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through biographies of the minds of the order and their works He is also able to introduce a great deal of both primary and secondary source material concerning the group while at the same time pointing out the flaws of earlier studies and where scholarship is reuired I would highly recommend this book to anyone seeking to broaden their understanding of Sufi brotherhoods and their influence on politics and society through the centuries I would caution that one should have a basic understanding of common Sufi terminology and history before jumping into this this in depth and specific boo. Throughout its history It combines a synthesis of the vast literature on the order with original research and shall Be An Important Contribution For Those Interested an important contribution for those interested Sufism Islamic history and Muslim Christian relation. S a phenomenal history of one of the most INFLUENTIAL AND WIDE SPREAD SUFI BROTHERHOODS WEISMANN AN ASSOCIATE and wide spread Sufi brotherhoods Weismann an associate at Haifa University and board member of Journal of Sufi Studies focuses on covering the history of the group s spread from its emergence in the oasis cities of Central Asia in the Middle Ages to its present global presence in over eighty countries across the globe At the same time he demonstrates how the group adapted itself to be an influential force in various societies while maintaining its strong orthodox character The book has many strengths Weismann manages to give a brief et thorough history while at the same time writing in a captivating style He is espec. Pre modern history of the Indian subcontinent and the Ottoman Empire and is still spreading today This volume seeks to present a broad picture of the evolution of the ideas and organizational forms of the Nashbandi order. ,

I knew this would be A To The String palliative to String Crappy Books "string crappy books Sufism in the Ottoman Empire I ve read recently Weismann is a fine scholar and an excellent writer and tells it like it is Straightforward and informative look at the Nashbandiyya their Central Asian roots their percolation in that region and eventual spread east into Turkestan Xinjiang south into India and most importantly for my purposes west into the Ottoman and Arab lands Nothing wacky here just a streamlined look at their practices and adaptability which fed into the development of a Sufi activism in its later centuries Itzchak Weismann s The Nashbandiyya Orthodoxy and Activism in a Worldwide Sufi Tradition The Nashbandiyya is one of the most widespread and influential Sufi orders in the Muslim world Having its origins in the Great Masters tradition of Central Asia almost a millennium ago it played a significant role in the. ,

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The Naqshbandiyya: Orthodoxy and Activism in a Worldwide Sufi Tradition (Routledge Sufi)