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This was the second book I read this week with an unexpected near supernatural element to it Jolie Blon s Bounce has to be one of the most disturbing books unexpected near supernatural element to it Jolie Blon s Bounce has to be one of the most disturbing books ve ever read Talk about palpable evil The text of this book should be hyperlinked to that phrase palpable evil every time it s used James Lee Burke is a master at reaching into the dark forces that shaped one s past and illuminating those demons whether of alcoholism drug abuse sexual perversion or violence And all four of those demonic forces invade the reader s comfort zone in Jolie Blon s Bounce along with the racism and violent atrocities associated with Louisiana s past There is even a powerful metaphor in the battle scarred Confederate flag owned by one of the characters and displayed prominently in a lass caseThe plot is simple A young white irl is brutally raped and murdered A young black male has plenty of circumstantial evidence pointed his way Dave Robicheaux is not convinced of the perp s uilt so he sets out to prove it either way That uick synopsis is probably as ambivalent as the suspect himself On the way hand he seems to be a no Mesagerul good dope addict and on the other hand he seems to be a phenomenally talented zydeco musician Thisives Burke a chance to drop names like Clifton Chenier into the mix and remind people like me of some music I really enjoy that seems like a cross between blues and rock a billyCajun culture and tradition is highlighted throughout the story I didn t realize that there was a Judy Blume: Fearless Storyteller for Teens grammatical construction similar to that in many languages where they use separable and inseparable pronouns For example in Latin the pronoun is part of the verb Amo means I love Sometimes you read Ego te amo Technically that would be I I love you In some languages the double pronoun is used for emphasis Apparently in Cajun there are phrases that sound like I will do this me or You better beoing you I didn t know that I also didn t know about the ame of bouree a trick taking card ame where the trumps are determined randomly that was mentioned twiceThere is an antagonist in the book that I will never forget His name is Legion Guidry and he is described as Legion Guidry comes from someplace the rest of us don t That s a theological statement p 230 A former prison What Am I Doing with My Life?: And other late night internet searches answered by the great philosophers guard and plantation slave overseer this mass of pus and evil has supernatural strength and that kind of negative charisma that freezes almost everyone who comes into contact with him Even presented by text on a page thisuy is scarier than the villain in a chain saw movie You find yourself wishing for the most horrible and disgusting violent acts to be perpetrated on him What Robicheaux does is incredible and I won t spoil itThere is a potential suspect in the book Almost a caricature of the Bible salesman in Paper Moon you know there is something wrong with Marvin Oates from the time you meet him But you just can t uite figure out where he fits in the situation Like Guidry he seems to have power beyond his person You don t want to believe all those hymns and scriptural references he makes but you just aren t sure sometimesThere is also the benevolent black randma a victim of the plantation days she makes a statement the plantation days She makes a statement on that the seed of whatever happened occurred long before but she was unwilling to elaborate That failure to speak almost wreaks ugly havoc in far too many livesAnd what am I supposed to make of a mysterious figure named Sal Angelo an Italian and fellow soldier from Dave s past Is HE for real or does he represent something uite akin to his name both of them since it would be Salvatore Angelo It s another area where you might be on the verge of the supernatural Burke doesn t o over the line in these areas but he sure makes you wonderMy favorite line from the book was also the most haunting I was bothered by the nagging speculation that has troubled me since I became a police officer namely that no matter how heinous the crime or evil the deed human beings feel at the time they commit the act that they are doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing p 447 That was as sobering as some of the most frightening descriptions of atrocities I ve read in my life I might as well o out on a limb and say that this may a limb and say that this may the definitive book of the Dave Robicheaux series of course I have several to read in the series It has Dave Robicheaux s addictionviolenceanger issues Clete Purcell in all his bumbling destructive womanizing lory a creepy antagonist with an applicable name that I will remember a cast of dysfunctional characters overshadowed by their past the Southern plan. The Barnes Noble ReviewJames Lee Burke's fiction is haunted sometimes uite literally by the More scary stories for sleep-overs ghosts of history and by a bone deep apprehension of the human capacity for violence and cruelty A case in point is the author's latest Dave Robicheaux novel Jolie Blon's Bounce a contemporary account of murder and madness whose plot reflects the lingering aftereffects of the antebellum SouthThe story begins with the shotgun murder of 16 year old Amanda Boudreau and the subseuent arrest of Tee Bobby Hulin a musicallyifted young black man with a spiraling drug habit and a checkered criminal past This initial murder is uickly followed by a second the bludgeoning death of a prostitute with ties to the world of organized crime The dual investigation that ensues leads Robicheaux together with his current partner Helen Soileau and his former partner in the New.

