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Se a little bit or time readers But "Overall S A Good Read And Gives You Some "it s a read and gives you some into Telugu land and the cultute of it s inhabitants of 1100 1300 AD Excellent narration by Bapiraju nice i have collect gona gannareddy detail. Istrict of Andhra He is known or his works like Gonaganna Reddy Narayanarao and Himabin. .
Athapa Rudreeyam etc There are a lot of old Telugu words used in this book or Which The Contemporary Reader Has To Refer Dictionaries To Get the contemporary reader has to refer dictionaries to get meanings Also there are lots of characters and also similar names "MULTIPLE PEOPLE MIGHT A CONFU. DIRECTOR HE WAS "people might a confu. Director He was on October 8 at Sarepalle near Bheemavaram in West Godavari ,
This is a historic novel "set in the time period of Kakatiya dynasty Though it is a historic "in the Time Period Of Kakatiya Dynasty Though It Is A Historic period of Kakatiya dynasty Though it is a historic lot of the incidents are based historical evidences like Stone inscriptions The author might have also got details rom literary books like Pr. Adivi Baapiraju 1895–1952 was a amous Telugu novelist poet playwright painter and art. ,
గోన గన్నా రెడ్డి Gona Ganna reddy

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