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Unnamed narrator As such I will comment on and rate each story individually The Murders in the Rue Morgue was easily the most entertaining of the three While imperfect it is the prototypical detective story on which all others are based and still managed to be an engaging read over a century and a half after it was written The biggest flaw is that the solution to the murders is a rather absurd and b incapable of being surmised by the reader before it is "Revealed At The Conclusion "at the conclusion rating Four stars The Mystery of Marie Roget Pansy Vol. 6 lacked all the positive ualities of its predecessor but maintained its biggest flaw the overlong sections of Dupin s exposition The result was a short story that was dry as a criminal justice textbook andacked any overall characters or plot My rating Two stars The Purloined Letter was the best of the Dupin tales by any critical measure The story balances plot storytelling exposition and pace better than the previous two The story is shorter tighter and gives the most insight into the mind and heart of Dupin beyond his Edible Memory: The Lure of Heirloom Tomatoes and Other Forgotten Foods long winded critical analysis My rating Four stars The mysteries themselves were well written the endings unexpected However I didn t care for this as an audio book Accustomed to a cup Sherlock and Watson Poriot and Hastings I didn t care for the narrator being referred to as friend there was no relationship which made the connections to each story shallower This is of a mystery than a tale of horror and even though C Auguste Dupin is intriguing he doesn t uite have the flair and style of Sherlock Holmes Still very good though I am reading through a collection of his short tales That is another of your odd notions said the Prefect who had a fashion of calling everything odd that was beyond his comprehension and thusived amid an absolute Elizabeth I legion of oddities As noted this wasife preserver book bought for Education in a New Society loose change and kept in my truck for just such an occasion Poe s Dupin stories are cerebral but not charming There isittle here of atmosphere nor much banter Upon reflection there isn t much humanity at all on display These are exercises examples of a methodology It is easy to see how compelling Dupin s improbable genius was to readers The allure continues to our own jaded days Note to self all days have been jaded The Victorians are currently reading these Poe mysteries to see how they influenced the detective genre and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle s Sherlock Holmes in particular I thought it would be interesting to read along and find out how the genre began and to see how much inspiration Doyle got from Poe I am no Sherlock scholar at all having only read The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes as of yet But boy Doyle succeeded where Poe failed Both detectives Poe s Dupin and Doyle s Sherlock are arrogant and sometimes Condescending In Their Great Wisdom But Where Sherlock Has An in their great wisdom but where Sherlock has an and original uirky charm that makes him Education in a New Society: Renewing the Sociology of Education likable despite his arrogance Dupin is just an annoying twat Listen to me talk for ages and ages and ages about how extremely intelligent I am youittle ignorant fool I am the master of observation and inference and you don t hold a candle to me Bla bla bla algebra and analysis bla bla bla the silly French police bla bla bla oh I am so clever bla bla bla is basically what I hear coming out of his mouth all the time It takes Dupin six pages to explain something Sherlock would explain in three sentences because he has to aggrandize himself along the way making sure that the reader is fed up with him by the end of his tiresome monologues But maybe it is just that the characters were not very well developed in Poe s mysteries both the narrator and Dupin are practically non entities There is not that ovely interplay here that exists between Sherlock and Watson Most of the stories consist of newspaper readings and Dupin s monologues Dupin and the narrator are rarely at the scene of the crime or out investigating It seems as if Dupin has the solutions to the mysteries the minute he is told there is a mystery At east with Sherlock we get to follow him around watch him investigate deduct and infer which means that we as readers get to guess who the perpetrators can be Dupin cheats us of that by knowing everything immediatelyAlsoThe first mystery has a disappointingly easy solution the second one has no solution and the third one was way too implausible for me Disappointed MeYes. Omplete manual of detective theory and practice” Indeed Poe’s short mysteries inspired the creation of countless iterary sleuths among them Sherlock Holmes Today the uniue Dupin stories still stand out as utterly engrossing page turne. .

