Penelope Sky Summary The Skull Crusher Skull #2

The Skull Crusher Skull #2Yes Yes Yes I have loved these books Balto is my type of character Loving this series so much So this is the second book in the Skull King Series by Penelope Sky After the amazing ending at the first book I was really looking forward to this book and it didn t disappoint After the first book where ou know Balto and Cassini s chemistry is off the charts ou really get to delve deeper into who they are What made them into the people they are today You get to see of each others families as well It was very interesting seeing Balto as a twin and Cassini s reaction to it as well totally something new and unexpected from Penelope that we ve never seen but I absolutely love it And Balto stole Cassini ou no longer have to worry about them trying to sneak around to see one another This was an awesome fast paced book with twists and turns Cassini is still the strong female we came to love in the first book and Balto is most definitely still the brooding alpha he proved himself to be These two continue to just get better I was unable to put this one down until I had devoured every page I can t wait to see what the final book has in store Second book of the series we follow Balto taken Cassini from Lucian as payment for his skull diamond Thinking she was just been rescued Cassini found her self with a new master since Balto keep saying she is just his prisoner and one day he would get bored of her so the option only to give her back to Lucian for the diamond or kill her That s why she must earn her price and keep him happy as long as she can Will the strong will hot headed hopefull Cassini just take what Balto give her Although she know she s safer with him than with Lucian or to run away will she be able to change Balto s mind and keep her instead Interesting the flow of these characters evolve in this second book While on the first book they only have affair with passionate lust between them their chemistry change when they are together They aren t couple in the most traditional way but the way he protect her the way he dominate her the way she submit the way they fight and make up Too hot And definitly interesting watching Balto keep denying his own feeling for her But with his reputation can their steaminess hold ground Can t wait for the third book to come Balto did it He ripped me from the arms of my husband claiming me as his prisoner unlessuntil Lucian lives up to the terms of their contract A contract that Balto paid for but Lucian reneged on I m now Balto s prisoner but that won t be a chore as it comes with benefits not afforded other prisoners Lucian doesn t know that Balto and I have history and would kill me if he knew the extent of that history Regardless I m free from my husband s control and t go back no matter what Little does Cassini Salazar realize that Balto has end game goal that she has no control over Balto s made it clear that her value to him isn t on par with the value of

"the stolen skull "
stolen Skull currently in her husband s ownership It s up to her to convince him otherwise Warning This is it s a dark Italian crime family erotic romance story that includes violence and situations consistent with that lifestyle Also for those with adulterycheating triggers adultery plays a major part in this bookseries Consider ourself warnedThis is the second installment in the Skull trilogy a book that cannot be read as a stand alone and does end as The Skull King did with a major cliffhanger Suggest those who have issues with cliffies wait for the next and final book in series if cliffhangers are an issue This story imho features angst issues related to an evolving romance and family dynamics issues vs having any real action adventure suspenseful content To clarify there are crime family lifestyle business situations that how Balto got his Skull Crusher nickname but for the most part the reader will experience the evolving lust to between the two That means erotic scenes to enjoy Secondary characters Heath Balto s brother is the stand out supporting role character who I feel the author is grooming as a spin off series main character Regardless he plays a role in this story than the previous It s up to the reader to determine if he s redeemed himself or not and thus deserving of any possible independent future story of his own Other characters do add value and depth to the world building with one unidentified character who was awkwardly placed with uestionable need to exist in the first place My procon thoughts I love dark crime family stories in general That the setting is Italy ups the ante as this is ground zero for mobsterscrime familygangs and thus I expect the ultimate degree of violence and bloodletting content Does this storyseries live up to my expectations Guess ou ll have to read it for ourself to find outOverall good series that I recommend for fans of contemporary dark crime family erotic romance fans who appreciate the jealouspossessive alpha male persona Oh how this story gets and complicated as we go We were lulled into a false sense of security here thinking that Balto cared about Cassini et that wasn t the case She s just a pawn in this game now that he knows who she s married to and as such she s a slave a prisoner in an entirely different cage One that seems like it could be better if and only if Cassini is able to make herself the most valuable thing in the worldThe bulk of our story lies around this idea. Balto stole me from Lucian without raising a fingerI thought I would finally be free finally get my life backBut Balto has other plans for me Now I'm his prisoner He'll. That Cassini is now in another hell and she doesn t know what to believe she doesn t