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Aviation Logistics: The Dynamic Partnership of Air Freight and Supply Chain lM not a big fan of newly minted pronunciations Unlike the editors of most current dictionaries I do not rush to embrace every phonetic aberration that comes down the pike I am by nature sceptical of innovations in speech and inclined to defend established pronunciations That noted however I must now say this As aiberal purist I believe in evaluating things on a case by case basis and some cases present compelling reasons to chuck the old in favour of the new It would be a grave mistake to assume that just because a pronunciation is new it must be objectionable It all depends on who s doing the changing and whether there It all depends on who s doing the changing and whether there any justification for it 437This strikes me as a significantly different tune than elsewhere in the book where he has ridiculed people who disagree with his pronunciation preferences implying that disagree with his pronunciation preferences implying that are backwater hicks of obviously R High Performance Programming lower intelligence than those who pronounce things correctlyEarlier Elster affirmed that As anyone who studies pronunciation even cursorily knows well the orthoepist sabels wrong and right and correct or ess correct often have ittle or no bearing on what prevails 246 That being the case I would respect Elster if he could be gentler toward those who may have other opinions about pronunciation especially when his own matrix for deciding on pronunciations seems at times so haphazard and uneven When his seriousness about the art of orthoepy is packaged in such sarcasm and mockery of others views he nearly sabotages the very idea of orthoepy making a spectacle of himself and the disciplineI ve possibly gone on a bit too Scala for Java Developers long about the negative parts of this book Because honestly I greatly enjoyed all that Iearned about the history of words and pronunciation I disagree with Elster on many many points okay so err is supposed to be pronounced ur not air but where and when I grew up I never heard anyone pronounce it that way and I would feel very strange saying it that way I m sticking with air but even where we differ I The Qur'an, Morality and Critical Reason: The Essential Muhammad Shahrur like knowing the different perspectives on pronunciation On almost every page there was an entry that completely surprised me That word is actually pronouncedike that I l gladly keep a copy of the Big Book on my desk along with my other favorite dictionaries and usage guides to dip into for fun occasionally or to check myself while preparing presentations My oh my what interesting reading My goal has been to not cringe when I hear such pronunciations that I do not adhere to I ve uit reminding my sister how to pronounce scone for and allowing some words to have alternate pronunciations So many times I would ike to remind others there is no tang in orangutan That the L in vulnerable is there to be heard and that X always has the Z sound Except in X ray I realize that I am just being petty and having read this book has done nothing to curb my desire to correct others Living in Canada has done nothing for me either words here are said with the French or British pronunciation Yes the R in foyer is supposed to be heard But not in Canada FOY ay is what we say Our G often has a zh sound And there are Heaven to Betsy loads of other words that my relatives in the US uestion me about Since I am bent on being right it is uite a strain to keep up with another s preferred way of saying things So I don t try HOWEVER I will not say flak sid when I mean flassid I refuse toeave out the L in almond psalms calm and balm for basil I So B. It ll always say bazzle and if I err I will NOT say that I HAVE URRED And I will always steer clear of Goethe This fine book of than 500 pages is good reading if you go in for this stuff Otherwise it reads somethingike a dictionary Some words take a Cabaret lot of explaining Moscow for example takes up 6 and 12 pages So I will continue in my uest to conuer this particular pet peeve a person should not be judged by the way he pronounces a word Naturally I didn t read every entry in this book but I found it uite delightful though I didn t uite agree with every single pronunciation and there were some words that I really think should have made it into the book Like ornery But anyway I will now be pronouncing Ayn Rand so that Ayn rhymes with wine and dine Il be posting something about this book on my blog soon I think so watch for it. Hara kiri machismo Muslim Niger Pinochet Pulitzer sorbet tinnitus w as in www dotand many many Charles Harrington Elster is the pronunciation editor of Black’s Law Dictionary and the author of various books about anguage including Verbal Advantage There’s a Word for It and What in the Word He has been a guest columnist on anguage for the Boston Globe and the New York Times Magazine and a commentator on NPR and hundreds of radio shows around the count. .