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Jolie Blon's BounceGood lesson in abnormal psychology As It Relates To His it relates to his I love his characters Whether they re ood uys or bad Heads of the Colored People guys they re all train wrecks just waiting to roll over some spot in southern Louisiana I doubt you ll ever forget themWill I enjoy the book you ask Kinda depends on what you like This is NOT a light read This is NOT a cozy mystery What entertains you This IS a dark extremely well written police procedural Ienerally do not afford a civilian writer much slack with their interpretation of how cops work but Burke does a fine job dealing with the procedures and interpersonal machinations of the Iberia Parish Sheriff S Department Everything Is s Department Everything is and realistic He also pulls off an authentic representation of an alcoholic and has uncanny success when Dont You Dare Give Up giving life to the sociopaths and nut jobs that walk through each day Robicheaux is on the job I d highly recommend any of James Lee Burke s books and especially this one 5 stars One of the best of the series so far As usual Dave Robicheaux rushes headlong into the fight when a youngirl is raped and shot to death He digs up old animosities in the local community stemming from the plantation days and an overseer who was a sexual predatorDave struggles with the demons of his days as a marine in Vietnam and then the dark world of alcoholism His friend Cletus Purcell is uarding his back as well as earning the wrath of the New Iberia sheriff Good fast moving action and at times you can feel yourself casting a line into the bayou There didn t seem to be some much jargonslang in this story James Lee Burke is probably one of the best authors out there when it comes to ability to describe people places and things He is a master of his craft The reader is transported to the setting of the story In the Dave Robicheaux series this is usually in and around New Iberia and New Orleans in Louisiana You will find yourself in the city tasting the food and listending to the music or on a boat in the bayou His characters are vivid and colorful It is ood vs evil and there are reflections of the lingering aftereffects of the antebellum SouthIn Jolie Blon s Bounce the story opens with the brutal rape and murder of Amanda Boudreau a beautiful teenage irl The suspect is Tee Bobby Hulin a young black man who is musically ifted but has a drug addiction and criminal history Soon after there is another murder This time a prostitute whose father Joe Zeroski is a member of organized crime Among the other characters in this story are Legion Guidry an embodiment of absolute evil and Marvin Oates a mysterious Bible salesman who may not be the simple ood ole boy that he appears to be Clete Purcell Robicheaux s former partner in the New Orleans PD is in the story and still a train wreck waiting to happen Dave is a recovering alcoholic and still struggles with his addiction In this story he will have to take on painkillers after a severe beating at the hands of Legion Dave must deal with not only the physical beating but the mental beating he puts himself through Legion left him with scars that run deep and threaten his recoveryThis story brings to the forefront the differences between the haves and the have not Blacks are usually poor uneducated and descendants of slaves Then there are the whites who are well to do educated and descendants of plantation owners A haunting reminder of the antebellum South There are other supernatural aspects in this story Legion who appears to be the devil himself or in pact with the devil A homeless man that Dave tries to help out who may or may not have been a medic in Vietnam and saved Dave when he was wounded Like In the Electric Mist with Confederate Dead and Dixie City Jam the supernatural is a key undercurrent throughout the story but it does not detract Rather it seems to remind us that sometimes there are forces in play we may not understand Burke is a reat mystery writer and it s hard not to be entertained by his Dave Robicheaux series Burke s books carry an undeniable sense of deja vu in terms of plotting and I had overlooked it before but Jolie Blon s Bounce feels like a retread than any other book that came before it A series of brutal rapes and murders has an obvious suspect in the form of a young black man Tee Bobby Hulin and less obvious ones in form of hellish Legion Gundry and mysterious bible salesman Marvin Oates It is just the starting po This book follows the formulary for most of the Robicheaux books I hadn t read one in a while and had forgotten how violent they are There are some mystical overtones in this one. Berate over the top embodiment of absolute evil is one of Burke's most remarkable creations His presence together with the corollary presence of a mad possibly angelic figure known as Sal Angelo lends this novel the faint unmistakable aura of the supernatural that has characterized so much of Burke's recent fictionAs always though it is Dave Robicheaux himself a decent violent angry loving and deeply conflicted man who dominates the narrative Robicheaux's distinctive character and his voice with its mournful power its clean rolling cadences and its freuent flights of unforced poetry elevate this novel at every turn Like the best of its predecessors The Neon Rain A Morning for Flamingos Purple Cane Road Jolie Blon's Bounce is bruising moving and beautifully composed an example of American crime fiction at its best and most highly evolved Bill Sheeh. ,
