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Chancy and the Grand RascalIll announces that he is a coming and going ind of man and intends now to take the children away from the Guitar Makers: The Endurance of Artisanal Values in North America kind Miss Russell who has been taking care of the youngest two Right at that moment some men of the town show up to offer Uncle Will the job of mayor which he accepts We are probably supposed to imagine that eventually he will marry Miss Russell and they will live happily ever after in Sun Dance Yet thinking realistically Uncle Will is an adventurer so how long will he really stay And if he goes whatind of life will it be for the children if he really does take them with Him And What About Their And what about their to Miss Russell And if he does stay can he be content and not become bitter But enough of that cynical adult speculation it was a fun read and I imagine there are some ids out there who might still enjoy it Set in 1810 the story of a boy who sets out to find his siblings I used this book as part of a report in seventh grade BEECH TREE BOOKS Time 103130min11130min 7 word summaryManTravelWheelbarrowFindKinSisterFriend Discusion uestion 1Have you ever traveled With Your Friends Yesbut It your friends yesbut it school trip I have never traveled only with my friends 2Have you. T Chancy never guessed

that his uest 
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Summary Chancy and the Grand Rascal


Land of Promiscuity Faking Reality
Ever been spoken to a stranger yessome people asked me how to go somewherebut I always couldn t teach clearly Time 11620min11815min11930min 7 word summaryYouthHelpSellEggsHatchDeceivedRiver Discusion uestion 1If you can get holiday where do you want to go in Japan I want to Miyagi prefecrure because my grand parents live there It is far from here so it not easy to see them 2Have tou I loved this book as a child and my son also loved it when he read it at about the same age It is a funny story with memorable characters I read this book when "I WAS 11 AND I LOVED "was 11 and I loved characters the humor and the imagination so much that it made me want to become a writer And I have Very much in the vein of Fleischman s earlier By the Great Horn Spoon There s also uite a bit of the exaggeration and hilarious lying that became the basis for the McBroom series I found this one a bit less well conceived than By the Great Horn Spoon I was expecting an ending where everything in the book got tied up nicely but it didn t happen I remember reading this one as a child great for 4th grade Clever I read this as a id and liked it a lot I read it again as a young adult and still liked as a id and liked it a lot I read it again as a young adult and still liked He grandest rascal west of the Mississippi who also happens to be his long lost uncle Will. .
This is a fun story but it s definitely a children s story There are certain stories written for children that can be just as interesting for adults but I stories written for children that can be just as interesting for adults but I t uite feel the same with this book I want to emphasize that this is still a good story but there was something it lacked to give it the extra oomph to grab my full attention I think the main problem is that uncle Will is able to solve every problem they come across with complete and utter ease This "Makes For A Fun Fantastical Adventure But "for a fun fantastical adventure but takes away any tension that would have otherwise existed It gets 4 stars for being so fun and I think children will greatly enjoy it but for adults I d give it 3 stars This was one of My Favorite Books Growing Up And I favorite books growing up and I it on my bookshelf and decided to read it again these 40 some years later Copyright on my copy is 1966 It was fun reading it again although the happily ever after ending from childhood reads a little differently when read as an adult Chancy and his three siblings who are orphans have recently been reunited with the help of Uncle Will the title grand rascal After many adventures and conning the conman they have ended up in Sun Dance Kansas Uncle Chancy Dundee an Ohio farm boy is determined to locate his orphaned brother and sisters Bu.

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