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Written book so the typical story didn t really bother me It was written in a simpler time Before cell phones and computers A plus to this book was finding out my oldest son had read it when he was in middle school To read passages that he had read was a nice connection to the bookVery enjoyable read Have you ever read a book we re you want to be in a persons shoes and you can t wait to see what happens next because the book Dunk by David Lubar is exactly that This book is so *fun and exciting and always keeps you on your feetThis book is about *and exciting and always keeps you on your feetThis book is about kid named Chad and Chad is a kid who once was walking the boardwalk and a bozo the people who sit in dunk tanks waiting to get dunked made a mean comment about chad Then chad wasn t happy so through balls at a target to put the bozo under water After that day Chad got inspired to be a bozo and happened to meet someone who is a bozo and she gave Chad some good advice Later in Chads life he got his change So Dunk is not another book about basketball nor is it about donutsWhat it is is a terrific book about a young man who aspires to be a clown in a dunking booth And some other stuff a young man who aspires to be a clown in a dunking booth And some other stuff very much enjoyed the book Have you ever read a book and felt like you wanted to be in their shoes If you are interested in a chill and relatable read this is the book for you I chose to rate dunk by david lubar 55 stars I absolutely loved it The book has a summer vibe and made me miss being at the beach due to the fact it is set at the Jersey Shore This book is written in the perspective of a teenage boy who spends all his time on the Jersey Shore boardwalk Dunk will appeal to anyone all ages and all genders would love this read If you are interested in the beach young romance family and friends you should definitely try out this book Gonna have to do yet another adjective review Sorry This is sweet and cuteAnd intensePoignantAnd funny Original creativeThe characters are lovable even Jason s mom but maybe not a certain cop and a certain teacherMostly it s believable but it s kinda a bit like a fairy tale tooAnd I read it in one night because it was one of my tossturn nights AND because it was truly engagingLubar is brilliant writes for reluctant readers but doesn t dumb down to them at all and so the rest of us can enjoy his stories too I will keep reading him and I recommend you do too. Too He's determined to get a ob playing the Bozo something he knows he'd be good at Suddenly Chad finds himself thrown into a strange and twisted world where humor has far power than he ever imagined With a crackling plot and smart funny dialogue Dunk pulls readers along on a ourney that exposes a universal truth We all need to laugh. ,
The army You know exactly what s going to happen and they won t fire you if business gets slow No matter what you get your check and you get your meals He plopped back on his towel Agreed Corey said Working sucks I hoped they were wrong Two years of school and then I d be doing some sort of work Maybe I d really get to own an arcade Or maybe I d be the guy sticking his arm in a cloud of mosuitoes I didn t have a clue where I d end up It didn t seem like I had any control over that right now Or maybe ever And even after all these years of school I hadn t found anything I thought I d be good at Until nowThere are a number of important themes in DUNK by David Lubar but I was affected foremost by that of characters finding their places in the working world I remember being a young child and my father coming in the back door at daybreak in the midst of a blizzard after working a double shift in order to take advantage of lucrative overtime pay He was an oil burner serviceman *in those days his late twenties before Mom persuaded him to start his own plumbing and contracting businesses Helping *those days his late twenties before Mom persuaded him to start his own plumbing and contracting businesses Helping the construction obs as a kid I wa This was a sweet little YA book that was on the books that won t make you blush list While I found the writing a bit telling at times a bit uneven I loved the subject matter and the setting the Jersey Shore and a boy who wants to be a Bozo in a dunk Tank This Book Explores The This book explores the of why we need to laugh and had a real sweetness to it a hopefulness something else I think we need as a readers The world seems to be the clown and I m the mark always missing my throws to dunk it while simultaneously being insulted This book reminded me of that while also having nothing relatable to meAnyways this book tells of a struggle of a kid looking for a summer Comment Devenir Mannequin job while avoiding letting his friends know who is behind the makeup Pfft look at this dude needing mask to be aoke I can do that easy Get on my level boiI rate this book a 55 Picked this book up after glancing through a few pages It is the end of summer and the beginning of fair season so was interested in the setting of this book The setting is an eastern boardwalk The main character is a teenage boy living through one of his last summer s as a kid A typical ya bookboy his friends teenage drama and of course a girl However this was a well. He target and see the Bozo plunge into the water It's a game that fascinates Chad who lives on the Jersey shore where the boardwalk turns into an amusement park every summer He wishes he could shout at the world from the safety of a cage his dad ran out on him and his mom and now everyone seems convinced that Chad will wind up a loser. I read this with my son for a 7th grade literature assignment they were allowed to pick their own book to read This *Title Was On A List *was on a list found of good books for a 12 year old boy We both read it so that I could keep him motivated to finish the assignment by talking about the book as we went through it together This is a decent YA read and by talking about the book as we went through it together This is a decent YA read and good one for a 12 14 yr old boy who might not love to read There are some good life lessons about honesty empathy and courage Plus the major parts of a story are relatively easy to identify Good YA read that stands out because of the uniue premise and driving force throughout the novel the dunk tank A kid who wants to exercise power in his life by taking on the role of a Bozo Clown probably would never have thought of that concept It sounds comical and hard to sustain through an entire book but the details and wide world of the protagonist expand the story to make a satisfying read Gets a little didactic at the end and while at some points this does a solid ob of expounding teenage

Woes At Other Times This 
at other times this like a PG version of teenagehood softened for younger readers But direct funny interesting Great character uirks and voices Enjoyed overall though not a remarkable read 13 August 2002 DUNK by David Lubar Clarion September 2002 It s got to be the worst ob in the world Uh uh Corey said There are lots worse I had an uncle who was a tester for insect repellent They d spray his arms with different formulas and then he d stick them in a tank full of mosuitoes That s nothing Jason said Back in New York a couple of the older kids I knew made money selling their blood You re only supposed to sell some every two weeks and you re not supposed to sell it at all if you re underage but they d go to a bunch of different places Yuck Mike said But that s not a ob is it I mean you don t do it all day long Maybe but it s still pretty rough by the third or fourth pint Jason said How about fixing clogged toilets Corey asked That can t be fun That s not so bad Mike told him It s not like you do it with your bare hands My neighbor s a plumber He makes good money Now sitting in an office somewhere the same place all day every day that s got to suck Depends what you do Corey said I can spend the whole day on my computer No problem Basically working sucks Mike said That s why I m oining. To the Bozo the clown who sits inside the cage above the dunk tank everyone is a mark Once he has zeroed in on his victim the Bozo comes up with the perfect wisecrack something funny enough to make people stop and listen and cruel enough to hook the mark Now the mark is bent on revenge and he'll buy however many balls he needs to hit ,

Dunk author David Lubar