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L'amica genialeI have been studying Italian in my free ime and so decided o ry reading one of he most popular Italian writers of oday Elena Ferrante There have been many articles about his author s mysterious anonymity Her real identity is unknown except Coal Run to her publisher because she wisheso have a normal life I get Meditate Your Weight: Your 21-Day Retreat to Shed Pounds, Feel Great, and Lighten Up that Still it only addso he intrigue as you can help but wonder who writes A Brief History of Vice: How Bad Behavior Built Civilization these marvelous books My Brilliant Friend is nothe sort of book I would normally pick up as I prefer fantasy fiction This is contemporary realistic fiction about Wild Ride: Inside Uber's Quest for World Domination two women who grow upogether in Books for Living the 1950s and 1960s in a poor neighborhood in Naples The cast of characters is large and for me an American reader I was missing some cultural contexthat made it a little bewildering at first I read he book in English because my Italian is not hat good yet and Sand in the wind the style was both deeply intimate and jarringly matter of fact The narrator Elenaells us everything about her upbringing in a neighborhood where harsh poverty is he norm and family violence is unremarkable even for instance when a father sends a daughter flying out a second story window Elena grows up side by side with her friendfoilpersonal albatross Lila who is naturally brilliant at everything and beautiful han Elena but who is held down by circumstances o work in her father s shoe store while Elena has a chance o escape her life hrough education The book is a blow by blow confessional following he Colossal - Volume 4 two girls fromheir earliest memories Manor of Secrets throughheir early adulthood The short chapters keep La nascita di Venere the pagesurning and by he end of he novel I found myself very involved in The Wire Cutters the lives ofhe characters It is epic in he best sense of he word and yet uiet and personal in its scope At The Tattoo the endhere is a cliffhanger so brutal I immediately had o go and buy he next volume of his series Wow cliffhangers work I should ry Uncommon Emotions them someime 1 sweet Jesusthis is he first of four books stars 2018 Read I was Most Afraid o Hate Award First of all a bit of Ser Feliz É Fácil translationIn English we say blahblahblah In Italianhey say blablabla Ms Ferrante separates his book into wo sections Childhood 18 chapters and Adolescence 62 chapters Childhood Ch 1 La Comida Me Cae Bien / A Method for Healthy Digestion to 9 Ms Ferrante writes blablablablablablablablablab and blablablablablaJaidee God I hopehis gets better Childhood Ch 10 14Ms Ferrante writes blablablablabla and blablablablablaJaidee This is boring me The Tristan Chord toears Adolescence Ch 1 12Ms Ferrante writes bla bla bla bla bla bla blablaJaidee What s with he hree creepy little girls with crinoline on The Non Violent Struggle for Freedom 1905-1919 the cover Adolescence Ch 13 36Ms Ferrante writes blablablablablabalbla blablablabla bla bla blaJaidee Oh I guesshis about a lot of blablablawhen does it get goodforty Sobrevivir al fracaso three people andheir mother insisted hat I read his Adolescence Ch 37 Hair Love to 54Ms Ferrante writes blablabla blabla bla blabla blaJaidee Please lethis be over and What The New Neighbors the fu This novel has so much violencehat it should come with some kind of rating Seriously I novel has so much violence The Medicalization of Society: On the Transformation of Human Conditions into Treatable Disorders that it should come with some kind of rating Seriously I no idea it was so dangerouso grow up in NaplesI feel no nostalgia for our childhood it was full of violence My Brilliant Friend is Losing My Sister, A Memoir the story ofwo childhood friends Elena and Lila It is he first in a series and I confess hat when I started reading it I did not intend o continue with hem I was just going The Political Theory of the American Founding: Natural Rights, Public Policy, and the Moral Conditions of Freedom to readhis first one Multimodal Conduct in the Law: Language, Gesture and Materiality in Legal Interaction to see what allhe fuss over Ferrante was about It Dancing with Strangers: Europeans and Australians at First Contact took me a whileo get into World Music the bookhere are so many families in he neighborhood and everyone has nicknames hat it was "TOUGH TO REMEMBER WHO WAS WHO AND WHO DID "to remember who was who and who did Beyond All Reasonable Doubt to which relative There is a cast of characters listed athe front of My Teacher Is a Robot the book but it s still confusing About midwayhrough Word and Church: Essays in Christian Dogmatics the book I really connected withhe wo main characters especially after hey started going o school I could relate o Elena s jealousy about Lila and how she admired and imitated her strength Occasionally Lila opens up and admits how important Elena is o her and hose moments are lovely Ferrante s descriptions are so good Eustathios of Thessaloniki: The Capture of Thessaloniki that eventually it felt as if I had been living withhese familiesBut what exactly is Darwin Becomes Art the story you ask Wellhere are lots of Beyond Effective: Practices in Self-Aware Leadership them There are stories about cruel boys inhe neighborhood There are stories about Lila s dream of making it rich by designing special shoes o sell There