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Jackpot by Nic StoneL this was just so fun and you need to read it Jackpot by Nic Stone is the YA jewel I didn t know I needed Rico is tough and serious in her determinedly matter of fact way She knows all she will ever need to know about each of her classmates Without having an actual conversation Rico knows what their home lives must be She can tell what type of Multiply: Disciples Making Disciples people they are Rico is so grown she even knows exactly how each of hereers sees herSo it s not such a big deal for Rico to stay out of that basic high school drama she s truly got no time for it anyway Mama is hounding her to ick up extra shifts at Mama is hounding her to ick up extra shifts at gas station The The Lost Masters: Grace and Disgrace in '68 puresterson on the The National Debt: A Short History planet her little brother Jax seems to stay sick And she does still need to graduate Zan rich boy because of daddy s toiletaper is not someone Rico ever envisioned approaching Truth be told she hid when he Rites, Rights and Rhythms: A Genealogy of Musical Meaning in Colombia's Black Pacific popped into her Gas n Go on Christmas Eve just so she wouldn t have to beolite to him But now his mad hacker skills may be exactly what Rico needs Something else happened that night before Christmas Rico sold a winning lotto ticket but the rize has not been claimed Rico vividly recalls chatting with the sweet little lady who mentioned being forgetful She will do everything ossible to track this woman down in time to claim the jackpotWhile the sullen Rico is stuck with the inexplicably cheerful Zan she grows annoyed by his habit of asking the uestions that most folks would just mull over silently Replying to his sneaky robing seemingly innocent ueries got Rico thinking More time silently Replying to his sneaky robing seemingly innocent ueries got Rico thinking More time meant self realization and Rico began to wonder if her earlier assumptions were not entirely accurate Maybe being art of a family that is financially well off does not necessarily mean having whatever you want Perhaps someone can be decked out in all Nike attire and still legitimately need food stamps Maybe money is a blessing Or it could be a curse Ms Stone s characters are authentic enough to feel familiar but fresh enough to be invigorating Day to day life even when infused with Something Different is realistic and relatable The occasional appearance of unexpected and unlikely narrators elevates the entire book in a way that I find intensely delightful Haven t read this yet just combatting an absurd rating from someone else who has certainly not read it Will update when I ve actually read it Alright I m a total Nic Stone fan girl I literally did football maneuvers in a ballroom to make sure I got this ARC But this one feltoffThe story is told from Rico s POV with side anecdotes from the winning lotto ticket her little brother s toy soldier and other inanimate objects in an effort to offset Rico s unreliability I wanted a deeper exploration into her artner in crime s thoughts I also didn t like the constant reminder of how Les Ténébreuses - Tome I - La Fin d'un monde poor she was It was redundant and often came across as melodramatic This coming from someone from a low socioeconomic backgroundThings I did love Jess as a character washenomenal and exactly who Rico needed to help her Karneval, Vol. 4 put her life inerspective Also the bathroom scene with Rico and her mom was done to erfection All that to say I m still a total Nic Stone fangirl but I didn t love Rico with the same vigor and gusto that I loved Jupiter Charity Sanche. Ve and have nots collide Will this investigative duo uniteor divideNic Stone the New York Times bestselling author of Dear Martin and Odd One Out creates two unforgettable characters in one hard hitting story about class money both too little and too much and how you make your own luck in the world. .
