[PDF] All Cats Have Asperger Syndrome by Kathy Hoopmann

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My daughter has Aspergers and loves this book as does her little sister It is very sweet and discribes her perfectly in a lovely and kind way It is nice for her to have a book that she can show to other kids or relatives to let them know who she is to maybe let them understand her a to maybe let them understand her a better as often they do not especially family The pictures in this book are amazing all kittens doing funny things Well worth getting if someone in your life has Aspergers as my daughter would say two thumbs and two big toes up from OUR FAMILY APPROPRIATE FOR ADULTS WITH ASPERGER S AS family appropriate for adults with Asperger s as as children It does seem true that Aspies do prefer cats to dogs because cats aren t in your faceWell done and surprisingly comprehensive My husband was willing to read it and had a revelation about himself This after 38 years of marriage 45 stars Highly recommended to families classrooms parents who are considering looking for a diagnosis and ppl who like pictures of cute cats A nice book a very cute and warm way to look at Aspergers My main complaint is that it doesn t take into account differences between different individuals with Aspergers It over generalizes For instance it states he doesn t want loved ones to hold him That may be true for some individuals but their are many children with AS who really really love to be held who are actually clingier than most childrenIt also states that the first signs of Aspergers are detected when the person is very young I only partly agree because while those signs might exist at an early age they are often not recognized There are many peo. Ontroerend vol humor en informatief Alle katten hebben Asperger laat de mooie en moeilijke kanten zien van het opvoeden va. Ple who only discover their AS as adultsDespite such criticisms I did This Book this book Okay did not know what to make of this book when I saw it on the table at a recent book sale but cat lover that I am how could I pass it up for 50 centsThe book is ust 65 pages but not ONLY DOES THE BOOK HAVE GREAT PHOTOS OF KITTENS does the book have great photos of kittens every page but there is something to be learned by each photo and how the various cat photos relates to Asperger s Syndrome The book begins by showing a sleeping kitty and telling how the first signs of Aspergers are usually picked up very youngThe photographs go on to show how an Asperger child looks at the world in a uniue way Another photo shows a kitty alone and states that although he likes to be near those he loves he doesn t want them to hold him preferring suishy places to a hug Another photo demostrates a scared kitty and states An Asperger child often has exceptionally good hearing and loud sounds and sudden movements may scare himAll in all this book is pretty amazing in the way it explains Aspergers in simple terms and using large letters to explain each kitten photo in terms of children with Aspergers By using these adorable photos to explain how cats can be very uirky aloof and creatures of routine and that their behaviors at times can be somewhat similar to children with AspergersThis book would be a good teaching resource for siblings therapists and teachers HIGHLY RECOMMENDED A new way to look at those with Asperger syndrome Thanks Kitty 4 stars and not 5 because I feel that the book would have benefited from foreword. N kinderen met autisme De lezer krijgt door dit boek informatie over het syndroom van Asperger en zal ook de positieve kan. All Cats Have Asperger Syndrome