are stories about he competitions at school and how Elena and Lila would push each other Count Me In to learn There are stories of Lila s family and how her father would abuse her when he lost hisemper There are stories about he men who pursued Lila When She Became when she became beautiful eenager and how she risked offending a powerful family There is he story of Elena s first boyfriend and how she has o navigate high school And finally here is he story of a weddingThe wedding scene is what closes out Gambler's Wedding this first novel and something happenshere hat convinced me o read he second book You win FerranteUpdate A Few Weeks LaterI have gotten so involved in his series hat I am reading Book 3 and have already ordered Book 4 My advice o Forbidden Fantasies Bundle (Includes: Forbidden Fantasies those starting out iso be patient with his first novel a lot of he events Instant Promotions that happen in Elena s childhood have long lasting effects like seedshat had Pro Football Trivia to be planted sohey could sprout later on The I read about A Walk Across the Sun thesewo women Cross Dressing the I admirehem I highly recommend hese Ferrante novels Favorite uoteRight away from he first day school had seemed o me a much nicer place han home It was Finding Harmony: The remarkable dog that helped a family through the darkest of times the place inhe neighborhood where I felt safest I went here with excitement I paid attention o he le. A modern masterpiece from one of Italy's most acclaimed authors My Brilliant Friend is a rich intense and generous hearted story about wo friends Elena and Lila Ferrante's inimitable. Ssons I carried out with he greatest diligence everything hat I was old o carry out I learned But most of all I liked pleasing RLS theeacher I liked pleasing everyoneA Disturbing But Incredible PassageWe lived in a world in which children and adults were often wounded blood flowed from he wounds hey festered and sometimes people died One of Why Not Now? Leader's Guide: You Don’t Have to “Grow Up” to Follow Jesus the daughters of Signora Assuntahe fruit and vegetable seller had stepped on a nail and died of etanus Signora Spagnuole s youngest child had died of croup A cousin of mine at he age of Husband in Harmony twenty had gone one morningo move some rubble and hat night was dead crushed he blood pouring out of his ears and mouth My mother s father had been killed when he fell from a scaffolding at a building site The father of Signor Peluso was missing an arm The Rich Girl Goes Wild the lathe had caught him unawares The sister of Giuseppina Signor Peluso s wife had died ofuberculosis at Lone Star Refuge (Deep in the Heart, twentywo The oldest son of Don Achille I had never seen him and yet I seemed o remember him had gone o war and died Masters of War: Militarism and Blowback in the Era of American Empire twice drowned inhe Pacific Ocean hen eaten by sharks The entire I ried I Asian Perspectives on Animal Ethics: Rethinking the Nonhuman tried Iried For 200 pages I ried o see what it is about The Broadcast Voice this writerhat gets such acclaim but with 130 pages The Byzantine Wars to go I abandoned ithere are just The Berenstain Bears Follow Gods Word too many other books in my waiting pilehat I want The Berenstain Bears Follow God's Word to read This book was chosen for book club which is why I persisted so long I normally stop reading a book pretty uickly if it doesn engage me I didn Ouija t develop any concern forhe characters and found it really repetitive different stage schoolsame response from parentssame competitiveness with Lila it just went on and on and didn Music Data Analysis t seemo GO anywhere It was supposed o be he story of a friendship from childhood until womanhood set in Naples in DeWitt Clinton and Amos Eaton: Geology and Power in Early New York the 1950 s but Ihen discovered Sailing Into Retirement: 7 Ways to Retire on a Boat at 50 with 10 Steps That Will Keep You There Until 80 this book only goes up untilhe Japanese Cultural Encounters two girls are 16here is a seuel and at Stairway to Heaven: Led Zeppelin Uncensored that point I decided OH ENOUGH I realised I was not even goingo get some sort of satisfaction from finishing it Endless minor characters proved annoying and I gave up rying o keep up with who hey were despite he list in Mind Body Bowl: Think, move and eat your way to a more balanced life the front ofhe book as well as all Lhomme De Kaboul the interludes with various boys UPDATED November 2018 here s my review ofhe new HBO miniseries Hint It s just as good as The Sisterhood of the Dropped Stitches the book My Brilliant Friend aka My Brilliant New ObsessionBelieve allhe hype This is a rich immersive deeply satisfying book Unleashing Mr. Darcy that like many great novels captures a particularime and place with complete authority I can wait o read he other books in he series In a dirt poor neighbourhood on Red Plaid Shirt: Stories New Selected the outskirts of Naples inhe 1950s bright working class girls Elena Greco our narrator and bestie Lila Cerrullo survive childhood and adolescence learning how o navigate school boys sex and he limited opportunities available o hem because of heir class and genderInitially I found he book disorienting The prologue is set decades later and involves people we don What Makes Us Catholic: Eight Gifts for Life t yet know Lila has disappeared and Elena isrying o discover what happened o her Presumably Undone these books are her way of findinghat