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this book amazing A deeper review closer to the ub date I romise This book was one of the YA reads that wasn t On My Radar At All I Ve my radar at all I ve read any books by Nic Stone so this was my first Thank You Netgalley for granting me an arc I d say this was about a 35 as I had to knock some stars off my review for some things I had a roblem withSo this is the story of Rico who is a girl living with her mom and little brother working retty much full time while going to school to help her mother make ends meet Rico is trying to track down this old lady who she believes bought a winning lottery ticket at her gas station in hopes of getting that ticket and claiming the money for herself See Rico is like a second mother to her younger brother and she just wants a life where she can The Elephants Journey provide for him and give him the world Where they don t have to just barely make rent at the end of the month and do without Where the rich kids at school won t bully themRico s momRico s mother seriously got on my nerves After her bad decisions she basicallyuts it all on her daughter to help take care of the family because she s too Sklaven für Wutawia + Gauner mit der 'Goldenen Hand' proud to apply for government assistance But also insists on having them live in an area they can t afford under the guise of wanting better schools for her children She never gets the dragging she deserves because badarenting like that should ve be excused There was also a missed opportunity to inform eople on the types of services available at little to no cost for single mothers Services her family could ve desperate used instead of Rico s mother working her to exhaustion She has colitis but doesn t want to go on medicaid even after Rico calls her out She doesn t have a change of mind instead just decides to go waste money on a vacation they can t afford In another book someone from outside the family would ve called her out about her shitty arentingAlso one thing I found strange is that Zan asks Rico What are you and he clarifies that he means ethnically because it Changing Face of the Hero perplexes him that she doesn t know aopular rap song Now we black girls know there s a stereotype that if you are a retty black girl you must be mixed with somethingAnd it s acknowledged that it s offensive but we still go there anyway I expected her response to be The black girl with the high cheekbones and curly hair is of course mixed And Rico goes into this whole explanation about her exotic background with an Afro Spanish father and biracial mother who was raised by a "White FatherI Will Say This "fatherI will say this s strongest oint is the effortless chemistry between Zan and Rico They are a classic YA rom com duo Zan is the rich boy who comes across like a bad boy but it really a cool down to earth dude Rico seeks him out because he was at that gas station that day and she heard some rumors that he s good with computers He doesn t open up much and he s kind of intrigued by her since at school she talks to no one Once he and Rico form a friendship he really tries to get her to open up and does what he can to make her and her brother s lives a little easier Which while cute at times can come across a little white saviorish I would ve loved to hear of his POV vs the random obj. From the author of the New York Times bestseller Dear Martin comes a StoryBranding: Creating Stand-Out Brands Through The Power of Story pitcherfect romance that examines class rivilege and how a stroke of good luck can change an entire lifeMeet Rico high school senior and afternoon shift cashier at the Gas 'n' Go who after school and work races home to take car. Ects POV we heard I found his family dynamic very interesting Him icking up Rico every day gave me shades ofNot sure how I feel about that ending It didn t end the way that I expected Wow Wowowowow I think this book made my brain end the way that I expected Wow Wowowowow I think this book made my brain a little bit but in a good way So much to think about after finishing this one I ll write of a review once I rocess my thoughts better but for now The Lady and the Lionheart preorder this one Nic never disappoints but she REALLY did something great with Jackpot I love the concept of this one Two teenagers one rich and oneoor are brought together as they try to retrace the steps of an old lady who may have just won herself over a hundred million dollars It s also ossible she may not even have realized itRico sure knows she could use the money Her family lives above their means in an apartment they can hardly afford Rico her mom and younger brother Jax don t even have health insurance or healthy food half of the time yet her mom refuses to seek help referring to work two jobs To save face maybe She is doing her best to give her children access to good schools but what s the oint if Rico can t even go to college She must help her mom ay billsSo finding that winning ticket is of outmost importance to Rico Her co Schilder's Struggle for the Unity of the Church pilot s reasons for tagging along on this adventure seem uite different because Zan s family is swimming in money and yet both realize that while they may be from two separate worlds they are not incredibly different after all Life can hit anyone hardThis was my third novel from Nic Stone and the third one I ve enjoyed too This author has a very uniue writing style I could have recognized her as the author of this book even if her name hadn t been written on it She explores social issues that are critical to her likeoverty racism stereotypes and I don t even have to read her bio or background to know that I could feel it as I read this book Another winner from Nic Stone BTW I really like her nameBlog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestJACKPOT is the story of a teenage girl living about an inch above the A (kinda) Country Christmas poverty line She works at a convenience store clerk which is how she ends up meeting the woman who bought the winning lottery ticket and also the rich young heir Zan who ends uplaying willing accomplice to her heist to notify the woman of her good fortune and erhaps get a cut of that sweet sweet cashI haven t read anything by this author before although I do actually own her other book DEAR MARTIN and I had a lot of mixed thoughts while reading Ultimately I do think I liked this book with reservations which I ll list out hereWhat I liked Realistic ortrayal of what it s like living aycheck to aycheck I think a lot of YA and NA try to romanticize being l Don t National Geographic Kids Almanac 2020 pickup this book if you have things that need done I repeat DON T PICKUP THIS BOOK IF YOU HAVE THINGS THAT NEED DONE Even though Iredicted the ending of this one retty early on there is just something about Nic Stone s writing that really does it for me and I liked this one SO MUCH My favorite bits were the arts written in the Why Is It Always About You?: The Seven Deadly Sins of Narcissism perspective of different inanimate objects because I feel like they just really gave this that little extra something and honestly y al. E of her younger brother Every Single Day When Rico sells a jackpot winning lotto ticket she thinks maybe her luck will finally change but only if she with some assistance from heropular and wildly rich classmate Zan can find the ticket holder who hasn't claimed the Gods and fighting men: the story of the Tuatha de Danaan and of the Fianna of Ireland, arranged and put into English by Lady Gregory prize But what happens when ha.