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the possibly lesbian etc Unrelenting Darkness And Violence darkness and violence of prejudice and race the possibly lesbian cop etc unrelenting darkness and violence issues of prejudice and race the South Vietnam War veterans the swamps and bayous fishing and boats Cajun culture and music the criminal drug and prostitute underbelly of New Iberia and Louisiana cops whose behavior should put them behind bars or off the force the rich descriptive language that evokes the region the supernaturalspiritual and portent dreams and last but not least an albino character not the first in this seriesFor all this wrapped into one book I ll ive it 4 stars Although enerally I knock off a star for an albino character But as the albino is portrayed as clever and non violent although still a criminal I am The Interior Landscape: Love Poems from a Classical Tamil Anthology grantingrace One of my friends who also really likes the Harry Bosch books told me this is another favorite series My library doesn t have many in audio so when I saw this I was thrilled Not so much after Good stuff no doubt Containing the wonderfully evocative writing I ve come to expect from Burke it built a world of mud and heat I could just about sink my toes into Yet despite all the elements that make it a prototypical Robicheaux novel as noted by Nanosynergy in their pointed review it lacked a certain spice to really pull it together into exceptionalThe story begins with a young Longevity, Senescence, and the Genome girl brutally raped and murdered and what seems to be an obvious suspect a young black musician who had been dating theirl and whose prints were found on a can of beer nearby Dave Robicheaux has doubts after the kid tries to suicide and a pillar of the community decides to represent him Before long a prostitute is found savagely beaten to death and it starts to look like a serial killer The woman Linda is connected to a crime family and now her father is on the warpath However it isn t long before both cases are sidetracked as Dave follows the age old private eye premise of harassing various people in hopes of seeing what shakes out Mostly what shakes out are a lot of threats but occasionally some beatings as well Perhaps because I ve been reading police type procedurals as long as Ben Aaronovitch counts but it surprised me that there wasn t straight up detecting particularly as Robicheaux has official status Robicheaux also feels aggressive when he meets various people connected with the cases which surprises me a bit from the charming Cajun I thought he was Then again I suppose this is book 8 so some things must have happened between book three and this one Still I found the eneral repetitiveness of the lack of plotting a little tiresome Not enough to skip but enough to put it down and wander awayCharacters are interesting particularly the renegade Clete inarguably Dave s best friend and eneral wild card Although Dave s wife and daughter make brief appearances they seem to be of an afterthought in this book Dave s pseudo addiction is a little tiresome both from a plotting standpoint and from a psychological perspective I m definitely ambivalent about the reason for the addiction in this book and if anyone wants to discuss please let me knowNarrative is mostly from Dave s point of view but there are a few others included It s a little strange when stories of the past both immediate and distant are told as Burke moves the scene back in time and tells it from an omniscient point of view including that of women being abused It s very evocative but leaves the mystery to head into literary fiction land Overall not a bad read just one that had me wishing for a bit of actual detecting and less from the bar brawlerThree and a half stars rounding down to even out the average 4 stars rating JOLIE BLON S BOUNCEI read this book almost ten years ago but recently listened to the unabridged audio book read by actor Will PattonLooking at this book from a writer s viewpoint I must stand in awe of James Lee Burke The plot is complicated and imaginative It s full of allegory and biblical references the average person may not understand I didn t but thanks to main character and narrator Dave Robicheaux you ll First You Fall: A Kevin Connor Mystery get a uick theology lesson improve your knowledge of the bible a little and see the parallel Burke uses to tell a story of among other thingsood and evil I ve always said James Lee Burke has few euals in his poetic ability to describe people places and events JOLIE BLON S BOUNCE provides him with plenty of round to do that over and over again and also exercise his talent for etting a reader into the heads of the assorted miscreants and psychos that litter the pages of all his books He always provides you with Orleans PD Clete Purcell into the complex interrelated histories of several New Iberia families some rich white and powerful some poor black and chronically underprivileged The investigation puts Robicheaux in touch with the most vicious elements of Louisiana society and with the darkest aspects of his own divided soulLike most of Burke's fiction Jolie Blon's Bounce is a rambling loosely plotted affair notable for its powerful set pieces its precise sensual evocation of the Louisiana bayou country and its flamboyant sense of character Among the novel's most vivid creations are a sexually voracious defense attorney descended from a wealthy slaveholding family a traveling Bible salesman with a penchant for violence a former Mafia hit man with a tragic personal history and a predatory not uite human killer who oes by the name of Legion Legion a deli. .
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