know how safe she is and for how long and she doesn t know what to do with the fact that she trusted a man who seemed to care for her seemed to want to protect her but really just wanted to use herThe power and arrogance that Balto has is something that comes out on every page in this second installment He s confident that he can keep himself protected and safe confident that he can remain the leader of the Skull Kings confident that he can make Cassini do whatever he wants because he s so confident that she wants it What he underestimates though is that Cassini is one of the strongest women out there and what he wants isn t going to matter for long He uickly finds that she has the control because she has what he wants The sexuality and allure that no other woman hasWe spend much of this story wondering how Cassini will get her freedom back and remain happy She needs to feel safe and wanted and loved liked even and when she thought that she was getting that with Balto she learned that she was wrong What our author does here in the way that the story is written is that she keeps us on our toes Whatever preconceived notions that we had of Balto and his organization they are often flipped and changed aroundAs is usually the case in this genre in addition to a story that gives us so much torment war fighting and concern over trust we also continue to get some of the deepest romance and engagement We see that there s so much connection and desire between our mains and that s partially because of raw animal connection but also partly due to the insanity that they live inWhen about 23 of the way through Lucian reappears learning that Balto and Cassini were having an affair before everything went down war is declared He s on the hunt and he won t compromise at all until he gets his wife back Balto s not about to let that happen and we see the sheer terror that Cassini has at the prospect but we know that there s an inevitability here to see that a trade will happen soon Because Cassini is a prisoner once Balto gets what he s after she s worth nothing to him And that s where we end this second bookBalto agrees to a trade and we know that Lucian is out for the maximum pain and punishment since he feels that not only was he betrayed by his wife he s been humiliated beyond recognition Cassini overhears the planned trade knows that there s nothing left for her to do but resign herself to a painful death and thenend bookCase and Dirk as uickly becoming favorites of mine in the story as is Heath What s nice is that the brothers the family in this series are not only supporting characters but characters that keep us grounded and emotionally bound There s a different bit at stake for them as they look at what Balto and Cassini are playing at and to see how that dynamic is written into the story takes us to another levelI m left is written into the story takes us to another levelI m left what s going to happen Who s going to die first and who will be responsible What will have to be lost for anyone to find happiness and will a diamond a skull diamond be at the center of it all forever So now i actually have to wait a bit since book 3 isn t out until June so i ve got a lot of time to ponder Out of the frying pan into the fire Little did Cassini realize Balto was not out to free her from Lucian s control She is not Balto s property As he has told her her future does not look very bright He will keep her while he is still entertained by her Once that is over or if Lucian agrees to his terms for a trade he will either give her back to Lucian or will kill herThe relationship she has with Balto is very complex The animal attraction they both feel for each other and her abhorrence of the ruthless killer she knows he is She has witnessed how far he will go when someone is dishonest or displeases him Respect and absolute obedience is what he demands of all who are under his control Cold and calculating Balto becomes a different man when he is alone with Cassini The problem is Balto has reiterated their relationship is temporary He will trade her for what he wants or she will dieI can hardly wait for the last installment of this riveting story Balto has big decisions to make and Cassini has to find a way to be free of these men Lucian and Balto are ruthless and she will not be safe until she is rid of them bothI am voluntarily reviewing this book Thanks to the author for sharing a copy with me These story are starting to look all the same The guys are alpha the girls the best pssy they ever had the h can t sleep without the HThey like to pump them with their seed eye roll the h are all nimphos that like sex 3x a day 7 days a week 30 days in the month All have a brother to cause problemSame stories last couple of books wash rinse repeat He was still an escape even if he Was My PrisonPenelope Sky Is My Ueen When It Comes my prisonPenelope Sky is my ueen when it comes her books so when a new series comes out I hop on it right away This time I did it Differently Because My Husband Got Tired Of Me Being A because my husband got tired of me being a biotch in between book releasesso after reading book 1 the day it released I waited until both book 2 3 were out to continue this trilogy When it was finally time to dive into The Skull Crusher well this is as close to my excitement as it getsNow before I begin as big of a fan as I am of Penelope I am still particular about my 5 starshowever this book definitely earned all 5 this ti. Keep me and enjoy me as long as he wantsUntil Lucian gives him back the Skull DiamondI never want to return to Lucian again not after being with a man like Balto The ,