An inuiry will afford us amusement The Murders in the Rue Morgue is considered the first detective fiction story Poe s early detective fiction tales featuring C Auguste Dupin aid the groundwork for future detectives in iterature Sir Arthur Conan Doyle said Each of Poe s detective stories is a root from which a whole iterature has developed Where was the detective story until Poe breathed the breath of ife into it The character of Dupin became the prototype for many future fictional detectives including Arthur Conan Doyle s Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie s Hercule Poirot source WikipediaI read this story first in high school ater in college I remember I didn t ike it first but Excommunication: Three Inquiries in Media and Mediation later Iearned to appreciate it An unknown narrator tells how he met and befriended Monsieur C Auguste Dupin in Paris and how Dupin solved an extraordinary crime Truth is not always in a well In fact as regards the important knowledge I do believe that she is invariably superficial The depth Gender Justice lies in the valleys where we seek her and not upon the mountain tops where she is found The story is creepy enough the writing style is engaging What else It s Poe and the solution is the triumph of the analytic mind Poe s Auguste Dupin is known as the first proper fictional detective initerary history and may I say only his being the first can justify his Generations and Collective Memory lengthy pedantic self satisfied harangues The middle story The Mystery of Marie Rog t is the weakest narratively speaking of the three though no doubt it makes for a wonderful essay either on state of the art methods of detection onanguage processing or on contemporary journalism While I ve certainly read entertaining detective stories Dupin s are a one of a kind piece of work he may not be one of my favourites but if that of the favourites wasn t a somewhat exclusive category then they wouldn t be called favourites at all Consider this a heads up there s going to be some classic detective iterature ingering around my reading From Notes to Narrative list for the next few months And you can t write a potted history of it without starting vaguely in the vicinity of C Auguste Dupin Actually you probably can t start it without the Arabian Nights don t worry I didn t But then I skipped forward to PoeWhen I sat down to read Rue Morgue I was all set to tick something off myist a book I should have read years ago but had never managed to Unfortunately I couldn t because it turns out that I have read it before after all I ve no memory of doing so but I definitely knew what happened Purloined Letter the same and not just because Arthur Conan Doyle nicked half the idea and did it I think better in at Guitar Makers: The Endurance of Artisanal Values in North America least two stories A Scandal in Bohemia and what s that one where they break into the guy s house The only really new to me one was Marie Roget and it s definitely the weakest of the threeThey were perfectly fine stories but as with any real genre setters they suffer because a century of writers took the same ideas and tried to do them better And for thearge part they succeededSo on I skipped to Wilkie Collins who et s be honest can do no wrong in my eyes Also I skipped to Wilkie Collins who et s be honest can do no wrong in my eyes Also in the next few months Christie and Sayers Highsmith Chandler McBain Sjowall and Wahloo Mosley and if I can possibly wangle it Dirk Gently It s a funny old genre and I Hard Bread (Phoenix Poets (Paper)) love it Sherlock Holmes you re a selfish bastard Do you know why You ruined this story for me Damn you Sherlock No I m just kidding I think you re great really Sherlock It s only because of your greatness that this story was weak But I did want to enjoy it I suppose it s not your fault really your creator did take Poe s idea and make it much better You just came along for the ride Okay soet s get serious A ot of writers owe a ot to Edgar Allan Poe This work helped to define the detective story this may be so but other writers certainly made it better For me Poe is at his finest when he is entrenched in the world of darkness horror and the maddening wired He is a great gothic writer but I don t think he is great with detective stories Well at east not with this one These stories may get better but as for the first in the series this was rather average What Poe average Yes average Sir Arthur Conan Doyle s Sherlock Holmes makes this ook shockingly weak It begins with a series of murders The first being a decapitated old woman I actually Foraging for Survival laughed outoud when I read this it just seemed so comical After a th. Includes “The Murders in the Rue Morgue” “The Mystery of Marie Rogêt” and “The Purloined Letter” Between 1841 and 1844 Edgar Allan Poe invented the genre of detective fiction with three mesmerizing stories of a young French ec. Orough investigation of every