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The Summer Country

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R cousin Adam and his wife to check out this plantation that nobody had any idea of What follows is Emily discovering family history and secrets with deep plantation that nobody had any idea of What follows is Emily discovering family history and secrets with deep to Barbados In 1812 Charles and Jenny find themselves in a torrid and forbidden love affair with great conseuences Two tales seamlessly woven together into one beautiful ngaging story This book was clearly well researched and I learned something about a time and place I new little about previously Slavery and the slave trade were a big part of life in Barbados in the The Bookshop on the Shore early 1800s I have to admit it was really disturbing to read about people referring to other people as their property and talking about leasing them out The Cholera outbreak in the 1850s was not as disturbing but wasually as devastating There was a large cast of characters in the story that took me a while to get straight but once I did I was completely invested The story jumped perfectly between time periods that were well markedLauren s Willig s Dance Real Slow exuisite storytelling will completely transport you to 19th century Barbados A well told story full of interesting characters and anngaging plot A sweeping tale that will appeal to All Historical Fiction Lovers Nicola historical fiction lovers Nicola does an xceptional job narrating the audio of this book So many accents that she completely Masters The audio narration added another layer to this already xuisite story many thanks to Harper Audio and William Morrow for my copy of this book This was a perfect summer HF read for me The Day Christ Was Born: The True Account of the First 24 Hours of Jesus's Life exotic setting a mystery and wonderful narration THE SUMMER COUNTRY had me invested from the start with its story of a young English vicar s daughter who goes off to Barbados and finds out about her roots Descriptions of the life on a plantation are vivid and the pre and post abolition attitudes and relations interestingly presentedInjoyed this novel and many thanks to my GR Friend Barbara who discreetly steered me towards a bit lighter read for summer. Ants so ager to acuire Peverills so ager that they invite Emily and her cousins to stay with them indefinitely Emily finds herself bewitched by the beauty of the island ven as she’s drawn into the personalities and politics of forty years before a tangled history of clandestine love heartbreaking betrayal and a bold bid for freedomWhen family secrets begin to unravel and the harsh truth of history becomes and plain Emily must challenge verything she thought she knew about her family their legacy and herself. This is my first Willig a gorgeous narrative set in xotic Barbados In 1812 And 1854 1812 and 1854 Dawson inherits Peverills a sugar plantation destroyed by an uprising of slaves Owners of the adjacent plantation want desperately to own it Why As the multigenerational story unfolds the truth reveals forbidden romance between owner and nslaved terrible betrayal a brave fight for freedom and Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic Families Win the Battle Against Pornography enough island Victorian atmosphere to absorb you for days Anye opening look at British slavery in the Colonial Caribbean a bit slow to start with a host of characters to get straight but well worth the hours spent 55Pub Date 04 Jun 2019 THESUMMERCOUNTRY LAURENWILLIG LAUREN WILLIG S ATTENTION LaurenWillig Lauren Willig s attention historical detail really shines in The Summer Country Willig s attention historical detail really shines in The Summer Country seen through the The Taste of Night (Signs of the Zodiac, eyes of Emily Dawson in 1854 unspools like the opening petals of the frangipani Arriving as heiress to Peverills one of the oldest plantations on the island Emily delves into the mystery surrounding why her Grandfather Fenty left her anstate no one was aware he owned The Slavery Abolition Act of 1833 and its timeline of ffect informs the narrative Traveling with her cousin Adam and his new bride Emily s best friend Laura one of their first connections is with London Turner according to Adam the richest man in the West Indies However no one told them Mr Turner was a free black man so when they are met by Dr Nathaniel Braithwaite Mr Turner s nephew they make the mistake of thinking him a servantThe second timeline is 1812 and in this timeline there is an arrival as well The arrival of Charles Davenant who was sent to England for his ducation at age ight Now after the death of his father he s home as heir to Peverills There wasn t nough money to send the younger son Robert away for schooling so already there s a bone of contention between these two brothers We find a very lewd character in 1812 the Colonel who is willing to prostitute his daughter to his guest Charles. The New York Times bestselling historical novelist delivers her biggest boldest and most ambitious novel yet a sweeping dramatic Victorian pic of lost love lies jealousy and rebellion set in colonial Barbados1854 From Bristol to Barbados Emily Dawson has always been the poor cousin in a prosperous merchant clan merely a vicar’s daughter and a reform minded vicar’s daughter at that Everyone knows that the family’s lucrative shipping business will go to her cousin Adam one day But when her grandfather dies ,
Davenant to what nds It seems just so he can show that he may do as he wishes with her because she is half black born into slavery Jenny was given to Mary Ann when Mary Ann was two and Jenny was five Mary Ann is the Colonel s niece As her guardian the Colonel rules the roost and seems to have scared off suitors with a rumor that Mary Ann is mad Mary Ann is desperate to get out from under his thumb At age nineteen she is going to make a play for Charles Davenant Willig s writing is uite good The pacing is unhurried it suited me just fine but for those who Exile and Pilgrim enjoy thrillers be prepared tonjoy a rich historical setting and a slowly unfolding narrative about complex characters Willig creates tension around the mystery of Emily s inheritance Add in the slave uprising Bussa s Rebellion in 1816 and the cholera pidemic of 1854 and tragedy and suffering speak loudly from Willig s pages What I like most is the motional life she gives to Jenny In her historical notes at the Hannah Montana: The Movie end of the book Willig writes that knowing the internal life of annslaved woman provided her biggest challenge With Jenny Willig creates a strong woman determined to have some control over her destiny one willing to make a great sacrifice giving voice to the unimaginable Emily s challenge in her destiny one willing to make a great sacrifice giving voice to the unimaginable Emily s challenge in story is to discover what lies within her own heart to discover the direction she intends her life to go With powerful themes of identity and character Willig ngages me in this multigenerational saga I will definitely read this author again Lauren Willig will completely captivate you with this sweeping family saga A beautiful story that spans over four decades Steeped in family history family secrets and family ties The story is set in Barbados and introduces you to two sets of characters living 40 years apart 1850to Emily s beloved grandfather has passed away and left her a sugar plantation on the island of Barbados So Emily travels from England to Barbados with he. Mily receives an unexpected inheiritance Peverills a sugar plantation in Barbados a plantation her grandfather never told anyone he ownedWhen Emily accompanies her cousin and his new wife to Barbados she finds Peverills a burnt out shell reduced to ruins in 1816 when a rising of nslaved people sent the island up in flames Rumors swirl around the derelict plantation; people whisper of ghostsWhy would her practical minded grandfather leave her a property in ruins Why are the neighboring plantation owners the Daven.