A book that helps with correct pronunciation can only be a 5 star read and say Double the pleasure 10 of 10 stars My sister gave me this book because I am what Mr Elster refers to as a spelling pronouncer I come across unfamiliar words in print and never bother to ook up the correct pronunciation I ve used this book to check on words when someone calls me out on a mispronunciation and it s been very useful However it wasn t until I started reading this book straight through for my Dewey Decimal Challenge that I got really hooked on it There were so many regular words that I never would have checked that I and everyone I know have been mispronouncing it was fascinating Examples OkayGrocery apparently it is groh suh ree with an S not grohsh ree with an SH I ve probably said and heard this word a million times in my ife and never once with an S sound New the proper way to say it is NYOO ike in newt Surprised the pants off meAny word with alm ahm with no L sound This meAny word with alm ahm with no L sound This was a total shock because it meant that I ve been saying balm calm palm psalm almond etc completely wrong Except for salmon that one I nailed small consolation Really we are supposed to pronounce balm ike bomb Really Frankly there s no way I m going to starting saying these words without the L sound because it sounds awful to my ears My favorite passages are the ones that contain fun tidbits En plein coeur like calling out famous people for saying something wrong or describing a personal encounter with a mispronouncer Also when the author gives information about a pronunciation that goes beyond what is in various dictionaries such as howocals say a certain place name One very big thing I ve taken away from this book is a sensitivity when it comes to the words pronounce and pronunciation They came up a The Bookshop on the Shore lot in this book obviously and I was saying pronunciation wrong I think it s sometimes hard to remember how you say a word in your natural speech Now I m very aware of it for better or worse Bought this to bone up on words and stuff because this certain person kept on butting in and correcting how I pronounced words the ass This book is undeniably useful but ultimately made me feelike a fool So I gave it

To My Little Brother 
my Dance Real Slow little brother s in a Nazi stage right now grammar among others and mightove to use this to ord his pedantry over his peers TeensOdd note this book insists flaccid can be pronounced flak sid That s the only thing that stuck Oh and I earned that atar is pronounced with the stress on the first syllable Not that it matters how you say it as The Day Christ Was Born: The True Account of the First 24 Hours of Jesus's Life long as the money still gets to where it needs to be amirightolz For a ife ong mispronouncer this book is a god send Also now I can be even pedantic Why do you pronounce the h on homage A because there s a friggin H in it and B because my ovely book says so So there When I hear someone mispronounce et cetera as ek setera it sets my teeth on edge How can something so easy be pronounced so wrongly by so manyI LOVE this book The author is a word junkie and has really done his homework He believes that the correct pronunciation of a word is something that matters no ess than its correct spelling He is annoyed by people who do not care about the matter and has written this book for the benefit of those who do Where there is PostgreSQL Server Programming - Second Edition legitimate disagreement among the authorities he will tell you Often he takes to taskexicographers who are too willing to condone what he considers incorrect or beastly mispronunciations Great for settling disputes or just to browse As illiteracy increases so too do mispronunciations and I hear many these days At a recent gathering I Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic Families Win the Battle Against Pornography listened to someone read a prepared tribute to a retiring teacher He pronounced the word erudite as e ROOD it It was such an egregious mispronunciation that my heart simply went out to the poor fellow for his appalling faux pas I also discovered in reading this book that I have been systematically mispronouncing many words myself over many years Thanks to the authoritative research contained in this book I haveearned how to pronounce correctly many Thanks to the authoritative research contained in this book I have The Taste of Night (Signs of the Zodiac, learned how to pronounce correctly many including culinary CUEin ary beneficent buh NEF uh sint caduceus kuh DYOO see us filial FIL ee ul not FEEL ee ul and the monster waiting to destroy you in abyrinthine LAB uh RIN thin And. The definitive pronouncement on than 1500 of our most commonly mispronounced wordsFrom the anguage maven Charles Harrington Elster comes an authoritative and unapologetically opinionated ook at American speech As Elster points out there is no sewer in connoisseur no dip in diphthong and no pronoun in pronunciation The culmination of twenty years of observation and study The Big Book of Beastly Mispronunciations is than just a pronunciation guide Elster di. Don t forget to distinguish not simply the meanings but the pronunciations of oathe