lifetimes but a blinkn the overall scheme One of the things I get from reading Gould s the knowledge that we are very ancient creatures I am an ancient creature On the cellular level mitochondria and chloroplasts look uncannily like entire prokaryotic organisms they have their own DNA and are the same size as Bacteria Almost Surely They Almost surely they as symbionts within cells of other species and later became highly ntegrated to form the eukaryotic cell so that each cell The Single Dad's Redemption in our body has the evolutionary status of a former colony p 320 So not only are we each a living record of hundreds of millions of years of ancestry but the so called junk DNA the seemingly useless nonfunctional copies upon copies of genes we possess may actually permit the evolution of complexity We are very ancient yet our species contains the mechanism for further evolution In. Gould speaks of themportance of unbroken connections within our own lives and to our ancestralgenerations Along with way he opens to us the mysteries of fish tails frog calls and other matters an. Eight Little Piggies Reflections n Natural History