Kristin Wright [Ebook epub] The Darkest Flower

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Crazy Love eLers it kept me guessing right up thend while never seeming Forced Or Contrived The or contrived The is also a lawyer her portrayal of the legal process seems authenticOne potential issue for some readers will be the dual point of view The book s chapters alternate between the perspective

of kira the 
Kira the and Allison her lawyer This style may not work for Annual Editions: Technologies, Social Media, and Society every reader However it is wellxecuted in the Darkest Flower and in my opinion nhances the character development I don t always like dual point of view but it worked for me in this bookI had trouble putting the book down from the very first page so I highly recommend this if you re looking for a page turner The Darkest Flower is such a twisty delicious thriller featuring Kira a horrifying but fascinating anti hero who will make you laugh at the same time she makes you shudder like only the most layered villains can Woven through the toxic mix of monstrously hilarious commentary are subtle uestions about society victimhood and what lines a mother might understandably cross for her children The verywoman voice of Kira s lawyer Allison serves as a moral center to the novel Juggling her own issues of parenting a budding romance and the male toxicity of her profession Allison has her own battles to wage all while defending the larger than life presence of a client who may or may not be innocent but who definitely pushes the boundaries on the acceptable It s a compelling read that will keep readers flipping pages to find out what Kira might have done and what she ll do next Impressive and intoxicating The women inhabiting this story are bold clever complex and deliciously thorny uick to show you what they re capable of if you dare underestimate them This book is a dark delight and Kristin B Wright is an author I ll be closely watching. Honest Besides with an image as carefully cultivated as her garden Kira would be insane to risk verything on something as outrageous as the attempted murder of one of her closest friendsWhat about those in Kira’s orbit a sunny suburb of moms behaving badly What do they really know about Kira What does Kira know about them For Allison the answers are getting darker very da. Oh wow An absolutely fantastic read Wright gives us deliciously layered main characters plenty of twists and Turns And An Inability To and an inability to until you get to the nd I m so glad I got an ARC of this Book And Can T Wait To See and can t wait to see Wright comes up with next Wow this one kept me guessing Wright has created a character so compelling in her deviousness that you find yourself reading just to find out what she says and does next Relentlessly suspenseful grimly humorous and sneakily challenging this twisty portrait of the xtremes of motherly ambition will stay with you I just finished reading Kristin Wright s domestic thriller The Darkest Flower The main character is rife with snarky witticisms in her self glorifying manner the very ssence of an adult mean girl The book is an ducation in how things work in the legal world This book is fast moving with a surprising twist at the nd Karma at its best or worst You will not want to put this book down Kristin Wright absolutely blossoms with her second book The Darkest Flower has it all the darkest humor the most delicious Darkest Flower has it all the darkest humor the most delicious or is she the villain a heroine to root for as she roots out vil in the suburbs and just the right hint of romance I loved it and can t wait for Wright s next book which is sure to thrillI read an Dreaming Me: An African-American Woman's Buddhist Journey early copy of this book When PTA president and helicopter mom Kira is accused of poisoning another PTA member Attorney Allison must put aside her general dislike of the woman and as the case proceeds her own conscience to defend KiraTo me The Darkest Flower reads as a law procedural with a touch of romantic suspense While there is an intriguing mystery what makes this book so compelling is the characters and the social commentary Kira s unapologetic cruel wit and working mom Allison s sympathetic self doubt covers the spectr. You’ll never believe the terrible things being said about the perfect president of the PTA Attempted murder Inexplicable accident Either way a PTA mom struggled for her life in anlementary school cafeteria poisoned by wolfsbane Now all yes are on the accused the victim and a woman hired to look deeperAmbitious defense attorney and single mother Allison Barton is anxious ,

CHARACTERS The Darkest Flower

Um of all the funny unkind heartfelt stressful and often overwhelming thoughts a parent might haveOh and when you think you ve figured out the nding you ll still be wrong This is Big Little Lies if Cersei Lannister was heading the cast of malicious impeccably groomed housewives An addictive page turner with a twist you won t see comingThis book is told from two perspectives the defendant Kira who is a rich terrifically amoral housewife though innocent of the crime as the reader knows from the start and her much nicer lawyer who s also a single mom with a crush on the handsome and disarming opposing council I m not usually into antiheroes or antiheroines but Kira was morbidly fascinating to watch ЯED especially since she had so many taboo thoughts and actions She was sovil but so believable that it was kind of horrifying and tons of fun to see things from her perspectiveThe mystery unfolded at a perfect pace so you re always finding out clues but they just made you thirst for And
the romantic subplot 
romantic subplot the lawyers had me tearing through pages ven without much screen time I wanted them to get together SO BAD Especially when I saw how good he was with the lawyer s little daughterAn ngrossing read that makes me hope for legal thrillers saw how good he was with the lawyer s little daughterAn The Lost Art of Reading Natures Signs engrossing read that makes me hope for legal thrillers this authorreview fromarly reader copy An outstanding book The author is a master at creating fully realized characters who leap off the page as real people Kira is the most interesting of those characters an Moreno extraordinarily manipulative status obsessed PTA mom whose love for her child leads to uestionable decisions Think Cersei from Games of Thrones if she were married to a dentist and soughtlite college admission for her children rather than control of the Iron Throne The plot twists and turns to unexpected places Without getting into any spoi. O Monsieur Pain escape the shadow of the low down dog of a maruee partner carrying their renowned Virginia law firm A win for her high profile new client will give Allison the career she deserves And PTA president Kira Grant certainly appears innocentxcept for the toxic bloom in her backyard and perhaps a bit of a malicious streak But no one said the innocent had to be likable or ntirely. The Darkest Flower