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Rating 45 StarsYep I am writing this review with a few happy tears in my eyes because Surviving Adam Meade did a great job of hitting me right in the feelsWho Claire the coaches daughter and resident new girl who was still trying to recover from a broken heart Her goal was to get into the college of her choice and avoid boys especially football players at all costs Adam the uarterback and resident football hero who shunned most attachments in order to focus on his goals football a championship and college WhatThough they both wanted to eep it simple neither Adam nor Claire were able to deny the crackling attraction which existed between them Would they be able to move beyond their past and forge a future And would a future together be possible given their divergent paths WhyThis book grabbed me from the very beginning and never let go I found myself totally captivated by Adam and Claire s story One of the very first things I noted was how much I loved the banter And I am not just talking about that which occurred between Adam and Claire but like how all the characters interacted There was a fun ease between them which I really loved When I was reading the exchanges between Claire and her family I could almost hear my own dad s and sister s voicesClaire was the character we Gandhi Churchill: The Epic Rivalry that Destroyed an Empire and Forged Our Age knew a lot about in the beginning We didn tnow all the details but we Les Innocents knew she suffered a romantic loss as well as a loss of her friends and her status due to her family s move but Adam was of a mystery He was uite complex and the details and depth of his character were slowly revealed layer by layer I won t pretend his story didn t break my heart because it did There were these little details Klare gave us that had me thinking one way or the other but the real story broke me even Then we had Claire and Adam who sort of made me nuts at times but I still adored There was tension between them immediately and it was easy to see how this was moving from irritation to attraction The push and pullept me on edge and I ept wondering when they would act on it I loved every delicious second of it I also liked the way they challenged each other and there were so many times when they would insist the other tell them what they are thinking so they could openly discuss things People that s how you make things work The drama came in the form of their pasts and their futures Both Adam and Claire had sound arguments for why they did not want to become involved in any sort of relationship They had these abandonment issues they were dealing with plus they were getting ready to head off to college in a few short months These fears and complications were very real and I thought Klare tackled them well She didn t make it easy nor did she cop out There was this one scene where Claire just let s everything go and I just ept flashing back to that final scene from When Harry Met Sally and the tears fell OverallA fabulous hate to love romance which had me laughing smiling and rooting for these two to follow their hearts because sometimes you just now when you ve met your matchARC provided in exchange for an honest review BLOG INSTAGRAM TWITTER BLOGLOVIN FRIEND ME ON GOODREADS Full review on Flipping Through the PagesActual rating 35 starsSurviving Adam Meade was a ind of swoony read You now the stories where the girl is attracted to the bad boy and we all actually like that douche faced bad guy because of his attitude though he is broken from inside Well yeah I basically summed up the story in two lines Except not This is broken from inside Well yeah I basically summed up the story in two lines Except not This was about chasing your dreams too I really enjoyed the book overallThis story is about Claire Collins who has moved to a new town in her senior year thanks to her dad who is a football coach She is trying to forget in her senior year thanks to her dad who is a football coach She is trying to forget past and to move on She never again wanted to fall for a guy who plays football but then she meets Adam Meade who is in the football team coached by her father Claire just wanted to graduate and go to Auburn her dream school but Adam Meade turns out to be an unexpected thing in her life Adam is the star of the high school s football team and basically the most popular guy in the school Claire and Adam are like enemies and both get under the skin of each other Both are stubborn and strong willed but what happens next is something to look out forWhat I Liked For the starters the initial plot of the story was uite realistic Claire moved to a new town in her final year leaving her friends there and also faced a terrible breakup I think this was something that most teens can relate to really well In my opinion the life of high school was portrayed pretty well Adam was certainly a favorite character He was popular and always tried to show himself as a strong person But when he met Claire and realized that he wasn t able to woo her by his charm like other girls he was really irritated But soon he started showing his vulnerable side to her Claire actually came out as a strong character She tried to hold her life together after a messy player and to a great extent she was able to I really loved how she was focused on her dream school and wanted to get there on any condition We get to see rare teens in YA these days who are actually focused on their future I really liked how much she was motivated and determined I personally love hate to love romance trope and I enjoyed all the heated banter between Claire and Adam Both were stubborn though they had chemistry from the beginning What started as heated arguments and sarcastic comments soon turns to something passionate Apart from all the swoony things we also get to see the various problems through which both Claire and Adam were going through While Claire was trying to forget and her past and was trying to adjust to the new world Adam had things related to her family I really appreciate the author for showing the senior year challenges in a realistic way All the challenges like filling applications going to college visits deciding on long term relationships all felt real and relevantWhat I didn t like The biggest problem that I had with this story was its speed It was way too fast and at times it felt as if it missed so many days and weeks in between I felt that this book could have been a little longer to miss out some basic details One moment it was like Monday and the next chapter was moving two weeks after The storyline definitely felt all over the place I felt that character development was okay but it could have been better The depth was missing from the characters I felt that the relationship between Claire and Adam was too rushed I wanted them to be friends first so that they now each other better but I think within the leng. Seventeen year old Claire Collins has a plan get into college and leave North Carolina behind What she doesn’t have is an idea for how to get rid of the local football star and womanizer extraordinaire Adam Meade who she can’t even avoid despite ma. .

