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OtoshopThis book is all about Harry When Harry would cry his mom would bring hi I thought this book was pretty funny I ll se it in a preschool storytime about food Harry is a hungry baby He devours food and eventually eats his way through his father s

car and on 
and on the moon I like the sounds and the fact that kids can relate to being extremely hungry Book ends with Harry falling asleep only to wake p being hungry again in time for breakfast Great for preschoolers For having a child that doesn t eat well I LOVE Harry This little guy eats everything and everything else plus At the very end he finally goes to sleep and my little boy loves that part Fun book to read and see everything that Harry eats from the sky to the car to the bridge. hungry babysteven salerno’s entertaining illustrations and Hungry babySteven Salerno’s entertaining illustrations and story transform a niversal experience into a feast of fantasy that readers of all ages will relish. Silly Harry s tummy begins to rumble and he starts To Howl With Hunger His Mother Rushes To Him With howl with hunger His mother rushes to him with snack but he calls for Blueberries cookies and he still wants He toddles to the fridge tips it on its side and gobbles it all right down He heads outside eats the flowers the hose and the mailbox And he is still hungry What will it take to get this baby to stop eating everything in sightExpect delighted expressions when Harry tips the refrigerator on its Side The Book Moves The book moves What Seems To Be A seems to be a story about a hungry toddler to a wonderful wild ri My kids really enjoyed Harry eating the worldonce They raved about it but are totally ninterested in me reading it again The illustration is really fun but the story itself is. Harry’s gonna MUNCH and CRUNCH and eat everything in sightBlueberries are a fine snack for some babies But not this little guy Harry is hungry His tummy grumbles and Harry Hungry!
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One dimensional They should change the title of this one to Harry Hangry A funny story of a baby who gets hungry and ends p becoming a huge monster who eats the town It baby who gets hungry and ends Twisted (LOST, up becoming a huge monster who eats the town It annexpected story and could possibly be a fun story but I don t see a clear lesson I do appreciate the se of bold contrasting color and larger vs small lettering to show loudness and chaos reflecting in the se of bold contrasting color and larger vs small lettering to show loudness and chaos reflecting in story itself This tale of a hungry baby who eats everything from blueberries to bridges to the sky is great fun It was read multiple times to the kids who enjoyed the bold artwork and amusing antics of the baby Media Created Pirate Barbarian using brushes and Winsor Newton gouaches on French Auarelle Arches 260 il hot pressed watercolor paper with additional enhancments in ph. Umbles Momma asks him to wait just a minute But Harry can’t Harry won’t Off he goes to munch the flower bed the neighbor’s house the school Will nothing stop this.

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