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The Leopard Mage Shifters Mates #3

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I love this shifter story Dakar and his war mate was a great story I wish it had been a bit longer though I thought their story could use development I love how they defeat Norkad together And Dakar making his war mate bite him was hot Loved it I have loved Raisa Greywood s Shifter s Mates world since the very first book and each succeeding One Has Made Me has made me it even s Mates world since the very first book and each succeeding one has made me love it even book is the first one about the snow leopard Chen Daiyu and her uest to find her mate Dakar Daiyu spent years and years walking from her Tibet home to get to Atlanta so that she could be matched with a Ximeran to help get all the shifters to a safe planet The problem is she didn t get matched as much as she got kidnapped Dakar has been matched with Daiyu but he has sworn to not take a m Shifter s Mates Book 3 As Earth spirals toward death is there any hope for those left behindSPOILER ALERT THIS IS BOOK THREE IN THIS SERIES THIS SERIES SHOULD DEFINITELY BE READ IN ORDER IF YOU HAVEN T READ BOOKS 1 AND 2 THE TIGER UEEN AND THE TIGER KING THIS REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERSChen Daiyu disappeared with Renata Soledad and the others Stolen from a dying Earth drugged to insensibility now on her own Can she survive Renata Soledad and Anya went their separate ways But Daiyu s different As much a warrior as the others she s a snow leopard a natural mystic Her introspective meditations have shown her genetic soulmate He exists The ancestors promised he did He fills her very soul Then Norkad loses Daiyu. I traveled across two continents to guide and protect the shifter clans during the exodus to our new home in the Ximeran system Though my journey was hard my ancestors promised me happiness with a mate when I finish my tasks The ancestors. In Sector Four When Dakar s sent to find her Daiyu s dreams are crushed Her fated mate is THIS Inconceivable How could the ancestors be so wrong But Daiyu has a mission on Earth to fulfill That has to be her driving focus now But why oh why are "Dakar and his crew assigned to that mission Can fate truly be that cruel When they each Earth "and his crew assigned to that mission Can fate truly be that cruel When they each Earth are so much worse than anyone knew As Daiyu and Dakar battle each other incessantly one thing is clear Fated mates or not this is never going to happen Daiyu has to save those most precious to her She to happen Daiyu has to save those most precious to her She already lost far too much Her soul won t survive loss The lessons learned from her ancestors those ephemeral spirits appear useless But is magic eal Can the past save the present There s only one answer Sacrifices have to be made The ultimate uestion is who and what will those sacrifices be And is Daiyu willing to make the ultimate sacrifice that will shatter her beyond epairThis book is a creation of delight A dying Earth is living on borrowed time This book grabbed me by the heartstrings and wouldn t let go I have the deepest
to magic enchantment and all mystical I was bewitched the moment I started this book Snow leopards are among the most beautiful animals in existence and Daiyu s the very personification of that beauty But Daiyu has so much than outward beauty She adiates lethality passion and deep magnetism Her mystic energy and connection to the life forces surrounding her captivate Dakar is Were wrong My mate doesn’t want me and I convince myself that fulfilling my duties will be enough My snow leopard and I both know I’m lying We want him And despite his words to the contrary we know he wants us tooYet there are those. .
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He very embodiment of dominance His
masculinity and strength jump off page He s the "Ultimate Alpha Male Yet Even "alpha male Yet even s taken aback by Daiyu Can they be fated mates There s no way that s happening for either of them The attraction and mutual denial of each other tore me apart That s what makes this story sing to my soul The supporting characters again make this story a three dimensional treat Old friends eturn The addition of Huang Jinjin Xifeng Daiyu s parents and even the Dalai Lama are delightful I m constantly amazed by Raisa Greywood s imagination She s created a universe that s very much ALIVE in my mind You Re Missing An Extraordinary Experience If re missing an extraordinary experience if don t ead these books I honestly wish I could give this and every book in this series every star in the universe Congratulations Ms Greywood This is another five star winnerA final note This is an ADULT book It contains explicit language and sexual scenes If you don t enjoy this genre this may not be the book for you There are book synopses and eviews available on Goodreads and all booksellers websites Please use these esources I urge you to leave a eview but with a proviso Please don t leave a negative eview when you know you won t enjoy the book It s not fair to the author She works hard to provide a uality work product If you know you ll object to a book s subject matter before you buy it you e doing yourself and the author an extreme disserviceThanks for Confessions of a Freelance Penmonkey reading myeview and happy eading. Who plot against me Someone is stealing shifters from their homes and the thief is none other than the brother of the male chosen to be my mate Can we work together to stop him And can we find love despite everything that stands against ,