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The war s cost to himself and his crew These three ships held together by spit and bailing wire are supposed to go to Earth for the crews and the cold sleep patients to receive medical attention Instead Bracer makes the decision to stay and to ask the crews of all three ships to be willing to sacrifice of themselves All of this to insure Breakaway Stations stays operational The Economics of Agricultural Development long enough to transmit the information to Earth when it comes because the station was already nearly destroyed in one attack Andike the Alamo and Thermopyale there is no way the ships or the station will survive the next attackThe book was written in 1969 "And Perhaps In Some "perhaps in some it is dated There are passing sections that refer how Earth morals towards marriage sex and drugs have changed The discussions between Bracer and Roger the ship s organic computer and Maxel about sacrifice and what has become of their Shallow Grave lives worked for me In addition the book which does not break 250 pages would be 800 pages in 2010 The author takes us to three colony worlds a captain of small colonial ship a scout ship commander and the personnel on Breakaway station In thinking about Revelation Space while reading this I was reminded of the old sayingess is I got character and story from Meredith than I do from ReynoldsWhen Meredith tries to apply science FTL and how the communications are set The Past I bought this book when I was in junior high some forty odd years ago I really thought it was a good book and it caught my imagination I remember The Pocket Guide to Action loaning the book to my friend and never getting it back The Present Some twenty eight yearsater I bought the book through com It still read fresh and clear now as it did some thirty years ago It was in my book collection that I took to Ira To some this book might be cheesy but Meredith does a good job hitting the psychology of command and eadership both in Bracer his fellow captains and the chain of command who must do what they must do in order to win His science though thin works well and it does represent a theory about how FTL would work His battles are close brutal affairs which reflects the thought that with all the technology available both sides re There s something about science fiction written during the 50s and 60s they didn t have any of the scope of modern technology just a romantic view of it ideas of computers and space travel and whatnot So they had all of these far reaching concepts but only concepts and fills in the details with their imaginations Modern sci fi often tries too hard with actual technological science or just forgoes it altogetherThis could be considered run of the mill science fiction from the golden years some indeterminate future timeframe humans have spread out to the starts there s an enemy we re fighting in a brutal war etc etc I was curious about how future humans were perceived by a writer in the 60s The free ove facets were very interesting given the time that the author wrote the book There s evidently LOTS of free Made to Crave Action Plan Participants Guide love in the futureNot a hard read not unlikeable not overlyikeable just some decent sci fi from a decent author All power to shields Cycle the phaser banks and arm the torpedos Position the redshirts in front of the soon to explode bridge consolesWho doesn t Introduction to African American Studies love a good space battle Missiles zinging around energy weapons bouncing off forcefields control panels exploding in showers of sparks while redshirts tumble to the floor there s aong tradition in SF of pew pew she canna take any ship combat Richard C Meredith s We all Died at Breakaway Station fits into this tradition well a military SF story packed with nail biting space warfare that ranks among the better stories in the subgenreHumanity is engaged in a brutal war with a species known as the Jillies While once the Jillies seemed happy to co exist with humanity they have now for unknown reasons embarked on a genocidal war against us They are nuking colonies ambushing convoys all the usual stuff and humanity is pushed to our imit to both fight them back and Interesting premise Something that I cannot say I have encountered before or since Characters are reasonably well written and the story works as a whole Not for people who are easily disgusted This is some bleak I refer you to the title no nonsense imaginative scifi with a strong undercurrent of body horrorThere are amazing images the appalling situation of the reanimated patched together crew is vivid and memorable The inevitable space battles are just sciencey enough and evoke the setting with admirable tensionThe writing can be tough going The sexual politics are a bit retro at times he wondered why she was crying but then women were ike that or words to that effect Compensating that the recognition of sexuality of all kinds is realised to good effect No nerdy sexless tech masturbation here though cast into unimaginable scenarios humans have recognisably earthy drivesIt s no Forever War or Starship Troopers but I find it impossible to imagine Iain Banks or his peers writing any scifi without the influence of this bo. EepThese brutally injured officers had been restored to temporary artificial Alcohol Addiction life to do this job because no intact man or woman could be spared from the main conflictBut then Breakaway Station a vitalink with Earth was suddenly threatene. We All Died at Breakaway Station

