The Vampires Witch A Witch Between Worlds #1 [Pdf or ebook] ☆ Emma Glass

Eat characters wonderfully written gripping Plot 2 Stars Ah Not 2 stars ah not good did not enjoy this one and it did not hold my attention How I feel

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all the in this book They killed itIn this story the men women are the true warriors The women are tricky little devils In the best kind of way Like a predator just playing with its food Let s take a look at how the women are describedI leaned forward and took a good look at the sorceress as she lifted her head and pulled back the hood A golden circlet with an inset emerald sat on her forehead holding back long black hair Her fierce green eyes were glued to me as she held my attention But her most stri OMGI can t believe it The reviews were right I loved Twilight but this is so much intriguing I already purchased the 2nd book I HAVE to know what happens next with Clara and Elliott I couldn t get into the book Thinking of trying again later Stunningly Written and Utterly Captivating I couldn t stop my self from devouring every word Characters are deep well developed and charming Everything that has happened thus far without any spoilers has me excited to see where Clara will end up. World If word of her arrival spreads the entire world could erupt into a brutal war over Clara’s fate After all there hasn’t been a human in this vampire realm for thousands of ears and that’s a very dangerous position for a teenage girl A fresh and epic story that flips the entire genre on its head READ IT Selena Reviews ★★★★★ Forget everything The Guitar Style of Jerry Reed you thinkou know A Witch Between Worlds will surprise ou at every turn Fantasy Daily ★★★★★. ,

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Gency I m a little upset that I have to read book 2 to find out what the plot is4 There are no witches in The Vampire s Witch and the series is titled A Witch Between Worlds Is the witch a character I haven t met et Does someone become a witch in books 2 or 3 of the haven t met Riders of the Sea yet Does someone become a witch in books 2 or 3 of the Already picked up book 2 as soon as this one endedVery very good and very different than the normal vampire stories I am very excited to start book 2 right now UnsureI found The Vampire s Witch unusual to start with It had all thevvelements of a good story but I wasn t sure if I liked it or not I thought just read a bit and see where it leads It lead to the end ofnthe book and an interest in reading the next one So while not exactly grabbingour attention do continue to read past the slow start it really is worth it Now that I m into my 20s and have lived through the era where vampires were the new thing and everyone was writing them into their romance books whether they were meant for an YA or ad Amazing Highly recommendWhat a great story Exciting magical thrill ride Clara has begun a magical journey with Elliot and I can t wait to find out what happens next Gr. Hat is desperate to tear her apart Awaking in a mysterious castle under a cosmic sky she uickly learns that the beauty of this new world is matched only by its immense peril Ripped from her nightmares comes Elliott Craven her dream savior Cold logical and deeply suspicious of her intentions the dark lord of the castle will be her only chance at survival if only he can find a way to save her But the subjects of his castle aren’t the only danger of this strange new.

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This book would be #A Great Read Alike #great read alike readers who liked Stephenie Meyer s Twilight series It s a vampire human paranormal romance that s s Twilight series It s a vampire human paranormal romance that s uick easy read My one sentence summary for this novel is Clara discovers an alternate Earth by accident meets the vampire of her dreams and nothing else happensHere are the issues I had with it1 The characters are pretty inconsistent Just like Twilight Elliot warns Clara that she s prey and he s fighting the constant temptation to consume her so than his subjects but somehow she s safest in his room sharing his bed and she just consents to every decision the vampires make2 I find that an abundance of adjectives is often a sign of weak narration or an attempt to reach a specific pageword count Just like Twilight Jewish Women Speak About Jewish Matters you see a LOT of adjectives and halfway through the novelou can see which ones are Emma Glass s favorites3 The sole existence of this book is to set up book 2 Not much happens in A Vampire s Witch Clara stumbles into an alternate Earth and just exists There is no action except for one incident which is largely accidental there is no real character development and there is no sense of ur. Magic Vampires Fallen real character development and there is no sense of ur. Magic Vampires Fallen and dangerous prophecies Fans of The Vampire Diaries A Shade of a Vampire and Twilight will be blown away by A Witch Between Worlds Haunted by vivid nightmares seventeen ear old Clara Blackwell suffers a miserable and downtrodden life in Great Britain When a simple act of kindness leads her astray a chance encounter casts her across the dimensional barrier between worlds Clara is thrust into a captivating realm of vampires and magic The Vampires Witch A Witch Between Worlds #1

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