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A and said to ourselves I could never #be that bad Think again These characters feel just as real as living human beings and they could #that bad Think again These characters feel just as real as living human beings and they could anybody That s what makes this story so effectiveJake and Stephanie live very opposite life codes Jake earns for a successful future whereas Stephanie is much less grounded in stability While at first I didn t like either of them Jake definitely won me over in the end Stephanie I m not sure where to begin with her She was a bit of a shrew Who I really felt sorry for in this whole thing were the kids Although I got the feeling throughout that Jake and Stephanie truly did care about their family the way they use them to get back at each other was very mean Hopefully this book might be a wake up "CALL TO ANY READER WHO S EVER DONE THIS "to any reader who s ever done this to be careful about this type of thing Divorce Decree is built up strongly with a variety of side characters as well characters who all have their own input to give on the relationship Best of all there are some characters slipped in from some of Nesly s earlier works and if The Guitar Style of Jerry Reed you ve ever read any of themourself الإيضاح لمتن ايساغوجي في المنطق you ll recognize them They blend well into Divorce Decree giving the book its own personal signature I really enjoyed reading it While it was uite a downward spiral through a very stressed and hectic marriage there are also some glimpses of love and companionship and even a bit of humor to keep a good balance between the drama and the characters Ifou love original and engaging stories Divorce Decree is a perfect choice In DIVORCE DECREE by Nesly Clerge the author explores the conseuences and effects of the breakdown of a Happy marriage How does it get to this stage Love replaced by jealousy hate and revenge which are so easily intertwined TILL DEATH DO US PART Jake Adams worked hard to This is a story of a married couple named Jake and Stephanie A couple so in love and devoted to each other they can t keep their hands off each other Jake just wants to keep Stephanie happy and loved I liked JakeI disliked StephanieJake said I do and expected Til death do us part I m not so sure about Stephanie Jake worked hard for his family and his plans never always worked outHowever his luck changed when he met Starks It was great to meet up with Starks from the trilogy series that the author had written and see him make an appearance in this book It meant that Jake would need to commute at times as he had to go where the job took him along with the other workers that joined himThat didn t please Stephanie although she enjoyed spending his money like waterNow they have two children How is she going to raise two children on her own while her husband is away working providing a good life and foundation for their futureJake was a devoted FatherStephanie was never happy But was JakeHe listened to her moaning that she couldn t manage the children that she couldn t manage the children she was lonelyThe marriage of Jake and Stephanie was unravelingLies deceit and hidden agendas come to the foreI was invested in this story chapter after chapter It felt like watching a fairytale romance turn very sourIt s not a cut and dried story There is a lot death to this story that I want to write but won t There are twists in this book that will make Riders of the Sea you gasp It s an emotional ride at times How love can turn to hate This author has won awards with his previous books and well deserved His writing and uniue way with words enticesou right in between the pages and makes Jewish Women Speak About Jewish Matters you think And sometimes think twiceI love how he developes the characters that they become so real They are just every day people he makes into a story that gripsouWell worth a read if Friends Forever: Everything Changes (Friends Forever) you like relationship stories with depth and a twist A drama that plays out inour head and a nosy into other people s live. Take What is it that she wants him to do As he struggles to discern truth from lies it becomes a matter of being dead wrong or dead right Find out who gets what’s deserved in this latest novel of emotional twists and turns by Nesly ClergeCOMING SOON November 24th 2018Pre order our copy One bang of his gavel dreams are destroyed and For Jake The Nightmares And Lies Should Jake the nightmares and lies should ended but he will find they have just begun Nesly Clerge is back with a raw and gut wrenching accounting of a marriage imploding and the aftermath it can leave in its wake in DIVORCE DECREE Terrifyingly real emotionally acidic two flawed humans will traverse the minefields of trust deceit and soul deep pain as children become pawns and power and the need to win at any cost mimic reality with brutal precision The twists he adds to this already magnetic tale are brilliant making it near impossible to put downPowerful writing no punches pulled and a cast of supporting characters that are as realistic as this gritty plot Nesly Clerge proves once again the strength of his writing As to adding a cameo appearance of one of his signature characters I say well played Mr ClergeI cannot recommend this book highly enough for intense adult reading Truly a hidden gem in the world of booksI received a complimentary ARC edition from Nesly ClergePublisher Clerge Books LLC November 24 2018Publication Date November 24 2018Genre Contemporary Adult FictionSuspensePrint Length 389 pagesAvailable from For Reviews Giveaways Fabulous Book News follow What box do I put this in Domestic noir The story of a toxic relationship #As the book opens ou are wondering if Jake will ever be able to find true peace and happiness or #the book opens NV Level 3 Health and Social Care you are wondering if Jake will ever be able to find true peace and happiness or Steph s poison will haunt him for eternity Jake Adams and Stephanie got together at aoung age and it was a lot of hard work and sacrifice to get financially secure and in a position to start a family They stuck it out and seemed to grow stronger through adversity Then just when they had made it and things should have been easier it slowly started to unravelI didn t find the characters particularly likeable Sure Steph was a prize bitch towards the end