portion of the house without further discovery the party made its way into a small yard in the rear Of The Building Where Lay the building where Fragments lay corpse of the oldady with her throat so entirely cut that upon an attempt to raise her the head fell off see what i the head fell off See what I Or is it just meThe detectives have no idea how to approach the case they are in essence rather clueless They use the same tried are in essence rather clueless They use the same tried tested method which means they are reluctant to adapt to new circumstances This case reuires creativity it reuires a Foundations of Tropical Forest Biology: Classic Papers with Commentaries little flair and outside thinking It reuires a new if slightly abstract approach This is where Dupin comes in He is the character that inspired Holmes but for all Homles rational deduction Dupin s observations felt tentative and obscure I really think Holmes could teach him a thing or two about detective work He is creative and he uses acute perceptionike Holmes though his findings just aren t as clever I m being a ittle unfair here Sherlock may be a better character but Dupin does have determination in a very high degree He does have a powerful drive to see the job done Dupin seemed singularly interested in the progress of this affair at east so I judged form his manner for he made no comments It was only after the announcement that Le Bon had been imprisoned that he asked me my opinion regarding the murders And that s exactly what he does he in his stoic manner with the help of the narrator solves the crime The end is uite clever I l give it that but what it really acks is personality Dupin is dull so very dull He is colourless Beyond his touchy detective skills there is very ittle character Again I can t help but compare him to the enigmatic Sherlock Now that s a character Sherlock appears reckless and sometimes even self destructive but the man always knows the outcome before the case has begun All danger has already been weighed Doesn t he just sound interesting than Dupin This did pretty much create an entire genre That s an astonishing achievement But I still found the story to be a ittle mundane For me it didn t have any intensity I had to make myself finish it Sherlock would chew up Dupin and spit him back out again before he had a chance to even get to the crime scene As much as it pains me to rate a Poe story two stars there is nothing else to be done There are very few people with any knowledge of iterature who have not heard of the character Sherlock Holmes Beloved by readers for over a century Conan Doyle crafted a pompous and overly confident detective that always seems to be on the trail of even the cleverest criminals But this review is not about Sherlock Holmes It is about the man who is responsible for influencing the creator of this character His name is Auguste Dupin a Frenchman This detective created by Edgar Allan Poe appears in only three short stories but these stories really pack a punch and offer a very satisfying introduction to the detective fiction genre Poe s writing here is complex Although these stories appear short they should be read slowly and reuire a ittle concentration as usual because these stories Murders in the Rue Morgue Mystery of Marie Roget and the Purloined Letter feature very ittle action and are of a discussion of the science of deductive reasoning Although this is not for everybody I believe Poe really shows off his iterary genius here and can take credit for creating the entire mystery genre I decided to read Poe s Dupin stories after reading this exchange between Watson and Sherlock Holmes in A Study in ScarletIt is simple enough as you explain it I said smiling You remind me of Edgar Allen Poe s Dupin I had no idea that such individuals did exist outside of storiesSherlock Holmes rose and Art, Culture, and Cuisine: Ancient and Medieval Gastronomy lit his pipe No doubt you think that you are complimenting me in comparing me to Dupin he observed Now in my opinion Dupin was a very inferior fellow That trick of his of breaking in on his friends thoughts with an apropos remark after a uarter of an hour s silence is really very showy and superficial He had some analytical genius no doubt but he was by no means such a phenomenon as Poe appeared to imagineI cannotook at this compilation as one cohesive work as each of the three stories The Murders in the Rue Morgue The Mystery of Marie Roget and The Purloined Letter are written in different styles with different themes inked only by the presence of Dupin and the. Centric named C Auguste Dupin Introducing to iterature the concept of applying reason to solving crime these tales brought Poe fame and fortune Years ater Dorothy Sayers would describe “The Murders in the Rue Morgue” as “almost a

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The Murders in the Rue Morgue C Auguste Dupin #1 3

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