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At was published in the 1980s The Also Featured Books The also featured books "Cross The And Hammer "The Stars and Hammer Slammers by David Drake who apparently was himself a fan of the novelDespite its actual first publication date the novel is from 1969 but it seems that portions of it were serialized even earlier I can t really say that this reads ike Vietnam allegory although some aspects were ikely inevitably influenced by the then ongoing war It has actually aged uite well with one exception which I will get to a bit Aspects of South African Literature later The author manages to create a harrowing sense of inevitability This is frankly one of the tensest books I have read in a good while It is uite clear from the opening chapter and the title that we are dealing with aast stand scenario It s the way the author sets it up that is fascinating There are a The Barefoot Girl: A Novel of St. Margaret, Patroness of the Abused lot of other things going on all the while outside of the sphere of influence of the main characters and yet directly related to their decision to stay and fight Theong build up to the story s climax never gets bogged down because of the parallel skirmishes and machinations being describedat this point I have to give a bit of a synopsis since the premise of the book is what caught my attentionIn this future technology is such that humans can be rebuilt regrown if they are rescued and placed in cold storage hibernation uickly enough after being killed There is a catch though this can only happen on Earth and the military action takes place in a star cluster a good 40 Social Media in Academia light years away Somewhere in between is Breakaway Station a critical communications relay station that has recently seen off an enemy raid but taken heavyosses A hospital ship with a Dream Save Do: Life is Short, Live Your Dream large number of cold stored dead and dying being shipped back to Earth along with its escort two heavily damaged battle cruisers that are heading back for repairs make a stop over at Breakaway Station to collect the bodies of the injured and the dead and take them home The skeleton crews of these ships are a bunch of peopleiterally cobbled together cybernetics just to be able to survive and perform the basic shipboard functions It s not what you think though For example one character is basically a head on top of a Orality in Igbo (African) Literature life support cylinder that is moved around on treads it s a gallery of grotesueries if you will In a gut wrenching twist of fate they arrive only to find that the station s relief ships have been ambushed and that the enemy is returning in force Thing is The Station has to be held at all cost since there is a vital message that Earth is expecting that could turn the tide of the warThat then is the premise of the story in a nutshell You always know how this is going to end but the author has you hoping against hope for something anythingI thought that We All Died At Breakaway Station was a bit of a gem It s one of those forgotten books that is actually uite enjoyable if a bit harrowing I often trawl second hand stores for exactly this kind of thing and this one was well worth my whileNow that exception that I mentioned earlier it seems that the author was a bit preoccupied with 60 s counter culture Everybody in this novel is preoccupied with hallucinogens drugs and sex on duty off duty doesn t matter It s arguably not so bad that it really detracts from the reading experience but at times it almost amounts to a bunch of spaced out stressed out hippies having sex while the world goes to pot around themAll in all though still recommended for fans of Sci Fi especially Military Sci Fi who appreciate the old school stuff Those stars all those stars he thought God give me courage In many ways the title says it all I found this books recently for 50 cents and I remember wanting to check it out from theibrary decades ago but my older brother wouldn t Modern English in Action (Level 12) let me Digression my brother would tell our parents he was taking me to theibrary and to do his homework The reality of it was I his cover for seeing his girlfriend end of digressionI am not a huge fan of military science fiction and what makes this book work in so many ways is that it is not about endless battles in space or on the ground The story is about the toll a war that humanity did not want takes on people The crew of the three ships stopping at Breakaway Station are comprised of men and women who have died and been revived or died been revived and pieced together with various artificial organs Bracer the Iwo Jima s captain is missing the Nature-Inspired Metaheuristic Algorithms lower half of his body his eyes and one arm Maxel the first officer has multiple artificial organs the captain of the medical transport ship is missing most her face and she has 20K in cryogenic sleep on his shipBreakaway Station is theast communications outpost between the colonies and Earth If it falls there will be no communication and the one intelligence mission taking place in enemy territory that could save Earth and the colonies has information that needs to go through Breakaway StationSuffice to say the station ends up attacked and that doesn t happen until roughly the The Alchemical Mandala A Survey of the Mandala in the Western Esoteric Traditions last 40 pages of the book Before then we have Bracer musing about. Oth with assorted prosthetic partsThese were the officers of the Iwo Jima one of the two heavy battle cruiser starships protecting the vast cumbersome Rudolph Cragston a hospital ship returning to Earth with thousands of wounded in cold sl.