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Scoring and tests they put through "They had A LOT OF SIMILARITIES BUT THIS BOOK WAS STILL lot of similarities but this book still thankfullyThe beginning was a little "had a lot of similarities but this book was still different thankfullyThe beginning was a little but after I kept reading a few chapters I was hooked I njoyed this first book and I am Wicked Loving Lies excited to see howach character grows and how their abilities La heredera del mar enhance And alsoxcited to see the romance that happens between 2 characters as well Also I think I have decided that Amaranthine is my favorite This was predictable boring up until the last two maybe three chapters if I m generous However those two or three chapters set things up to be very interesting in the next book Soooo I m willing to give book 2 a try 2 stars I m just going to start this by saying that I called the plot twist 25 pages in And I m so xcited I didI m not always great at writing reviews so here s one of my these are the notes I took reviews The saying For now at least that is referred to a few times and makes for a wonderful uote I honestly really love all of the puzzles and tests in this book I m not much of a military fighting war strategy. ??s October 31st Today Kress is sixteen years old Tomorrow she’ll be taken The good news So will her best friend Cardyn and Brohn the handsome nigmatic boy she’s avoided all her life The bad news Recruitment isn’t what any of them xpected Weeks of training await Military and psycho. .

So kress is sometimes a little annoying when she pay "attention to what people are saying to lol but this "to what people are saying to her lol but this got my attention I need some answers So on to book number 2 Very njoyable readI throughly njoyed this book and I m looking forward to the next For those that like dystopian this is a good choice I really njoyed this book It "Took Me To Another World And It Moved Along At "me to another world and it moved along at good pace making me want to see what was going to happen next On to the second book of the trilogy It was a very good book and I could really connect with the characters because of how much personality they had It was very Aramaic Bowl Spells: Jewish Babylonian Aramaic Bowls Volume One enjoyable to read Yes I could call a couple of the twists but anticipating if I got it right was what made the book sonjoyable Book 1Book 1 had rrors throughout and was a fun read The characters and plot are new to me but it was slow to start and was somewhat predictable The characters where naive for living in a world where there is not much I am not sure if I ll read book 2 4 At first this book reminded me of the series Divergent with the. In the Valta no matter what month you were born veryone is assigned the same birthday November 1st It's the anniversary of the day when the government declared war on the Eastern Order The day you turn seventeen the Recruiters come to take you away And no one ver hears from you again It?.

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Kind of person so I love that the training covers "training the mind too I really njoy that the I ll inevitably fall in love with my best friend trope "the mind too I really njoy that the I ll inevitably fall in love with my best friend trope t happen in this story It s really interesting to think about how Trench and Granden change the longer the Recruits are there Good bookA little predictable but definitely a good read Excellent characters The plot kept moving and there were a "couple of surprises I think this is a little above young adult but still acceptable for them Nice plotI loved "of surprises I think this is a little above young adult but still acceptable for them Nice plotI loved plot Spoilers But most of the book was so incredibly slow for me It felt like so much was missing and when they all are talking about how terrible it is at the training facility I had to keep myself from rolling my yes multiple times I came into the book thinking it was gonna be a lot darker than that Yeah some terrible things happened but nothing before that to be a shock factor If anything it seemed cheap The last chapter or two really caught my attention and heart racing and the only reason why I m going on to the next book because I have hope This " Logical Tests Escape Rooms "Logical tests One Wild Weekend escape rooms to hand combat The Recruits are told they're the key to winning the war But withach day that passes things begin to make less sense If only Kress had been able to bring her trained raven Render with her If only none of them had ver had to come to this pla. Recruitment The Resistance Trilogy #1

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