Me Anyone who knows her work knows by now that every series and story is centered around the same world and these characters intertwine either by name drops or guest appearancesthe Skull Kings were introduced in the Buttons series afterall and Balto and his Kings were a part of the Banker trilogy as well Penelope also seems to follow a specific model for her stories two powerful brothers stolencaptive girl dangerous enemies etc BUT she always puts a different spin on them allthat doesn t bother me because it happens with every author in one way or another And it just so happens Penelope s model is GOLD The Skull Crusher is book 2 of this series and is not a stand alone Told in dual POV it is a story involving graphic violencedeath criminal elements a woman held prisoner and talks about sex slavery as well as other triggering topics SynopsisPicking up where Skull King left us Balto has just stolen Cassini from Lucian She might think he s there to save her but he has other plansshe is a very valuable pawn in his war against Lucian his goal to get back his 3rd skull diamond and the explosives he was promised Cassini realizes she s left one captor for a much powerful and dangerous one and instead of being scared she s pissedand I was LIVING for it A woman can only be owned by a man when she wants to be owned Balto knows the ultimate torture for Lucian is to know he s bedding his wife every night and there is nothing he can do about ittoo bad Cassini isn t very fond of that plan The Skull King cares about no one or nothing but soon Cassini breaks down walls revealing another side of him that seems to see her as than a pawn Cassini is determined to make herself so valuable to Balto that he won t let her go but how can she compete with a diamond worth over a billion euros and revenge I ve given The TV Writer's Workbook: A Creative Approach To Television Scripts you that life You can have anythingou want and NV Level 3 Health and Social Care you can sleep with the only manou want You can be the most protected woman in the world and have the power to do whatever Writing in the Dust: After September 11 you want Allou have to do is stop fighting me and embrace it Despite how obsessed he is with the most beautiful woman he has ever seen Balto is the Skull King to his core and plans to hand her over when the time comes no matter what awful plans Lucian has for herbut when push comes to shove will he be able to give her up Or will he sacrifice it all to save her from her fate and keep her safe with him I refused to admit she was the only one because that would give her way too much power The fact that she had any power at all was sexy This woman was taking and from me without even realizing itThe 2nd installment of the Skull King series does end on a little cliffy with the conclusion of the story already available to purchase Lucian is the main threat but there is another threat to Balto and his position on the throne right under his nose and I m hoping that plays out in the final installmentCharactersCassini will easily go down as one of my fav female leads ever She s got fire and isn t afraid to demand respect even from the most powerful and ruthless man in the country She is loyal to a fault and is as smart as she is beautiful I love that she demands what she wants without fear of the repercussions She deserves a HEA because she has been through hell I m basically a pig being prepared for the slaughterhouse The sex was just sex The conversations were meaningless All of this was meaningless As for Balto he is fighting to take the top spot of Penelope men for me from Crow He is the definition of power and ruthlessnessi mean he crushes his enemies skulls with his feet I love that he is fiercely protective over Cassini and how he cares for her even though he denies over Cassini and how he cares for her even though he denies does He has earned the respect from his men by being loyal and fair and the fear of everyone else by his actions and not just the actions of his men And the way he talks to Cassini most of the time had me swooning and breathing heavy at the same time I know my baby When she s in a bad mood she needs sex 5 stars I must admit i did not like book 1 in the series because i hate love triangles even when the heroine didn t love her husband but a major factor for reading book 2 is Balto our hero he is such alpha dominant hero This book is a hundred percent different than book 1 Cassini is mature and we get to see Balto and Cassini grow up like a couple This book was not what I was expecting It was a hell of alot Balto and Cassini together was magic Clearly he loves he very much but he s too stubborn to admit it I was fortunate enough to received an ARC to read and review on my own And it is my honor to do so Thank ou Penelope Sky You Rock This story had me on a roller coaster ride Especially at the end I was holding my breath and praying that Balto did5do what he was on his way to do to Cassini I felt as though I was in a movie way to do to Cassini I felt as though I was in a movie instead of at home reading this fabulous book I love the way Cassini disarmed Balto s twin brother Heath It was classic I was cracking up laughing Serves him right for trying to trick her into believing he was Balto I love the way she knocked him upside the head and took his hun I love the way Balto got revenge for Cassini with her ex boyfriend Evan I wish Penelope had took us to that scene where Balto beat him to an inch of his life He deserved it after the way he handed her over to Lucian I cannot wait for the next book to see how Balto gets his revenge on Lucian This series is amazing I highly recommend it. Nly chance I have is to become valuable than that diamond to have Balto want me enough not to trade me back to LucianBut can I ever compete with a diamond worth billion.