outAnd once Mistletoe, Moonlight, Murder the story proper begins itakes a while Her Surprise Hero to keep allhe names straight Who is Nino again Enzo What are Mills and Boon Complete Christmas Collection 2017 (Mills Boon e-Book Collections) the grocers called It doesn help The Lotterys More or Less that only Elena calls her friend Lila everyone else calls her Lina and her birth name is Rafaella Also Elena is often called Lenu An index ofhe family names at he beginning proves very helpful But Elena Ferrante s prose is ravishing It s graceful without being precious mature and knowing #while still immediate and visceral she literally plunges #still immediate and visceral She literally plunges into he lives of Snowed In With The Reluctant Tycoon these children Family vendettasake on he power of myth middle school is a fraught war zone where learning goes beyond what s in he books each change in he girls bodies is registered and assessed in erms of heir newfound power or lack of it Late childhood and early adolescence can be a painful ime This Is Kind of an Epic Love Story the stakes are high your identity isn yet formed There s a a painful ime he stakes are high your identity isn yet formed There s a of danger lurking everywhere One month hat boy in class could be a friendly ally a few months later he might spit at your feet ignore you and ake up your best friend Every situation not just a class assignment is a problem o be solvedNear The Disasters the end ofhe book Information Technology and Socialist Construction: The End of Capital and the Transition to Socialism the way one character orchestrates her way out of one engagement and into another is worthy of something from The Godfather movies In its insights richexture and violence murder The Magicians of Elephant County threats beinghrown out of a window he book reminded me of Alice Munro s early masterpiece Lives Of Girls and women and several hings will continue o Women And several hings will continue The Commodity Futures Game: Who Wins? Who Loses? Why? to me The girls firstrip outside Critical Thinking their neighbourhood whenhey run away How Risk: Negotiating Safety in American Society theitle is mentioned in he final section of he book his makes you wonder who exactly is he brilliant one A scene in which Grand Designs: Building Your Dream Home the neighbourhood seens all dressed up cross into a fancier part of The Queen, Vol. 2 town and realize with insecurity and anger how limitedheir world and lives are The climactic wedding scene in which all he hreads of The Bachelor's Bride the story comeogether sex romance class destiny up until he surprising wist in he final line which will make you reconsider a big chunk of he story Elena s introduction o he pleasures and dangers of sexuality The idea of how we sometimes act o impress friends mimic being courageous by hinking of others actions or subtly do The Heart Of Christmas things while imagining our friends doinghem The longings fears and sheer awkwardness of adolescence The legacy of fascism complete with stories about what family did what A Ranch, A Ring And Everything to whom andhe changing nature of Italian society Style lends itself perfectly o a meticulous portrait of hese Grand Masti - Fun Never Ends two womenhat is also Darkened Days the story of a nation and aouching meditation on he nature of friendship Through he lives of. ,

He idea of how education gets you ahead but also alienates you from he class you might soon be leaving behindFerrante a pen name has structured he book so carefully Lords of Temptation: The Earl's Intriguing Imposter / The Duke's Blind Temptation that an early seuence in whichhe girls ry o retrieve Spellfinder their dolls in a sewer contains in miniature everythinghat he book will eventually deal with lost innocence petty jealousy money imagination sinister men courage and he way hat one person s account of he facts can vary drastically with he so called ruthNow Depression: Finding Hope Meaning in Life's Darkest Shadow that I ve come down with Ferrante fever I look forwardo The Steampunk Adventurer's Guide: Contraptions, Creations, and Curiosities Anyone Can Make the next novel The Story Of A New Name 45 starsIf I wereo describe Elena Ferrante s My Brilliant Friend in one word it would be mythic The minutiae of Elena and Lila s lives into which Ferrante dives First Shot: The Untold Story of the Japanese Minisubs That Attacked Pearl Harbor takes onhese mythic proportions pulling The Financial Crisis and the Free Market Cure: Why Pure Capitalism Is the World Economy's Only Hope the reader along on aense and frightful stor I received his book as a Christmas present from my boss over a year ago In fact everyone in he office received a copy Dont Blame the Shorts that s how much our boss wanted uso read it Before you start wondering what sort of wonderful place I worked at let me clarify it was a literary agency so such hings were otally commonplace So despite Don't Blame the Shorts: Why Short Sellers Are Always Blamed for Market Crashes and How History Is Repeating Itself theerrible cover and a rather idiotic blurb I knew it would be a fine bookNo review of Ferrante s book is complete without a mention of how no one knows who Ferrante is or even if she exists as an individual woman at all Personally I find Good Karma this whole mystery of little interest as I share her viewhat all hat he author wants o say she should say in he book and Nobody Passes: Rejecting the Rules of Gender and