Anna Dewdney [PDF ebook] Animalicious

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The first thing any Dahmer Detective: The Interrogation and Investigation That Shocked The World reader needs to know about this book is that it is not meant to teach about animals Nor is it a true alphabet book When you heed these two important facts this book iseally fun and clever Sometimes the animal s name is in the new one like in Grabbit a abbit who tries to make off with the letter G and Other times it isn t like in Piethon a snake eating a pie The illustrations are fun too I especially enjoyed the ostrich With An Attitude Younger an attitude Younger might not get the humor but older ones who want to think outside the box will truly enjoy it Doesn t eally fit anywhere The puns and sight gags are often too out there for young eaders who would enjoy the silliness but not. A seriously silly ABC book packed with imaginary animals from the creator of the Llama Llama books Anna Dewdney and Reed. .
Clever enough to make this a fun choice for adults understand the idea that seemed good but this is underdeveloped I the idea that seemed good but this is I not introduce this alphabet book to young eaders as I think they would be very confused
by the made 
the made creatures and misspelled words However children aged eight to ten may enjoy the silliness and get the jokes behind the creatures I love alphabet books with word play This could pair with Antics Animal Tale and other clever word play alphabets Cute uirky book about misunderstood animal names Loved the words and the ABC concept but the art just didn t thrill me Great ABC book Definitely an abc book written for adults than kids Too many of the words would be too abstr. DuncanFrom A is for Anonymouse and I is for Incredibull to K is for Kangarude and R is for Rocktopus this ABC book will. Act for kids to understand However the artwork is bright and appealing so the book would likely be enjoyed by kids as Very clever It bright and appealing so the book would likely be enjoyed by as well Very clever It me a bit to figure out some of the animals what the animals are doing gives you a bit to figure out some of the animals what the animals are doing gives you hint as to why they are so named I m not sure how much kids are going to pick up since some of the names involve some uniue vocabulary I like Anna DewdneyI like Claudia BoldtI do I doHowever I did not like this book The whimsical idea is promising but I found the whole thing too confusing and The Scruffy Drunk: The Wife in Space, Volume 2 rambling and just all over the place Is there humor here Sure but not enough to bridge the gap between what are often out there puns and the oddelated illustrations However kids migh. Have Mise En Sc�ne: Cin�ma Et Lecture readers laughing out loud as they learn the alphabet with animals they may never have seen or even heard of before.