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Cloning MirandaNy in a true and intentional way Cloning contains a great plot some might say and the character goes through a life changing emotional ordeal The revolving themes great plot some might say adventurous and the character goes through a life changing emotional ordeal The revolving themes this book pertain to ethics in the scientific community mostly and from what I can remember In terms of character development I wouldn t say that it was a significant changespeaking from memory I admit I did read the book thoroughly when I was 12 but from what I remember of how I felt about it I really liked it I do remember the plot vaguely because in gr12 I had to choose a book and write an article about it book and write an article about it a biological perspective on the story for Biology class I didn t have any time to read through any of the thicker books to refresh my memory so I chose this one for it being a ick read Therefore making it easier for me to skim through the story for fictitious biological facts My point is that aside from the research I did to analyze how realistic this story might be in reality I only remember the general plot from when I was skimming Other aspects of this book that one would analyze for a literature essay I remember vaguely This makes my review partially incomplete and flawed I would recommend this book for preteens and not older readers I would also have rated Mptom of a fatal disease Her parents are prepared to fight for her life with everything they have wealth connections determination Miranda won'.

Summary Cloning Miranda

Well that was something I literally JUST FINISHED IT AND I WAS finished it and I was to complete it in less than half an hourSo predictable Maybe it s the A White Slave in Turkey Book 1 - A BDSM Novel use of a spoilery title but I already knew what was happening a few pages into the book It also felt way too rushed and wasite frankly boring255 would not recommend 25 starsBecause this wasn t too long 86 pages it wasn t too npleasant to read But still the solution feels a little ridiculous Why would someone let anyone perform surgery on him to look like 10 years ago just to look less suspicious if He S Having A Ten s having a ten old child at the age of 55I like the message that your fate is not destined and you can choose yourself what you do but the character Emma said she adapted the speech from a Stark Trek episode It was an ok read I m clearly well out of the target demographic for Cloning Miranda so the fact that I enjoyed it ite a lot might not actually be that much of an indication While it starts a little slowly as the plot is revealed it becomes an engaging narrative about what it means To Be Human Miranda And be human Miranda and best friend Emma are great characters and their discussions and investigations are delightful The book has a sense of humour which doesn t Night of the Werewolf (Choose Your Own Nightmare, uite come acrossntil the last third or so but it is rather fun. Miranda has it all beauty brains talent perfect health Then when day her vision gets a little blurry and the doctor tells her it's the first sy. ,

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T 4 stars if I was my 12 year self when I read this book And the worst parent award goes to Miranda s parentsI think this book is a solid three star book I didn t think it was mind blowing but I didn t think it was just fine ether It s a solid story COVERI thought the cover was a little Lay My Burden Down unusual having a face cutout like that on the bookntil just now I JUST realized that the background is a continuation of the face just as a negative image and that is just really cool The Back Has The back has the image but completely done in negative I personally like the added touch StoryI just love how bad her parents are at lying and when the doctor drugged Miranda I couldn t stop laughing I m not sadistic it s just what he said had me going Doctor comes in Your having a bad dream He exclaims then drugs her I read that and I Was Like Yeah Sure Like Even Miranda Will Buy was like Yeah sure Like even Miranda will buy I have to admit I was really impressed with how far they took it though This book could have gone way down into the rabbit hole of creepiness and it could have easily gone there but it didn t I really like it for thatI declared right at Chapter 2 on this might be the book where the main character just might actually die at the end I didn t know and forgot the main character just might actually die at the end I didn t know and forgot actually made two other Clone books This book. T lose her life or her sight Instead she'll begin to see things about her parents about her life that surprise her Shock her Scare her Save her. ,

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