but Jake came across as very controlling in the early Writing in the Dust: After September 11 years He grew on me as the book progressed and as Steph became totally self absorbed It is one of those train wreck storiesou know its going to be bad but ou can t look away Perhaps we are all secretly voyeurs at heart I also thought the characters of Pete and Melissa childhood friends and regular confidantes of Jake came across as some sort of Jake s conscience where Melissa was the good voice and Pete was the bad voice It probably wasn t meant like that but that s how it felt to me The poor children were very sweet as they became virtual pawns in the parental power struggle As with all of Clerge s books the writing was excellent and the story was totally engaging and kept my interest throughout Emotional and at times disturbing it was a very entertaining tale of a marriage imploding with shocking resultsThanks to the author for an ARC copy to review Always working hard to make ends meet Jake Adams was determined to have enough money behind him before he asked Stephanie to be his wife He wanted to give her only the best before they married and had children So when they finally married he knew they should both be happy But Stephanie had no restraint on her spending the phone bills were over the top clothes she didn t need found their way into the wardrobe shoes he was sure she d never wear Why wasn t she content with the life he was giving herThe two children first little Jake then Christine had Jake over the moon He loved those kids But S I always love reading Nesly Clerge s thrilling books and Divorce Decree is no exception Both a deep and a harrowing tale of a marriage gone bad and the psychological downfall of a couple in crisis this book is hauntingly not unlike real life We ve all seen those headline tales of feuding families on the edge We ve all watched an episode of Dr Phil or some chaotic soap oper. Ess to learn and work hard so as to reap the rewards In the end it paid off or so he believed Stephanie should have been happy And after all they went through together the scares dares jobs babies successes failures lovers separations and second chances why isn’t she content What will it. WowThis was such an original take on a relationship built on love that turns to hate I am a big fan of this author and he never disappoints I looked forward to this book and it was worth the wait Will review tomorrow Been traveling

and exhausted but 
exhausted but could not sleep until I knew what happened This author is certainly a clever clever man 10 stars all the wayOk a month later and I have looked back and thought on this First things firstI read over a 100 books a ear and Anatomy of a Scandal was a top for me last ear I became a forever fan of Nesly ClergeStart there with that book and after ou get over the haze of finding a new author move on to Divorce Decree and be prepared for another ride People People People Mr Clerge can flat out writeLet me know our thoughts and in lieu of sending flowers of thanks to me for these suggestions just keep on reading this authors books That will be thanks enough The storyline was solid and kept me engaged as I found this one difficult to put down Good background information helped make the present situation understandable I liked the fact this story took me into the thought processes #of Jake Stephanie giving both opinions on what they felt a relationship then marriage entailed While both offered #Jake Stephanie giving both opinions on what they felt a relationship then marriage entailed While both offered points their totally opposite opinions kept them on different pages Jake appeared frugal as he attempted to build for their future while Stephanie s carefree attitude seemed to always cause a ruckus I admired Jake s determined spirit to become successful although it took some time some of Stephanie s actions made her a bit annoying The additional cast of character s input offered points of view that had me hoping would not be acted upon without careful consideration Certain struggles that couples face were well represented Overall I thought this was great read looking at both perspectives A previous book character s appearance connected well within the story Characters were relatable situations realistic An electronic copy was provided in exchange for an honest review Jake and Stephanie are living a life of a fairytale but et there are secrets between them Jake is stuck at a dead end job and Stephanie has put her career on hold so she can help Jake reach his pull potential Scorned by her past Stephanie sometimes uestions whys decided to pursue Jake solely on looks when she first met him and her mother thinks she can do so much better Jake does not care what people think of him he will stop at nothing to provide for his family Regardless of how things has been between them his love for her surpasses any friction that is between themAs dysfunctional as their relationship is Jake will not settle for a life of mediocrity Stephanie is impatient with little to no progress but she convinces herself that she is happy in her relationship Like starts to easier when Jake makes his big break but conflict arises when there are secrets that are discoveredThis is a page turning amazing novel about love trust and loyalty I really loved the characterization of this novel that is one thing that stood out Jake had too much patience there were times when I wanted to smack him into common sense Don t get me started on Stephanie she was behaving like a spoiled brat with some things she didAmazing novel kudos to the author who wrote an "EXCEPTIONAL NOVEL THE BLUSH OF A BRIDE THE NERVOUS "novel The blush of a bride the nervous of a groom the vows taken filled with love and hope for a future shared together until death on the Earthly plane but forever in spiritJake meant those words and through the tough times he struggled to honor those vows to be a success in life but was he alone in their sincerity or were the bad times just too much for StephanieIn a world where a judge can easily rend the bonds of matrimony with. TILL DEATH DO US PART When Jake Adams uttered those words to his wife Stephanie he had an entirely different intention in mind Industrious determined dedicated devoted to his wife and children he plans to give her and them the world What Jake lacked in education he made up for with willingn. Divorce Decree