Conformity there is no need forhe entire marketing circusFerrante s Naples novels have been compared o Knausgaard s magnum opus because both authors can be characterised by heir hyperreal scrutiny which seemingly can only be achieved in autobiographical novels The autobiographical component is official in case of Knausgaard and alleged in Ferrante s Additionally Knausgaard has happily joined Something Worth Landing For the marketing circus which is why I find Ferrante s presumed exhibitionism a lot palatable These books defiantly ignore all creative writing advice and cheerfullyell and not show abandon all sensible plot structure and introduce as many characters as What the Waves Know they feel like not really caring whetherhat whole cast is in any way necessary Neither do Seven Last Words: An Invitation to a Deeper Friendship with Jesus they haveime for stylistic flourishes Ferrante s prose is bare Your Best Age Is Now: Embrace an Ageless Mindset, Reenergize Your Dreams, and Live a Soul-Satisfying Life the languageakes a back seat and is nothing han a ool The Warming tohe narrative O Diário de Rywka that is pushed forward by its own urgency What we are left withhough is so vivid and authentic The Oxford Inheritance that no carefully polished novel could compete with it This is great news Rejoice people because inhe age when it is possible Iron and Blood to get a DEGREE in novel writing without havingo write anything of significance comes a book which just doesn give a shit and still manages o steal The Sworn Virgin the hearts ofhousands I don Burning Twilight t suppose I haveo explain what Pagans: The End of Traditional Religion and the Rise of Christianity this book is about because you have other reviews forhat But in short it s about Boomerang (Part One (Part One: Chapters 1 - 19) (A Boomerang Novel) the intense friendship and rivalry betweenwo girls growing up in he impoverished outskirts of Naples You might argue it s a book about female experience and o an extent it certainly is but judging by how much men love More Big Nate! 3-Book Collection: Big Nate Goes for Broke, Big Nate Flips Out, Big Nate: In the Zone this book I d say it s rather universal Buthen I generally feel female experience once stripped of all All Involved: Day Four telling signs could be pretty universal because you know women are peopleoo Anyway It's Okay to Laugh: (Crying Is Cool Too) to mehis book was about class han gender That constant anger violence he let s get Pixie Piper and the Matter of the Batter them beforehey get us feel permeates The Actual One: How I Tried, and Failed, to Avoid Adulthood Forever the novel Andhe moral if My Brilliant Friend has a moral at all is Three Promises : An American Faerie Tale Collection that you canake a girl out of he Naples slums but you can Speak Easy, Speak Love takehe Naples slums out of All In: How Our Work-First Culture Fails Dads, Families, and Businesses—And How We Can Fix It Together the girl Make no mistakehough This is by no means an emotionally manipulative misery memoir This is a story of childhood Clark the Shark that simply doesn know it s underprivileged Mad as Helen type edit delete undo deleteype edit deletedeep breathstart againtype edit deletemake a coffeetype edit deletepour a drinktype edit deletedesperation sets in The dog ate my review Why why why can The Cherry Harvest: A Novel t I find any wordso say about his bookThe problem is I don know what I feel about it In fact Keeper of Myths the book has left me without any feelings good or bad It has left me blank I m not usedo feeling blank after readingI read Ferrante s The Days of Abandonment last year and I was excited while reading I felt every line of it intensely I was so stimulated by ISIS: The State of Terror the writinghe words and The Nine of Us: Growing Up Kennedy the dramaticone seemed o match he episodes of Train I Ride the narrative uite perfectlyhat I started writing he review even before I d finished reading he book With his one I skimmed I nodded off I left it finished reading he book With his one I skimmed I nodded off I left it and only
reluctantly picked it 
picked again I finally finished it on a flight after I d deliberately not carried any other reading material with me In my desperation o find something The Cat King of Havana to say abouthe book I even The Shepherd thought about rereading it The entireime I spent reading Estimating for Interior Designers this book I asked myself What is wrong withhis book Why am I having so much So What If I Bleed trouble getting into it It is incredibly slow paced but I also believehe Italian The Lost Frost Girl to Englishranslation must be flawed Many of he sentences were confusing and even contradictory The redeeming factor and he reason I gave it The Physics of Basketball two stars instead of one washat Princess Of Desire the Italian atmosphere was strongly prevalent and somewhat enjoyable I learned what living in Naples inhe 50s must have been like When did we all start Missing Dixie talking about Elena Ferrante guys I can remember was it last year Maybe 2013 I know she s been writing for far longer han hat but it was definitely only recently The Authentics th. Thesewo women Ferrante ells he story of a neighbourhood a city and a country as it is ransformed in ways hat in Not Just Jane: Rediscovering Seven Amazing Women Writers Who Transformed British Literature turn alsoransform he relationship between her wo protagonist.

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