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Nt sent to find said girl beds her before bringing her back and then the redneck and his new bride die when their Yacht Sinks While They Have sinks while they have Oh and a grammarian literally dies of a heart attack from hearing the redneck put four prepositions at the nd of a sentenceYes it s as bad as it soundsSince the dialogue is so confusing and the actions that dialogue seems to precipitate make no sense I spent the majority of the book turning the pages and remarking This book is FUBAR Ordinarily that s not a good thing and Sex and the High Command is not one of those rare it s so crazy it s brilliant xceptions It is FUBARThematically this book is a mess I will ignore the fact of its anti feminism declaiming that would be futile and focus only on the unrealistic portrayal of its feminist antagonists Yet another one of those pesky relativistic ualifications the feminist movement as we know it today was very young in that ra and it s not like Boyd could go online and do a couple hours research on the subject the non Buried existence of the Internet was also probably an obstacle to such anndeavour And the movement was scary to those in power as change always is Still Boyd grievously misrepresents the feminist platformThe most striking xample comes toward the nd of the book after the women have assumed power and are

making it ver 
it ver for men to be men and small green furry creatures from Alpha Centauri to be small green furry creatures from Alpha Centauri Boyd has the women led by the Mother Presiding Dr Carey hyper feminize America And in so doing those same women are behaving like non feminist women who just happen to have homicidal urges any time they see a man who isn t blindly docile to the New Logic of women Whereas feminism now focuses on gender uality and liminating difference Boyd s feminists xhibit traits the New Logic of women Whereas feminism now focuses on gender uality and liminating difference Boyd s feminists xhibit traits modern feminism claims xist primarily because of male dominance in society rgo in a female dominated or gender A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, eual society those traits would be minimized or nonxistent As a result while Sex and the High Command probably stands as an interesting The Shadow Reader example of how reactionaries viewed the fledgling feminist movement of the 1960s it s hardly a valid critiue of that movementSo Sex and the High Command is neither an intellectually stimulating polemic nor a rousing adventure novel It has no interesting characters very little clever orven cogent dialogue and a distinct absence of plot or true resolution So already this book has managed to alienate the two largest non disjoint sets of SF readers those who seek profound themes and those who just want to relax and read a good story Only those interested in historical artifacts or people like me who will read something that they suspect is awful just for that suspicion will find this book appealing But that may be optimism on my partBecause repetition is key yes it s as bad as it sounds Very un ntertaining book. Eam designed to do away with superfluous men It spelled WAR BETWEEN THE SEXES. Sex and the High CommandThe book first published in 1970 I love the back cover blurb Women s Lib Gone Wild and the author John Boyd dedicates the book to the Greek dramatist Aristophanes and the American comicsatarist Lenny Bruce an interesting choice Aristophanes of course wrote the play Lysistrata in which the women of ancient Athens and the rest of Greece withheld sex from the men until they stopped the Peloponnesian WarHowever in s book the women want to do away with men ntirely A Reminiscent of Dr to do away with ntirely A Reminiscent of Dr this is fine satire Any attempt to take it seriously would indicate a faulty sense of humorMy favorite partWhere s this boy you done been spoke for to with atA thud from Steward s direction caused Hansen to glance over and down to see that the grammarian operative had toppled from his stool In the blue light of the radio shack Hansen could see the yes staring into infinity and he knew that faulty grammar had killed the grammarian A heart which beat through three prepositions at the The Power Of A Choice end of a sentence had been stopped by four Practically an historical artifact to me Sex and the High Command wasducational ven though it was not ntertaining It reminded me that there s a sharp difference between books set in the Cold War written during the Cold War and books set in the Cold War written after the fact Reading it while discussing The Left Hand of Darkness in English class I was struck by the similarities in the two novels both are about gender issues and both are a product of the 1960s But that s where the similarity nds Sex and the High Command definitely reads like the sort of pulp sci fi novel that made it difficult for the mainstream audience to take science fiction seriously the sort of novel against which Ursula K Le Guin was campaigning both thematically and structurally when she came out with The Left Hand of Darkness Now I haven t read much pulp sci fi That was part of the reason I lected to read this awful book I also saw it featured in an io9 triviagasm about parthenogenesis and decided to check it out I m aware there s probably much better pulp sci fi stressing that better is an incredibly relative term The description is very sparse so I ll deviate from my normal reviewer schema and give a brief plot summary It s contemporary 1970s America Captain Ben Hansen of the United States Navy is just returning home from an ighteen month tour of duty off Antarctica While he S Been Away A been away a by the name of Dr Henrietta Carey has perfected an orgasm inducing parthenogenesis drug marketed under the name Vita Lerp and collouially called a V bomb As a result America s women are flocking to the FEM Freedom Euality and Motherhood party to support Carey as a presidential candidate and literally liminate men as superfluous uantities Hansen falls in with several high ranking military officers and key cabinet members to plot how to take the United States back from these WOMEN'S LIB GONE WILDDr Henrietta Carey leader of the Fems was the first woma. .

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Razy manslaughtering womenYes it s as bad as it soundsLet me set the thematic Monsieur Pain elements aside for the moment and solely focus on how badly written the book is To be fair I have read worse John Boyd actually has a very good command of the English language both in vocabulary and syntax It s clear he loves describing naval operations in detail he doesn t just say the ship docked but spendsntire pages showing us the operation Those interested in reading naval fiction might get out of this book than I didAs a story however Sex and Those interested in reading naval fiction might get out of this book than I didAs a story however Sex and High Command severely lacks anything resembling a sensible plot or realistic character development Again my context is a little vague here What resources I could turn up seem to indicate that this isn t satire but it belongs to a school of sci fi that s tongue in cheek in its approach bordering on absurdism but in its approach bordering on absurdism but uite philosophically adept nough to arn that label It reads like a Saturday Night Live sketch that s 212 pages long and has also ingested steroidsTo be clear I m not ragging on absurdist flavoured fiction I m a huge fan of The Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy while I couldn t uite get through Catch 22 the first time I was only in grade 6 so I figure I have an xcuse I m going to try again soon But ven absurdist literature might have a point this book does not Both its characters and its plot are utterly superfluous xcise both from the book and the same story minus the fanciful names remains in its uestionable gloryMost of Sex and the High Command is dialogue and most of that dialogue makes no sense whatsoever I spent all my time as bewildered as the main character Captain Hansen who also has no idea what is going on Normally this shared bewilderment creates a sense of mpathy between reader and protagonist To some xtent that s true here Hansen s probably the least worst character in the book but any hope of identifying with Hansen is scuttled in the very first chapter by the way he arrives home after his tour of duty waltzing into his house and xpecting his wife and daughter to be waiting for him full of analogies about how he runs his home like a boat Right I m aware that this is probably just the novel showing its age combined with my inability to put myself in a 1970s male mindset but I was prejudiced against Hansen to put myself in a 1970s male mindset but I was prejudiced against Hansen the startThe trouble is Boyd s straw men feminists pun intended are so flimsy that it s impossible to identify with them ither The reader is left watching insane protagonists the de facto leader of whom is intent on nuking the continental United States and ven insane antagonists The method by which the women gain power forcing the incumbent government to flee to Greenland is specious at best I m not ven going to talk about how the incumbent government was planning to stay in power by conspiring to get a redneck lected president in return for finding him a virgin redneck girl to marry Only the FBI age. N candidate for president and the perfector of VITA LERP a biological skin cr. .

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