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Invincible Volume 10 Who's The Boss?

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12 This has to have the best "Trade Of Invincible Yet So Much Happened "of Invincible yet So much happened like how Oliver is intrinsically different from Mark I m really interested to see where this will go especially since that last page cameo short review done Real review to come Just fantastic This title just keeps getting page cameo short review done Real review to come Just fantastic This title just keeps getting and better after each passing volume and this here was some amazing shit
this volume really 
volume really things pside down for the world of invincible as he learns that the hero business he was so happy to be in wasn t as black and white as he thought In fact he also finds out the difficulties he has to face at his home and a certain villain re surfaces while another makes a surprising return This is just pure joy to read but this time the author has put in motion various complexities in Mark s life that makes one be very excited about future volumes 45 StarsSuch a good volume with amazing moments that once again I wasn t expecting How Kirkman still delivers a strong and refreshing storyline volume after volume is something I can t begin to grasp But it is such a joy every time I start with a new collection Who s the Boss is than a fitting title for this volume We have our ever likable and naive main character Mark finding out that maybe the people he works for aren t as heroic as he has been thinking It is a shock and a big betrayal for Mark to find out Cecil s real ethics and hidden actions to ensure earth s protection And this right here was such a powerful scene and moment as a reader the artwork and dialogues are on point and it makes you feel betrayed too The other big storyline relevant to the title is the one of Invincible as a mentor to Kid Omni man This started as a charming moment between brothers that later transformed itself as a shocking and painful revelation Oliver isn t like Mark he is so much like his father than we ever expected. Their enemies now something's not right Invincible can no longer carry out his orders nuestioned Now he fin. Extremely entertaining great writing artwork There s no doubt now that I m gonna continue to read this series to the final panel What I think is great about this is that this is a superhero book that actually has a beginning middle end On to Vol 11 Wild that I had a general disdain for most of The Characters In This Series characters in this series Kirkman responded in vol 10 by going lol what if we made even characters nlikable On the one hand it s interesting that the world is getting complex and morally grey on th If you like "Superhero Comics Read InvincibleIf "comics read InvincibleIf re sick of superhero comics READ INVINCIBLEI promise not a single arc will conclude without you feeling like you got punched in the faceAnd you ll like it nuff said Another excellent volume of Invincible with a few tweaks to the art including the lurid colouring of true artista Fco Plascencia to help it POP even A lot happens so I won t get into full on recap mode but the most stunning developments were how view spoiler ickly little bro Oliver goes from adorable sidekick mode like thisto THIS hide spoiler A lot of conseuence some expected World The art is strong once again the tone and the jarring nature of the violence is pretty great The world building is good and the moving pieces come together to bring the story to a head at the same time even adding to the drama Two large chunks come
home to roost 
to roost they are interesting Story It s good but is it s also expected I know there is a lot of conseuence and status o changing stuff But I think I ve read enough comic books and the hints were there by Kirkman for me to see it Cec Best volume so far as Cecil and Global Defense agency fall afoul of one another a result that is further made that much worse when Kid Omni Man crosses the line White knuckle riding drama all over the place as THAT simmering romance may also becoming to a boil 8 out of. Up ntil this point Invincible has been working for the Global Defense agency Fighting their fights defeating.
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Him to be and this comes as a big and hurtful surprise to Mark who can t keep to hold his argument against Oliver s idea of humanity not at least after what happened with Cecil Viltrumite and human heritage are battling inside Mark than ever and even though he still decides to protect earth and ignore his recent and ever growing doubts little Oliver here doesn t think we re worthy of the effort Even though he tries to apologize at the end we see in that amazing last illustration how he doesn t seem to regret anything he s done and how Mark s role as a mentor isn t working like he thinks it is Maybe Oliver is starting to play Mark too and that s my big fear for the future also I don t want Mama Grayson to suffer again Remember when in my previous reviews I was all like Oliver Give me Oliver Yeah that little psycho needs to stay away for a while Those two storylines were executed perfectly and both were a big hit for Mark Once again the brilliance of Invincible is the human side of this story than the superheroes fights and dangers Adding to that element we have of Mark and Eve s incipient "relationship and Mark having to deal with Mama Oliver s moving on with her lifeMy "and Mark having to deal with Mama Oliver s moving on with her lifeMy complaint in this volume was the first issue not a fan of the villain nor how long it took for that battle to finish and I wish we could have had something just a tiny thing of Allen s and Nolan s storyline But this volume was one of the strongest so far Also
halfway through this 
through this we have a change of colorist and he does an amazing job It emphasizes and complements Ottley s art so well It was a nice surprise and I can t wait to see of this work ALSO WE HAVE A CHANGE OF COSTUME AND I AM NOT SURE HOW A I FEEL ABOUT IT A solid volume This is a short review because I got so much to say about the next two volumes So Good is the best way to talk about this one Let s Ds himself p against the very organization he been working for This volume collects Invincible issues #48 53.