Surviving Adam MeadeTh of the book this was all we could have gotten The ending was not my favorite but considering that there is a next book in the series I am hoping that the story would take a better turnOverall I enjoyed this book This can be a perfect beach side companion or a summer read If you love YA contemporary definitely give this book a try It s a uick and engaging read that will make you laugh and smile in eual measuresBlog Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest Google Surviving Adam Meade is Shannon Klare s debut novel It tells the story of Claire Collins senior year The problem she had to change schools because of her dad s job She left behind her a past and a passion for football That was until she befriended Riley and met Adam MeadeHonestly this book could have used at least another hundred pages I spent half the book asking myself if I hadn t read over whole paragraphs because I couldn t believe everything was happening that fast I would have liked to have context and depth justifying explaining the characters actions Instead everything felt forced the relationships the friendships the character s development I would have liked special or just basic moments between the characters to get to now them better to get a sense of what they had in common why they were friends etc I also didn t like the relationship between Claire and Adam THEre WERE CUTE MOMENTS THOUGH BOY THEY WERE CUTE But the relationship in itself felt empty not based on anything solid and everything felt rushed Their fights were unnatural to me as if they didn t need a good reason to fight but they just had to for the sake of the plot not really The characters also didn t really any depth in my opinion Claire was childish and her younger brother made me think the entire book that he should have been older because he was way mature that she was It was like everything became a reason to complain and get mad even when there was no real reason I would have liked to get to now Riley and Tate a little bit too I gave the second star for the absolutely delightful sarcastic conversations between Claire and Adam and because of the cute moments I totally loved this book Brooding arrogant male and female lead ready to nock him off his pedestal Where do I sign Adam Meade school uarterback goodlooking cocky rude and a heartbreaker He is everything Claire Collins wants to avoid Her father has taken a new job which means they are moving yet again Claire loved her old school and her ex boyfriend Unfortunately he didn t want to do the whole long distance thing Claire is trying to mend her broken heart but because her dad is the football coach she can t get away from the team She wants her parents to let her visit her old school friends Her dad wants her to help out with the football practices Adam Meade wants his water girl to deliver it cold and so the fun begins Adam is a complex character who doesn t want anyone to get too close He is than meets the eye but his goal is to concentrate on football He wants a college scholarship and everything else is a distraction Surviving Adam Meade is told from Claire s point of view She isn t looking for love Her ex still has a hold on her heart She doesn t want a new set of friends or a new school but what she finds is a perfect fit Fate plays a hand to give her everything she didn t expect I really like stories that have a lovehate relationship and this one does it well I really liked the way the book is written and I couldn t predict what the characters were going to do There is similar storyline out there but this one has all the right twists and turns to make it uniue I loved every minute of it This is A Great Book It S great book It s to laugh with and ept me hooked 5 stars out of 5 I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review as part of the Xpresso Book Tours My date is August 16th I m in a bit of a reading slump so I switched back to YA for a bitThis one has I switched back to YA for a bitThis one has cute one liners but these two go getters sometimes go a bit overboard in their verbal sparring Nevertheless the story was often cute but we ve been here before The writing was good and the author did try to inject a bit of realism in the story Relationships ARE hard and no woman should lose herself and follow her partner in all things in order to eep things happy Into every life a little rain must fall etc I m scoring this one a 35 out of 5 This was the classic high school love ind of book A uick and enjoyable reading between those periods you re still influenced about a great book and need a break from all those feelings it s nothing too much drama and a lot of easy and fun momentsi liked it because of its simplicityI gave it 35 stars I was really excited to read this Counting down the days to it s release But it was a major let down from the beginning The moment Adam tells her she ll be replaced if she can t manage to bring ice on the field I wasn t feeling him or his attitude From there they immediately didn t like each other Which wasn t surprising or upsetting Adam acted like a jerk 90% of the time and Claire was rather whiny She talks a lot about the demise of her previous relationship without much detail to help us understand why she was so heartbroken so it s really repetitive For about half the book she s determined to go visit the old town in order to see her ex but once she an Adam have a near Moonrise (Snowfall, kiss in the locker room all her attention is on him instead That was confusing because it isn t exactly clear when they start becoming friendly than friends or why It justind of happens one night at Tate s place I didn t feel their chemistry honestly It came off like a story about how a boy is mean on the playground but that means he likes youSaid boy also had a lot of sad background story I didn t like either With his cancer ridden grandmother and deceased parentssister I felt like it was used as an excuse for why he s so bitchy than anything else Then Clair s big thing was the whole heartbreak That wasn t explained much beyond that she and Seth had been together since early high school and planned on attending the same collage It seems unrealistic to me that they wouldn t end up working it out not after being together for 3 years and ending up at the same collage But she meets Adam who is a dick let s be real so she ignores Seth trying to fix things I now it s a story about teenagers but when I was a teenager and thought I was in love with someone I didn t rush into new relationships mere months later Most women don t So it s basically a book about how a girl rebounds a jackass But it s cool cause he s southern and cute UghI m also annoyed that the cover for this book was used on another authors book as. Ny efforts because Claire’s dad is the high school football coach Seventeen year old Adam Meade never fails He always gets what he wants until he meets Claire the new girl who leaves him unnerved pissed off and confused But there’s something about he. ,

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