and The Road From Home: The Story Of An Armenian Girl loath a common pitfall for many educated speakers Interesting entries includeingerie myopic memorabilia and the correct way to pronounce daiuiri Sorry Charlie your judgment is always sound and I respect you greatly but I simply cannot bring myself to pronounce this word in the way that you assert is CorrectAs For Something Like Forte There Is No Consensus As for something Exile and Pilgrim like forte there is no consensus as the correct pronunciation Is it FOR tay for TAY or FORT We discover from ourearned authority that this is one of those rare situations where you can take your pick I oved this book I m a total nerd when it comes to spelling grammar and word pronunciations The book I read was an older edition it s compiled ike a dictionary so one doesn t actually read the entire book Some words I would have Hannah Montana: The Movie liked to find were not included unfortunately Perhaps in the newer editionIoved the often humorous opinions of the author and surprisingly when I discussed the book with coworkers they asked me to search for pronunciations of words I hadn t thought about such as the way many Californians mispronounce cement as SEE ment I was happy to earn that most people really do want to pronounce words correctly So I ve purchased the atest edition of this book want to pronounce words correctly So I ve purchased the atest edition of this book keep on my coffee table Maybe I can persuade my family and friends to stop saying the word often with a hard T The T is silent folks I enjoyed this book immensely a very entertaining ook at proper pronunciation I was happy to find that I pronounce many controversial words appropriately and called to repentance on my beastly mispronunciations and bozo no no s I may never uite get used to a few of the things the author insists upon but hope I make progress toward becoming a careful speaker Ah that satisfying feeling of having completed a read through of a dictionary or usage guide I ve been spending some months dipping into Charles Harrington Elster s The Big usage guide I ve been spending some months dipping into Charles Harrington Elster s The Big of Beastly Mispronunciations and today I finished It has been a highly enjoyable read I have enjoyed a number of style and usage guides such as Garner s Modern American Usage but Elster s book opened up a new andscape of pronunciation that I had not previously experienced at east not to this depth I will humbly admit that prior to reading the Big Book I did not know the word orthoepist an authority on proper pronunciation p 361 Now I know that word and the histories of pronunciation for many other words as wellTo say that this book is about proper pronunciation is almost a disservice to the content In explaining the sometimes tortuous histories of pronunciation Elster delves into world history sociolinguistics cultural attitudes and Cardiovascular Pet: Current Concepts language shift His entries range from minimal sometimes only giving the pronunciation with no additional information to several pageong accounts Thus the book is not just for people who want to earn how to pronounce words correctly but it is a delight for anyone interested in the English anguage generallyThe bad news is that the book s subtitle The Complete Opinionated Guide for the Careful Speaker indicates a stance Elster employs that very often gets in the way He is indeed opinionated and his voice becomes an annoyance distracting unnecessarily from the great content he is otherwise presenting Elster is a clear example of why the descriptivist vs prescriptivist debate continues even though the actual discussion need not be so polarized He revels in making himself obnoxious to those who would disagree with him inviting retaliation rather than fruitful dialogue The reader of the Big Book will go crazy trying to figure out a coherent A Companion to Peter Martyr Vermigli logic to Elster s pronunciation preferences Sometimes he argues for tradition other times he s happy to go with recent innovation Only Elster himself could understand why he makes the choices he does This is fine of course for each individual but it is sometimes maddening in a book that purports to arm you with the information you need to decide what is acceptable for you back cover This paragraph made me chuckle as he suddenly seems to be muchenient than he has seemed throughout the rest of the bookIf you ve been browsing through this book for a while you are probably well aware that I Scusses past and present usage alternatives analogies and tendencies and offers plenty of advice none of it objective Whether you are adamant or ambivalent about the spoken word Elster arms you with the information you need to decide what is acceptable for youThe Big Book of Beastly Mispronunciations has now been expanded and revised and features nearly 200 new words includingal aeda bruschetta commensurate coup de grâce curriculum vita exacerbate gigabyte. .

Characters The Big Book of Beastly Mispronunciations The Complete Opinionated Guide for the Careful Speaker

The Big Book of Beastly Mispronunciations The Complete Opinionated Guide for the Careful Speaker

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