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やがて君になる 1

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S volume namely the relationship between Nanami and Koito Throughout I felt that there was a lot of pressure directed towards Koito by Nanami to reciprocate the senpai s feelings which did make me a little ncomfortable I also get the impression that is asexual and doesn me a little A White Slave in Turkey Book 1 - A BDSM Novel uncomfortable I also get the impression that Koito is and doesn have romantic feelings for anyone whereas Nanami clearly likes Koito and often touches her At Actual rating 355 35 stars Sometimes love just takes time for the other person to get into rightIt was cute and kind of rushed into the insta love but then slowed down a little Student council president and second year student Nanami falls for first year student Yuu She confesses her love for Yuu but Yuu doesn t feel the same way She waits for the day that a love confession will make her heart flutter Even though Yuu doesn t feel the same way about Nanami as Nanami feels about her she wonders if she ll fall for her too I can t wait to see what happens in the second installment and to see their relationship further develop 35 starsBloom Into You is yuri ff romance manga about fifteen year old girl Yuu who enters new school and gets involved in student council She meets school president to be Nanako Beautiful and seemingly perfect Nanako falls for her but Yuu doesn t feel anything about it Nanako asks Yuu if it s okay for her to woo Yuu and Yuu agrees That the basic premise of the story I like the characters and I like their relationship they definitely mess thingsp but I appreciate that they actually discuss it For example Nanako kisses Yuu without asking if it s okay and later she apologizesAt first I A junior high school classmate confesses his feelings to her she feels nothing Disappointed and confused Yuu enters high school where she sees the ,
Yuu a first year in high school has never been boy obsessed the way her friends are Yet she yearns for the same passion that they have She goes to her school club s mentor for advice After Getting Confessed To Nanami Is The getting confessed to Nanami is the popular senior student at their school She s beautiful she s one of the top scoring students and everybody loves her However she also has never had feelings for anyoneuntil she finds herself falling for Yuu It s a magical feeling for Nanami especially with all the pressures she s living 1898 under She knows Yuu doesn t feel anything romantic toward her but she s willing to put everything at stake just to be able to keep the feeling going Nanami proposes a symbiotic relationship that Yuu agrees to I absolutely love it the pining the softness the gaaaaaaaay This series is easily one of my favorites Nio Nakatani gives her characters vulnerability yet with every bit of autonomy I m eating it allp There are a couple of consent issues where they touch each other without permission but it s illustrated in a romantic manner ex hand holding and a surprise kiss 5 stars because yuri is full of dumb anime tropes that are forced to give a pass to but Bloom Into You rises above it Perfection Yay for eer ladies in manga that aren pass to but Bloom Into You rises above it all Perfection Yay for eer ladies in manga that aren just there for men If anyone has recs for eer adult manga let me know 375 stars i m a simple bi woman i see two cute manga girls on the cover so i want it 35 stars Hmmmmthis is a tricky manga for me to rate and review because whilst I did like it and will be continuing on with the series there were a few problems with thi. Yuu has always adored shoujo manga and yearns for the day when someone might give her a love confession that would send her heart aflutter Yet when.

Idn t think I d be on board of let s "make person fall in love after rejection trope but in case of Yuu and Nanako it works because they talk about "person fall in love after rejection trope but in case of Yuu and Nanako it works because they talk about and they don t have illusions about what the other feelsThe art was lovely I wouldn t call it anything special but it works for this storyOverall it s a really good first volume in the series I m curious to see the development of the romance and learn about Yuu Nanako and other girls The supporting cast of characters looks lovelyPS Yuu s family runs a bookstore It love it Although it isn t likely to last this first volume of Seven Seas latest yuri series actually reads like a story about the relationship between a lesbian and an asexual girl Not aromantic however I do hope it continues this way because there s a serious lack of asexual characters in YA fiction and this could provide some much needed representation Full review eventually appearing on ANN This was exactly what I hoped for It s really rare to pick p a yuri manga and flip through it without finding at least one male gaze y fan service scene so I was pleasantly surprised to find this one and see the inside was just cute and sweet as the cover This felt like yuri written was just as cute and sweet as the This felt like yuri written young Vérité (Love at Center Court, ueer girls I even tearedp at a few really important lines And sprinkled throughout are just nice scenes with female friendships and family relationships It was honestly everything I wanted from a yuri manga but didn t dare hope forThe reason it s not 5 stars is because I felt like I didn t know the characters very well at the end I want time with them to really get to know their per. Onfident and beautiful student council member Nanami When the next person to confess to Yuu is Nanami herself has her romantic dream finally come tr. ,

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